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How to define a sex of the child

When disorders whether connected with a question you are pregnant, remained far behind, the first survey is taken already place, the family is notified, the immemorial question begins to interest future mother and her environment: what floor future child?

Of course, in a century of progress many couples try to plan a sex of the child in advance, the benefit, methods is for this purpose offered a set now. But even these parents are concerned by a question who all - will be born: boy or girl?

Today by the most reliable method of sex determination of future child is the blood test of mother who already on early terms contains fruit DNA. Identification of Y - a chromosome allows to say with confidence that the woman waits for the boy if such chromosome in blood is not found - in a family the girl will be born. But this method has a number of restrictions, besides it rather expensive and is available not to each woman. Therefore most of mothers for sex determination of the child use ultrasonography. But this method can be mistaken, the child is not always inclined “to show“ the sex. Many define a sex of the child according to special tables. In the people there are also many signs. However, there is an opinion that all of them exist only in order that to future mother and her family was what to be engaged - to guess what floor there will be a child.

to me national ways to define a sex of the child always seemed amusing and interesting, I offer you their list - guess on your health and your kid!

  1. of One of popular national signs of sex determination of the child is the shape of a stomach of the pregnant woman: if the stomach wide, spherical, round - means, there will be a girl. And here if the tummy grows forward, pointed, it it is as if not visible from a back - wait for appearance of the boy.
  2. some more signs connected with a stomach of future mother Are:
    • if the woman is pregnant with the boy, her stomach is lower, than at that which waits for the girl;
    • the stomach sharply sticks out
    • to the right - to the boy, to the left - to the girl.
  3. Stir of the child: the first stir was felt at the left - there will be a girl, on the right - the boy. Though there is also other opinion: a liver mother is beaten by the girl, a bladder - the boy.
  4. can define the Sex of the child on appearance of future mother. In the people say that girls “take away mother`s beauty“. If the woman every day gets prettier, most likely, she will give birth to the boy. Even sceptics - doctors sometimes agree with it, referring to amount of women`s hormones which the pregnant woman “to share“ with the child. The condition of skin is connected with their decrease in an organism - pigmentary spots, spots, hypostases on a face can appear.
  5. U you severe toxicosis? Then wait for appearance of the boy, it is more difficult for your organism to adapt to incubation of the child of an opposite sex.
  6. Flavouring addictions can prompt to
  7. a sex of future child too:
    • if preference is given to sweet, fruit (especially citrus) - there will be a girl,
    • if is pulled on salty, sour - the boy (besides these products are preferred by pregnant women with severe toxicosis),
    • strongly wants some meat and cheese - at you the man grows.
    the Pregnant woman prefers bread top crusts - she waits for the boy, a core, a crumb - the girl. If appetite of mother grew - expect appearance of the boy: men from a womb demand more food.
  8. the Sex of future child will prompt to
  9. heartbeat of a fruit: frequent it at girls, slower - at boys.
  10. For sex determination of the child even how you sleep matters: if on the right side - the girl, on left - the boy is born.
  11. legs can warn About the birth of the boy - if they began to swell up, you began a thicket to stumble.
  12. your palms. If they became drier, skin sometimes bursts - a sex of future child man`s if became softer - female.
  13. If you is shivering
  14. from time to time, so you are pregnant with the girl. And here if began to suffer from a heat - the boy will be born.
  15. our grandmothers and great-grandmothers could even determine
  16. by mood of future mother, a sex of the child: the woman became irritable, she has a bad mood - she waits for the girl; if mood good - by the boy`s birth.
  17. If to the pregnant woman the boy who is already able to go, so shows interest at it the little beauty grows in a stomach.

can Define a sex of future child and by means of a number of ways - fortune-telling:

Ask the pregnant woman to show to
  1. hands. If it turns them palms to top, so she waits for the girl. If palms down - the boy.
  2. Ask the pregnant woman to take
  3. from a table a key. If it took a key for round part - the boy, for the extended narrow - the girl, in the middle - twins will be born.
  4. Ask to show to
  5. a hand; to sit down, and then to rise. If helps itself the right hand and shows the right hand - expect appearance of the boy, the left hand indicates appearance of the girl.
  6. If the pregnant woman during food choked on
  7. , ask it to call any number. Having calculated to what letter of the alphabet it corresponds (“and“ is figure 1, - 2, “in“ - 3 etc.) ask to tell the name on this letter. If future mother tells the female name - to be born the girl, man`s - the boy.
  8. Sex determination of the child by means of a pendulum - has several versions:
  9. take
    • a pendent / medallion on a chain and hold over a palm of the pregnant woman
    • pass a wedding ring throughout a chain and suspend over the pregnant woman`s stomach (the woman has to lie); it is possible to take also any ring without stone and to tie to a thread
    • and it is possible just to take a needle with a thread and too to take over the pregnant woman`s stomach

If the subject begins to be shaken as a pendulum, here and there - the boy if to go around - the girl will be born.

In the people is said that it is impossible to want the child of the defined sex too strongly. Often it turns out so: if you (or your husband, the mother-in-law, mother or someone from relatives) madly want the girl, the boy will surely be born. To the contrary, if passionately you dream of the son, wait for appearance of the little princess.