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Advice to the working mother of

Times when women devoted all the life only to education of children, passed long ago. However even today, coming back to work after a maternity leave, each young mother inevitably faces a great lot of questions. With whom to leave the kid on weekdays? How it is correct to plan the day that for everything there was enough time? Whether it is possible to keep breastfeeding, having become the working mother? And in general, whether there is a game of candles?

Most of the women who are coming back to work in several months after the delivery feel a little “guilty“. It is clear: mother is afraid that her baby will lose due caress and care. However from sense of guilt no advantage to neither you, nor the child will exist. So just it is better to collect the strength and to try to plan in advance solutions of all of the problems disturbing you.

In - the first, it is not necessary to think as if you miss all achievements of your kid. Perhaps, he will really tell the first word when you are not near. But, as show researches, the child does not recognize new “skills“, will not show them to the loved one yet - mother. You will play anyway a major role in life of the baby, despite your day absence.

Besides, return to work does not mean at all that you should give up as a bad job feeding by a breast. You can quite transfer your kid to the mixed feeding or decant milk that the nurse or relatives gave it then to the baby.

However, over a possibility of the mixed feeding it is worth thinking well. Certainly, today`s mixes it is much better, than those not numerous jars with baby food that our mothers saw on counters. However it is all the same unknown how the weak gastrointestinal tract of your kid will react to them. At many babies at the beginning of transition to mix gripes and even locks begin. Besides that before half a year to the baby the antibodies which are contained in maternal breast milk are vital.

Decantation and feeding of the child “milk from a small bottle“ is not a so labor-intensive process today. Earlier the main problem was the fact that the milk decanted outdoors could not be stored, and it simply vanished. And it was impossible to call milk pumps “the technological invention“ - a lot of time was taken by decantation process. But now the picture changed cardinally.

Main that can please the working mother, is an emergence of special systems of storage and carrying of breast milk. From similar innovations the greatest distribution was gained by the VIA system from Philips AVENT. Its key element - it is sterile the packed containers which are ideally suited for storage of breast milk in the freezer. Such container can both be attached to a milk pump, and to use as a small bottle for feeding, having attached to it via the adapter Philips AVENT pacifier. Generally, mother should not suffer in about ten small bottles before feeding the kid with the decanted milk. Both containers, and a milk pump can be packed into an easy compact cooler bag - thus, also the problem of transportation of the decanted milk is solved.

milk pumps also became much more convenient than

, and, above all - is more effective. The same manual milk pumps of Philips AVENT allow to decant milk as fast as possible thanks to the unique massage pillow - a nozzle. Five of its petals in the course of decantation mass area around a nipple, imitating sucking of the child and stimulating milk inflow. And force of depression can be regulated at any time, pressing on the handle finger-tips. As a result process becomes easy and comfortable, and decantation time - minimum. Clinical trials confirmed that manual milk pumps of Philips AVENT decant as much milk and for the same time, as the electric milk pumps established in maternity hospitals.

Plus of use of manual milk pumps is obvious to

- milk is decanted quickly and quietly without use of electricity or batteries. However if it is important to you to reproduce most close technology of sucking of your kid and at the same time you do not want “to work hands“, your choice - an electronic milk pump. Philips AVENT developed innovative models which possess the mechanism of the electronic memory capable to remember a personal rhythm of decantation. The rhythm by means of the button changes - the device comes back to the manual mode after a handle contact. And simplicity and ease of use, despite “clever technologies“, remains fully. At the same time such electronic milk pump does not injure a breast at all and does not cause discomfort: as well as the manual Philips AVENT models, it is equipped with the same gentle petal masseur.

So, we already found out that it is quite simple to solve a problem of preservation of breastfeeding. But, unfortunately, the working mothers are overcome also by other fears. For example, many women are afraid that if they stayed at home and they sat with the kid, then it would develop quicker. But actually, here during a time to remember expression:“ Main - not quality, but quantity“. If you are rather close to the child, and you established mutual understanding, so the baby already feels your love, care and attention - and it and there is what mother has to give first of all. And to teach the kid quite read, consider or collect a mosaic the father can or the teacher in kindergarten - the child will hardly reproach it with you.

your return to work will not damage

to the child at all if you feel happy and manage to solve all problems arising at first. The kid will quickly get used to your day absence if he is looked after by people who treat it with care and attention.