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I want the child!

In east outlook of a shower of the child choose to itself parents and a family (on a karma or somehow differently) therefore both preparation for pregnancy itself also conceptions - are sacred and connected with the mass of the rituals interesting and beautiful, but generally useful to health of future mother and the kid. To trust it or not - your right. But today more and more couples prepare for appearance of the new little man, for a magic meeting with Miracle not in months of pregnancy, and much earlier: the body trains, thoughts and soul are refreshed. Both mentally pink and surprisingly touching kid healthy physically will be an award. By the way, if you already gave rise charming to a crumb, that is an occasion to change yourself and to manage to prepare the place for the following family member. If you decided to arrive quite so, then you are come to the rescue by the Internet.“ It is informed, means it is armed“.

With what to begin with

pregnancy planning?

Of course, from collecting data, data, gossips, myths, recipes, councils, generally, information.

For a start try to respond

to the small test as you eat that with health, mood etc.

Cheerful Siberians from the Novosibirsk website for those who only plan to bring children or already SUCCEEDED IN IT, assure that conceptions, seriously suitable to a problem (that is in advance preparing) fathers and mothers sometimes meet. But... sometimes. For them a competent advice and recommendations. From there is a chance to come on Malyarskaya Maria`s page, the gynecologist from the Oparinsky Center in Moscow where you will find the mass of any poleznost.

it is Most information filled to me seemed “Early development“. Introductory article, all necessary procedures, problems connected with infertility are listed and also contours of new life - without addictions, are planned by healthy nutrition and daily walks. Liouba Zelenskaya with the address to both spouses, a pregnancy planning cornerstone - mutually advantageous partnership pleased me. About health on the website suggest to care together, otherwise “conscious conception“ will not turn out. Besides, the mass of information about a Rhesus factor - the conflict, necessary analyses, hormonal inspection, widespread infections, recipes of a detoxication (cleaning of an organism of future mummy that toxicosis not strongly tormented) are given.

I do not love

of Children. But process...

Councils of the Yogis tempted in art of sexual games and who developed deep philosophy of love will help

with conception.

Here in trustworthy and friendly tone you will be told of preparation for pregnancy. You will be pleased for certain by a quiet preamble “Of course, not each pregnancy comes in the planned time. And not each family manages to be prepared for pregnancy in advance. And even not each child, alas, is desired for both parents. But let`s consider an ideal case - when future parents decided that it is already time for them to give birth to the child, and they still have time for preparation“. Simply and closely to our life. (: My close friends planned to be prepared for the second baby more thoroughly. And even signed up for courses in “Jewelry“, but... the kid or the baby had other plans what parents were informed in time on. On this remarkable website material, psychological and physiological questions of preparation for pregnancy are taken up. I very much was interested in the concept about “a power uterus“ which is created by the man around the pregnant wife. You will find details on specified an adresochka. But the most important, is several wise paragraphs about us, desperate kompyyutershchitsa.

Very convenient - tabular - a way of a statement of the list of “doberemenny“ procedures to you will be offered on the “national“ website.

It is not over yet...

of the Page, devoted to prenatal education of the Crumb, send us deep into centuries, to traditions of conception in Ancient India. The main slogan - AFTER the birth of the baby to bring up rather late. Only spiritually the rich, parents are capable to raise the kid in the atmosphere of love and human values.


, you will find the most famous article written by Elena Gorelova together with Anna Mikushevich, about preparation for conception on the website of Medicine of 2000 association. Briefly, informatively and professionally about preparation of an organism of the woman for this serious test which lasts almost nine months.

to ask a question about become painful to the obstetrician - to the gynecologist to you it is optional to p to leave the warm apartment at all, you descend on Cleo - and get free advice of professionals.

Act with


If you is consumed by feeling of laziness, and in the mornings well so the reluctance most to do gymnastics, clarification and other necessary procedures, perhaps, in the company will be more cheerful. Parental schools and the centers “Dragotsennost“, “Rozhdestvo“ conduct the courses “Creation“ and “Reunion“ (conscious conception and preparation for pregnancy). These programs are calculated on the married couple planning the child`s birth.

Hi, 7ya!
Having become skilled in art of the correct conception and preparation for pregnancy, safely go to our obsuzhdalka and share the extensive knowledge with young and charming “tea-caddies“ - semyanka! And yes your tummy will be rounded!