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That the first days of motherhood brought joy of

This article will help future mothers who are going to cultivate the kid naturally. Natural cultivation assumes long feeding by a breast, carrying on hands, a joint dream, jumping.

Expecting the firstborn, we, as a rule, very vaguely represent how there will pass the first weeks after his birth. As a result there is an alarm: and what with it to do and whether I cope? At the same time in each of us the hope glimmers that it is possible to organize life with the kid so that both mother was living, and the kid is cheerful and fat, and the husband is treated kindly, and the house is well-groomed. Perhaps? It is possible! What is necessary? Preparation, and in advance. You know how speak: the impromptu works well if it is in advance planned and well prepared. In this article we will tell that it is necessary to make future mother of month for two before childbirth and month one and a half after them.

At first let`s understand that we want to receive at least to 2 - 3 to months after the child`s birth.

Mother: quiet sure, quite capable which can

Kid: quiet, satisfied, thick to put. He does not cry, does not suffer gripes, dysbacterioses, allergies; receiving necessary amount of care and heat from mother, often sits on her and with interest watches its activity, it is nursed only, quietly fills up and wakes up.

Husband: honestly works - “gets a mammoth“, provides mother and the kid to all necessary. In the evening he aspires home because houses wait for it the quiet benevolent sure spouse and quiet satisfied thick to put; because it is not loaded bathing, quieting of heart-rendingly shouting kid and td., he communicates only with the happy kid, well gets enough sleep at night (all sleep at night, nobody shouts, and mother nurses and lands to pee what the father also does not hear).

Mother`s actions break into three stages:

That we do before childbirth

  1. we Gain theoretical knowledge of how the child for what behavior he waits from mother grows and develops. To emergence small mother imagines features and expectations of the kid and knows that it will do and what is not present, for example:“ I will nurse, I will sleep together with the kid, I will not - dopaivat water and to put on pampers unless on walk“. The best way to gain this knowledge - to go to courses for future mothers. At the same time it is important that on courses not only prepared for childbirth, but also for life with the kid. Pay attention indistinct recommendations like “you can give a baby`s dummy, you can not give“ speak about incompetence of the lecturer in a question of cultivation of the kid.
  2. we Prepare for
  3. the house.
    • will be required to us a good wide berth with an equal convenient mattress (or a wide sofa). In the first months mother and the kid spend a lot of time for beds both in the afternoon, and at night. It is important that it was wide (that the husband quietly slept nearby) and it is comfortable. Width at least 1 m of 60 cm
    • Pelenalnik for the kid who will stand near a bed from that party where you sleep. The usual narrow curved boards and dressers are actually inconvenient. What will approach? Any wide table of at least 80 by 100 cm. If is longer - it is good, with edge we will place diapers, the first-aid kit etc. if 80 on 100, then wall shelves that it was possible to take necessary are necessary, without departing and without spending forces.
  4. we Prepare for
  5. a dowry. He was always trained in advance, and it was considered as important action for happy end of childbirth. Only mother trusted preparation of a dowry to nobody and did not advertize. Besides, in the first 40 days the child will take away (and it is justified) all your attention, and nothing has to distract you. So, everything has to be chosen, washed, ironed at least in 2 weeks prior to childbirth. Then only to lay out a pile on shelves of a pelenalnik.

What includes a dowry?

of the Diaper and clothes

  1. of the Diaper: chintz 90 × 120 cm and 100 × 120 cm - 15 - 20 pieces, a flannel 90 × 120 cm and 100 × 120 cm - 10 pieces. Do not take narrower, it is for nothing the thrown-out money. The background is better white, on it small soft drawing (that diapers did not fade when washing).
  2. Rag diapers: squares of fabric 80 × 80 cm, 90 × 90 cm, 100 × 100 cm. For their production take either very soft chintz or old mature bed linen (very gentle), without seams and a podgibka. We do not cut diapers, and we tear that were not showered. Diapers such not because we save money but because children have very high sensitivity of skin.
  3. Caps thin and warm from 0 to 1, 5 months on 1 piece, from 1,5 to 3 months on 1 piece
  4. of the Baby`s undershirt thin also become warmer seams outside on 5 pieces
  5. the Small pillow for the kid 25 × 25 cm, 20 × 30 cm - 2 pieces. The requirement - a natural filler, not orthopedic, thickness is 4 - 5 cm
  6. of the Oilcloth 70 × 100 cm. or it is more, but it is not less, breathing expensive - 2 pieces. At the same time it is not necessary to save as to you to sleep with the kid on them several months.
  7. of the Oilcloth small simple 30 × 40 cm - 4 pieces
  8. Taz for jumping of the kid of big diameter (it is supposed, and to pee that the kid does not do under himself - to pokakat
  9. mother lands it, it is better light-gray or white). On height has to move under a bed (sofa).
  10. the Baby sling for carrying the child on from 2 weeks to 1,5 years (if it is necessary). Releases hands for affairs, and the kid in safety therefore it is silent. It is very convenient for circulation on the street, in shops, transport. Mother with a baby sling is much more mobile, than mother with a carriage, so, is more independent. In the first months will be a baby sling with rings enough (many only and cost them). Requirements to a baby sling: welded, and it is better cast metal rings, with a diameter of 6 cm (if a fine fabric), and it is better - of 7 - 8 cm. with a smooth covering, fabric from natural materials, boards of a baby sling should not be pronounced and have to refuel easily in rings, a pillow for a shoulder small (can not be in general).
  11. Romper suit and pampers. Are necessary only on walks, you buy them then under the child`s size.

Objects for bathing

It is bathed the first 3 months in the great-grandmother`s way in a diaper, in a small tray, in herbs, and the kid during bathing sleeps.

  1. the Tray with an equal flat bottom: length of a bottom is not less than 70 cm
  2. the Big towel 80 cm wide. Length is any.
  3. Set of herbs:
    • of a turn 4 packs,
    • a camomile two packs,
    • oak bark 1 pack,
    • a St. John`s Wort (for boys), mint (for girls) 1 pack,
    • hop 1 pack,
    • a pustyrnik 1 pack,
    • a bearberry - 1 pack.
  4. the Small plastic mug for watering of the kid

the First-aid kit:

the Clothes for feeding of mother to us are required to


jackets or t-shirts for feeding - of 3 - 4 pieces or special (now is on sale) or knitted jackets with a low neckline that the breast got quickly and easily. Easy bridges or shorts - of 3 - 4 pieces, it is not less.

you do not hurry to buy

the Bed, a carriage, a kangaroo, baby`s dummies, bottles, sterilizers, a milk pump, a musical suspended toy, prygunka, walkers can to you and not be necessary. The most expensive from this it is possible to look after that then if you decide, quickly to buy. It is worse when it is bought, money is spent, and all “good“ becomes dusty in a corner and takes the place. In shops there is so much beautiful children`s, so there is a wish to buy everything. Experience shows that it is simply unreasonable to dress up the kid in the first 40 days, functionality of things comes out on top at this time. It is reasonable to do it after 3 months, but now it is difficult to present what there will be your kid to this age. Someone will be absolutely round, someone harmonous and long therefore it is for the future better for thing not to take.

So, we gained theoretical knowledge, collected a dowry, now we will organize life.

the Preliminary organization of life for life after the delivery

the First 40 days mother learns to look after the kid, at this stage it is our only task. If we learned to do it well, then after 40 days, we will have forces and opportunities to be engaged in the husband and the house without prejudice to small. To learn to raise well the child in the first 6 weeks, we shift life to members of household. It is very important not to be torn between an ironing, cooking and the child. Otherwise the kid will be the loser, and all the same he “will tie“ then to us hands. There are three options: we agree with the grandmother that she will help about the house the first 40 days (but not with the child). Or if there is no grandmother, and money is, in advance we find the housekeeper on 3 times a week. In case there is neither grandmother, nor money, honestly attract the father to life, having minimized father`s housework. For this purpose before childbirth we prepare and we freeze cutlets, chops etc. we buy the frozen vegetables - generally, the idea is clear. A father`s task - to make everything on what 2 hands are required, we undertake on what one hand is necessary. In this case we buy more diapers less often to erase and hang up while we learn to land. We lower a level of household purity, but only for 40 days. Yes doctors - better in relative dust, but with the child under a breast will forgive me.

About childbirth

the Choice of the place of childbirth and the doctor we will organize so that interventions, so a travmatization of mother and kid were minimum. Important that after the delivery we were engaged in motherhood, but not rehabilitation of and children. A subject of the organization of childbirth big therefore it is better to gain the corresponding knowledge on courses.

That we do, having come home from maternity hospital

Skills to which we study in the first 40 days

  1. Feeding by a breast in different poses. By 40th day the trained mother easily nurses sitting, standing, when walking, lying. It from any pose can give to the child a breast correctly. The trained mother has no cracks, mastitis, shortage of milk.
  2. Joint dream.
  3. Ability to take and put the child, to carry it on hands so that oporno - the motive device of the kid developed correctly (well), and we were not hurt by a back. Here rocking the kid enters.
  4. Jumping (help in an excrement).
  5. Bathing in the great-grandmother`s way in a diaper with herbs.
  6. Swaddling. Competent, dexterous and physiologically reasonable swaddling and bathing promotes return of the newborn to conditions similar to pre-natal. As a result uneasiness is removed and the kid is quieter.

Complexity is that these skills cannot learn, using books, video etc. Maternal instinct in this case too not the assistant. He is responsible for love and acceptance of the kid. And all. Further training is necessary. Now in Novosibirsk there were women possessing necessary experience, the profession is called the instructor on training in maternal art.

If we before childbirth gained theoretical knowledge of motherhood and newborn, equipped the nest, stocked up with the assistant on life, softly there took place childbirth, and then learned to look after the kid, then we will surely come to our purpose - sure quiet mother, the fat healthy, happy kid, the father hurrying to the house after work.