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About rules of the handling of pocket money of

That the child learned to handle money, they have to be really it. Let`s consider in detail.

a Certain sum should giving

to children irrespective of school progress - failures. I would begin to give little by little (rubles on 10 in a week) from the first class and looked: as the child will treat them. It is necessary to establish distinct and simple rules from the very beginning:

How to be if the child on the money buys to himself sweets and eats

, without sharing with anybody?

In - the first, he has the right to it, in order that learned to handle money, we also give them, did not forget? In - the second, any person has to have something special, personal, private, otherwise borders of the personality become indistinct and hard to determine.

... In their family anybody had nothing the. In sense - everything was the general. Such communism in separately taken cell of society. Partly from shortage of means, but the main thing - for ideological reasons. The head of the family, the engineer - the humanist (there was it), raised children in the spirit of a shestidesyatnichestvo and the Buddhism at the same time: about food and things it was forbidden to think because narrow-mindedness, at first take care of others, and then of yourself, cultural wealth - above all. The son and the daughter divided the room, a table, clothes and footwear, oranges and candies that in general well and is useful if moderately. If you think that children became stronger each other to love and to care more - you are deeply mistaken. If you think that they became ideological fighters against capitalism - hundred times you are mistaken. At the first opportunity they left the house and began to build own, certain houses devoutly. By the way, both very much early got families and children: it is that precisely it is not necessary to divide.

as a result of such pedagogical policy children can be accustomed to want anything and to anything not to become attached because they all the same will force to share, will take away, will shame. Actually we share something from desire to divide emotion: pleasure, pleasure. Sometimes - pain, grief. To force to share pleasure, in my opinion, waste of words.

So nothing terrible that to six - the seven-year-old child bought on pocket a deng five the kinder - surprises and ate them, as they say, “in one face“, I do not see. Try to discuss this situation with the kid, appeal to his best qualities, try to cause in him understanding that the delicacy eaten together with someone will be twice more sweet. Use this situation to talk about important things: to generosity, friendship, love. But only you do not shame, do not threaten (“You will be a greedy person - nobody will love you!“), do not hang labels (“the greedy person!“ ). You will not buy love and if children are not on friendly terms - hardly violent sharing will change something.

How to be if the child spent all money for once? Whether to give it still?


Most often and it happens at the beginning of financial career. Neither to plan, nor to consider as sense “to put“ is not able yet. Here an excellent opportunity for training in planning of the budget! Give together with the child we will speak several important points.

First stage: we formulate the purposes. Ask the son / daughter: “You want some certain expensive thing? Or you need to buy constantly something, for example the weekly of comics? Or for occupations by modeling it is necessary to buy in addition materials periodically? If there are no long-playing purposes what you want to spend money for?“

Be convinced by

that the child accurately realizes that is possible and what is impossible. And from time to time arrange “educational alarm“: you did not forget what in our family is forbidden to be played on gaming machines?

Second stage: how many it costs. I would not begin to aim at the fact that there is more three-months contents - aged till 10 years. The teenager 10 - 12 is already able “to hold years the breath“ for half a year. We establish how many we will postpone for purchase and how many we will leave on maintenance of life: amusements, having a snack, purchase of necessary trifles.

How to control the child`s expenses?

As I told

already earlier, money is only part of our life. Therefore most likely money the child will handle as well as any other things.

the Accurate, quiet, balanced girl will postpone

for purchase of expensive phone or a player, it will have a beautiful purse and a little “nychek“ in different places. When you have a difficult financial period, you will be able always to intercept at it to a salary. It is not necessary to control it, she still you will construct it and will explain how it is necessary to live. Perhaps, you should stimulate just it something to spend, otherwise it can become excessively avaricious.

Other girl inclined to whims and hysterics got used that the father fulfills all her requirements (because the father has other family, and he feels the guilt), and mother can refuse, but then all the same will concede (because it has no other family and she feels in a trap). She will quickly spend all sum for some nonsense, and then will begin to extort the next portion from parents.

In this case money can become a direct equivalent of love: who loves the girl more, that gives her more. At such policy parents risk to grow up the manipulator and the blackmailer. Of course, the girl and most it is not sweet, but it is better for parents to take measures right now, than then to rake more dangerous situations.

here the boy - in the head wind, ideas curl and crowd with

A, there is a wish for everything and immediately, but quickly cools down and forgets what it wanted. This can lose the large sum, and can forget that it in general has money. It is better for it to help to keep accounts and to give money in absolutely small portions though daily.

And suddenly it will get to the bad company, either will become dependent, or will lose a large sum?

Danger threatens with

to the one who is inclined to risk, is hazardous, is not capable to perceive advertizing critically. If you spend time with the child, not only doing homework, you will notice manifestations of choleric temperament in the early childhood. For such kids the prize is something supervaluable, they react to loss rough tears, even aggression. During game can swindle, change rules, demand for itself special conditions.

At joint viewing of the TV should pay attention of the child (and still - elderly relatives) to advertizing: “How you think whether it is possible to receive a lot of money for just like that? It is interesting that it is necessary to make to win such smart car? You what, the truth you think that to collect lids from kefir?“ Even direct insults of potential lucky who vigorously run to obtain a consumer loan “without references and the guarantee“ are admissible: “It is interesting where these jobless people who have no friends are going to take money to repay a debt?“ Do not hesitate, advertizing goes such powerful shaft, as the adult - that is difficult to resist, where here to count on consciousness of the second-grader to whom it merrily small in the TV promises one million for the correct answer to a question: “How the animal with a long trunk is called?“. All these skills easily train in house conditions, just remember it next time when you see the invocatory poster on the road.

At neighbors scandal. 10 - summer Donat squandered 10 thousand rubles from the mobile phone, playing some “prize-winning game“. The situation is aggravated with the fact that brings up Donat lonely mother and it has no constant income, so, is interrupted by casual earnings. It is sincerely a pity for mother, but all - she should have taken care and informed the son of the elementary safety rules, first of which:“ There`s no such thing as a free lunch“.

also the fact that Donat got used to what mother will help out from any situation, not important, what price Is bad

. Mother settled its problems with schoolmates, wrote false notes to the class teacher, hid small things in a bag in shop if Donat tried to pull down them. But the huge debt to the telephone operator knocked down it strongly. Donat lost pocket money for a year.

I still. Think of yourself. As you treat gamblings - optional to cards, there are both lotteries, and gaming machines. The simplest example: the automatic machine which takes out soft toys. They are very successfully put in places of a congestion of children: at an entrance to cafe, movie theater, the children`s center.

Can make investigative experiment: to allocate the sum approximately equal to toy cost and to spend half an hour of time to be convinced: miracles do not happen. The toy “is not caught“ until you give its cost. But stand, both catch, and are upset when iron feelers are unclenched, without having reached to a window of delivery of some two centimeters, and scold own awkwardness.

of the Summary. Take care of that the child knew safety rules. From time to time refresh their basic principles in memory. Control expenses, but give the chance to make mistakes and to get into troubles.