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How to get rid of freckles of

we Will remember - once freckles were an indicator of the happy childhood, but for the girl, women the problem of disposal of freckles becomes actual. Whether it is possible in the principle to get rid of freckles? How it is correct to remove freckles?

For a start we will establish

- freckles not the reason, but a consequence. In other words, formation of freckles is result of violation of normal functioning of system of pigmentation of our skin when melanin accumulates on a skin surface in the form of small points and specks which we call freckles, but is not distributed in uniform suntan. Therefore if you want to get rid of freckles, to remove freckles, at first address the dermatologist. Perhaps, you have some problems with skin, and the doctor will advise as they can be eliminated, then it will be much simpler to get rid of freckles.

is considered Most often that freckles appear on skin owing to a metabolic disorder, and it can occur at any age. Usually freckles begin “approach“ with the advent of the bright spring sun, and is closer to fall begin to turn pale while they do not disappear at all therefore if to hold events for disposal of freckles, then only in a hot season.

Still information for those who want to remove face freckles, to get rid of them - after a thirty-year boundary of a freckle they become less noticeable. Finally freckles “pass“ after forty years therefore at this age to put force maximum, seeking to get rid of freckles, hardly actually.

A we will talk specifically now... What to do to get rid of freckles or at least to minimize their emergence? In - the first, the sunlight is brighter, the more pours out freckles and subjects they are more noticeable therefore hide from sunshine under an umbrella or wide-brimmed hats. Very well various sun-protection means help to clean freckles. If freckles nevertheless “lodged“ on your face, for disposal of freckles it is necessary to resort to the special bleaching means which to pick up depending on skin type.

to get rid of freckles, it is possible to combine use of special cosmetics for care of skin with folk remedies. For example, juice of a lemon, onions or vinegar will help to get rid of a small amount of freckles (wipe with them skin twice a day). It is possible to use juice of sourcrout, grapefruit or lemon before use of nutritious cream. And cream should be applied on skin, without waiting for its full drying. Such procedure for disposal of freckles is shown at any type of skin and yields remarkable result at regular, daily application.

to clean freckles, it is important to eat properly. Use the products saturated with vitamins C and RR or complete e several courses of reception of these vitamins B special preparations. They will help to get rid of freckles. Each “anti-freckled“ course consists of two - three weeks then it is necessary to take a week break.

Some women try to get rid of face freckles by means of a make-up. Makeup artists advise not to abuse this way. Completely you will hardly be able to get rid of freckles, and here the thick layer of “plaster“ will be precisely noticed by all. Try to smooth only differences between dark and light sites of skin by means of the corresponding tone. For example, for concealment of freckles use powder of a terracotta shade, having put it a thin layer on the person. And here the make-up for eyes demands the special clearness and care as against freckles they can “get out of“ a shape. Seeking to get rid of freckles, avoid use of decorative cosmetics of brown tone, in combination with freckles this shade will make your person even more “pestrenky“. For disposal of freckles it is better to choose red lipstick, blush of coral or pink color, and for eyes - green or blue shades of shadows.