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Healthy family - the healthy child of

of People came to the World - its Great Travel on Life began. What it will be, this Travel: fast or slow, bright or dim, full of adventures or measured? What will bring with itself: pleasure or bitterness, success or disappointment - we do not know, everything depends on the Person. But its health, health of its future generations depends on him. An important role in it is played by that Wednesday in which grows, the Person is brought up and develops. For the child - it is a family. As far as it is healthy, the child will be so healthy.

Not so long ago, only two with small a year ago, guests shouted to us wedding “Bitterly“, and the sailing vessel of my young family began a way on waves of life, work, friendship and love.

Though we also planned the kid, the message about pregnancy became unexpected, but from it not less joyful. The husband went important, happy. And I just flew on happiness wings from understanding that in me fights such small, but already such native heart!

We began to pay to

special attention to the health and health of the kid: visited together a maternity welfare unit, carried out all instructions of doctors, accepted vitamins, talked to the kid, walked till last day in the fresh air - generally, tried to lead a healthy lifestyle.

the Grandmother went on to me since the childhood: “Mother is healthy, also the child is healthy“. And how father? It defines not only a sex of the child, but also the half of genetic material put in the baby. Its health will become that pledge which in fine (we hope) the future will define not only physical, but also moral qualities of my daughter: all know that the daughter sees an ideal of future spouse in the father. Probably, therefore my husband already at a stage of expectation of the kid answered for himself a question:“ What my child would like to see the father? What will be me, also my baby will become such“.

I here our treasure - our Marinochka - houses! She grows before the eyes. Every day the daughter studies something new: the uvula will show, will play “pat-a-cake“, “mother“ will utter indistinctly and will so with pleasure smile...

Expecting the birth of my treasure, I was ready for the fact that I will feed. I remember how I cried when it seemed to me that it is not enough milk! What I only did: drank special tea, made herbs, did massage, gymnastics. All efforts came true: there is nothing better, than to see a favourite crumb at the breast, to feel its heat, to feel how the small mouth greedy drinks a mother`s milk, to see the grateful and loving eyes of the baby!

we impart

experience of feeding, leaving, communication with children With young mothers. Almost everything we brag of achievements of the child, such minutes of an eye of mothers shine! Though there is also it when too very young “mummies“ shout at the children, break mentality of children. It becomes even worse that some mothers do not protect the newborns: eat the products “forbidden“ for the feeding mothers, feed up chest children fried eggs, sausage, during a heat wrap up more warmly, in cold day - on the contrary, “temper“.

We live in the industrial city, but to us, to its inhabitants, it was very lucky - we are surrounded by the wood, magnificent mountains. Our family often specially leaves in a forest zone that our baby slept and breathed pine air which not only is pure, but also struggles with viruses thanks to the essential oils and bioflavonoids.

Ya very much I like to walk with the daughter on the river bank. The mountain river bears the waters quickly, promptly, noise bewitches it, calms and if to look narrowly more attentively, it is possible to find springs. Springs - sources of the structured water which passed cleaning with natural filters. Water from a spring is tasty! And coast Gromotukhi are regal beautiful at all seasons of the year: sparkle silver in the winter. Trees in the wood as models, show snow-white fur coats. In the spring snowdrops are turned in a dance tuft, filling air with aromas of freshness. In the summer the shadow of greens attracts to take cover from heat, offers the most tasty berries. In the fall the carpet color calls to have a rest...

We walk every day. In a carriage, on hands - as it will turn out. We go to Sokolok, we look to the children`s town, we walk in park of the Out-patient center Kaztsink LLP, in quiet squares of schools - all nearby!

during walks we try not to be silent, and to speak with the child: we show the world (trees, the sky, the sun, birds, protein), we tell about the actions, I will eat favourite children`s songs.

Somehow time even in the field went together: ate strawberry, looked for wild strawberry, collecting herbs, told the baby about their advantage, and made the most tasty tea in the evening! With a dogrose, a yarrow, dushitsy, crumpled - that it was fallen down better.

I Think that such walks - occupations help to form a lexicon, ideas of world around, develop cognitive interest...

the Modern market of children`s goods offers us a great number of assistants: car seats, backpacks - “kangaroo“, baby slings, but warmly mother`s hands, a heart beat, a smile, a tender look are more expensive than all miracles of equipment... Perhaps, therefore our Marinochka prefers to carriages and the sledge of a hand of mother?

there Will pass a little more time, and our girl will go itself legs. The same whole event for a family! She will be able to walk, do together with us simple exercises, to run, jump, ride the sledge, to go with us to the pool. Already now I represent how we will ride from a hill, to go to a skating rink, to laugh, sing in chorus children`s songs, our father will abandon for fun mother snowballs and with tenderness to look at the little girls...

Ya - young mother, and experience at me still is not a lot of as it would be desirable. Not everything turns out from the first, and there is a wish to sleep, and nerves sometimes “hand over“, but my husband, my beloved, tries to understand, help about the house, plays with the daughter - I am grateful to him.

I this gratitude, mutual understanding, our love will help us to become the real parents and to grow up the real, healthy, strong Person!