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Childbirth in Germany. How to organize, how much?

Despite the considerable improvements which happened in recent years in domestic medicine, many future mothers think of childbirth by the abroad. Especially, childbirth in good domestic maternity hospital where the maximum comfort and safety will be provided to mother and the kid, at the cost approaches foreign.

Childbirth by the abroad, in particular in Germany where the standard of living is rather high, the medicine is famous for the quality, and medical institutions for the equipment state-of-the-art, are possible. It is only a question of financial opportunities and preferences of future parents.

the Cost of the ordinary, not complicated by anything childbirth in Germany, will make about 5 000 - 5 500 euros. This figure can increase as on couple of hundreds, and several times if at childbirth surgical intervention is necessary or to the kid intensive leaving in a special hospital is required.

has the right to Give rise in Germany any foreigner who is able to pay services of doctors. Future woman in labor can choose clinic and itself, equally, as well as to organize all process, beginning from the appeal to clinic and finishing with an extract from it. It is enough to find in the Internet of the address of big clinics which it is possible to contact on electronic or ordinary mail. Accurate Germans do not leave any letter without answer, and it is possible to address them and in English if there is no knowledge of German. All German doctors perfectly know English, and large clinics and received already not once foreigners from around the world not twice.

to you will send to

In response to inquiry the estimated cost of obstetric aid, and also the invitation to clinic if you make a choice in its advantage. With this invitation it is possible to receive the visa to a trip to Germany. Before a trip the clinic for certain will ask to contribute advance payment to be confident in gravity of your intentions.

the Answer to a question “What clinic to choose

?“ completely depends on priorities of future mother. If its main requirement - 100% safety and existence of the most sophisticated equipment which is on her guard and aunty`s health, then it is necessary to choose large clinic in the big city. Not in all delivery rooms there is own reanimation for newborns (it and it is not necessary, more than 90% of all childbirth take place trouble-free). It does not mean at all that the baby needing the help of neonatolog will remain without it. Just it will be taken away in other clinic where there is the relevant office.

If the fear of future mother of extreme situations does not eclipse her common sense, then it is necessary to choose clinic less. They are usually quieter and cozier, and their medical staff has no such stress, as in the above described hospitals where the most difficult cases from all region gather (polycarpous pregnancies, it is deep - premature kids, etc.) .

Delivery rooms in any German clinic can be visited in advance, to get acquainted with personnel, to receive detailed answers to all concerning questions. They it is usually very good and modern are equipped, but are not similar to hospital chambers at all. Rooms where there is childbirth, are cozy, supplied with everything that it is only possible to imagine for transformation of childbirth into pleasant process.

throughout all process of childbirth with the woman the midwife who is directing to her actions and vigilantly watching the normal course of childbirth will be. Presence of future father or other relative of the woman in labor are only welcomed. Its actions will be supervised the skilled midwife too. With “the“ midwife it is possible and it is necessary to get acquainted in advance, but not on childbirth. It is important that this person was nice to future mother.


If in the course of childbirth needs intervention of surgeons, then future father can be present also on operations (Cesarean section) if that wishes. He will not see the operation as all lower half of a body of the woman will be hidden from it by a screen. But it, most likely, will be the first after the surgeon, taken the child on hands. It will be authorized to happy father to cut an umbilical cord later, to expiate, weigh and measure the kid most or by means of the midwife.

Cesarean section is usually carried out by

at partial anesthesia so that mother could “be present“ at the childbirth. The full anesthesia is used only in extreme situations.

Mother and the child who are in delivery room any relatives and acquaintances without any restrictions can visit


Newborn day and night in special carriages are at the mothers (chambers usually on two or three mothers), but there is also an opportunity to give the kid at least temporarily for supervision of children`s nurses to the room of the baby. It happens it is necessary if mother needs rest, for example, after operation. But even svezheprooperirovanny, still to “lying“ mother, nobody will refuse proximity with the child, just work on care of it will be performed by children`s nurses while mother is not able to do it.

the Usual term of finding of the woman in hospital after successful childbirth - 2 - 3 days, after Cesarean section - 6 days. There is also an “out-patient“ option when the woman can leave hospital at once after the delivery. It is justified in case of easy, trouble-free childbirth when the woman in labor does not need supervision of doctors any more.

the Child, been born in the territory of Germany has no right to obtain the German citizenship. He will obtain citizenship of parents, and the place of its birth for the German laws does not play a role.