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Whether it is possible to increase artificial nails at pregnancy?

there is always a wish to be Beautiful! There passed times when future mummies went with the grown roots to the half-heads and in identical shapeless overalls. Now there is a set of shops where for pregnant women very beautiful fashionable clothes and special cosmetics are presented. There were also harmless hair-dyes as a part of which there are no substances like ammonia chemical. In other words, of opportunities to be the most beautiful and attractive - is more than enough! But how to be that who got used to nail extension and does not think of himself without long well-groomed marigold any more? Modern artificial nails - it not only is beautiful, but also is practical, having visited at the master, we can forget for about three weeks about manicure and varnish coverings, artificial nails will keep beauty and a well-groomed look before the following correction.

But each pregnant woman has to reflect whether will do nail extension harm to her future child! Several months ago, when my best friend fell into “an interesting state“, I too very much was interested in this question. But, as it is surprising, her attending physician could not tell anything intelligible about it. Even on open spaces of the Internet there was no necessary information! Here then - that I thought of it very seriously and decided everything - to find the answer to this question!

Having re-read mountains of professional literature, I all - learned that researches on this occasion were conducted. Nail technicians, i.e. women who not only once a month do themselves nail extension took part in researches, but also every day are affected by chemical evaporations. On the basis of the conducted researches conclusions were drawn on influence of the most widespread chemicals which are used at extension of artificial nails.

to the Main components of modern materials for modeling of nails is methacrylate. It is worth noticing that methacrylates happen two types - it is methylmethacrylate and ethylmethacrylate. Methylmethacrylate really possesses harmful effects on a fruit. The researches conducted on mice and rats showed that methylmethacrylate can cause fruit malformations. However the level of concentration of methylmethacrylate causes such phenomena when it is nearly one thousand times higher, than in materials for nail extension. Materials as a part of which there is a methylmethacrylate forbade in Europe and America long ago, it is possible to meet this substance only in materials of the Chinese and Korean production. In the developed countries producers of professional materials use other, more perfect substance for a long time - ethylmethacrylate. Ethylmethacrylate (EMA) does not possess such toxicity as methylmethacrylate (MMA), and it means that at observance of safety measures and precautionary measures, procedure of building will not do to you any harm.

Many pregnant clients believe that acryle is much more harmful than gel to them, it has very pungent chemical smell and harmful evaporations. Yes, it is valid, acryle has evaporations. But gel evaporates in the same way, just you do not catch a smell of these evaporations. There is no smell, but the same influence. Think of it! And if the speech came about a difference in materials, then it is better to choose “smelly“, but qualitative acryle of the European or American production, than flavourless Chinese gel.

For certain you heard

about such substance as formaldehyde. It is also poisonous and is toxic in large numbers. But in production of nail varnishes and materials for building the minimum quantity of this substance is used. Besides the conducted researches showed that though formaldehyde in high doses and is toxic, harmful it only to mother`s organism, on the course of pregnancy it is substance does not influence in any way.

here the toluene which is contained practically in all medical coverings and nail varnishes can exert

A negative impact on a fruit. Very long steam inhalation of toluene can lead to violations in development of a fruit, similar to those which arise at frequent alcohol intake at pregnancy. However the content of toluene in varnish coverings is so minimum that owing to the conducted researches any case of the birth of babies with congenital malformations was not registered.

What follows from this article? It is not contraindicated to pregnant women to increase nails. However it is important to meet some conditions. In - the first, procedure of modeling of artificial nails has to take place in the aired room with a good extract. In - the second, the master has to use only high-quality materials of the last generation. Well and, in - the third, after building carefully wash up hands with soap and wash out a nose still mineral water - so you will get rid of dust which arises after trimming of nails and in rare instances can cause allergic reaction.

From myself I can wish

to future mummies of happy and easy pregnancy, remain always same beautiful.