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Gentle means for gentle skin of

there will be, perhaps, no mother who would not admire gentle skin of the kid. Really, skin of the healthy child is worthy admiration - it pink, elastic, smooth. It seems, it is similar to the thinnest fresh petals of the most refined flowers .

B than reasons of such unusual tenderness?

Skin of babies on the structure and functional features in many respects differs in

from skin of adults. Epidermis at kids is thinner, than at adults, and it consists of 2 - 3 layers poorly connected to honey itself(himself) cages. It also is connected to dermy more rykhlo therefore it is predisposed to easier distribution of an infection.

In hypodermic fatty cellulose of kids - a large amount of solid fatty acids therefore children about one year have such delightful dense skin, however it has tendency to formation of local hypostases and consolidations.

Children`s skin is nourished with water - it contains 80 - 90% of moisture. But from - for the fact that a thin skin, moisture is easily lost at temperature increase of environment and skin dries, is shelled.

All of us know that skin carries out several functions - protective, respiratory, secretory, temperature-controlled. Skin preserves an organism of the kid against adverse external effects, protects from pathogenic microbes and negative substances. Skin “breathes“ - absorbs oxygen and excretes carbonic acid.

For babies respiratory function of skin has even bigger value, than for adults.

Temperature-controlled function of skin helps an organism of the baby to keep body temperature and to adapt to ambient temperature.

Skin participates in removal of products of a metabolism. It begins to function fully to of 3 - 4 months lives when there is a maturing of the nervous centers.

Skin - a sense organ: tactile, temperature and superficial painful sensitivity is provided with the extensive field of eksteroretseptor. All types of skin sensitivity at the child by the time of the birth are developed, and skin is at the beginning, for the present the kid is too small to examine surrounding, nearly only “window to the world“.

Thus, skin helps the kid to adapt with the huge new world. And health of the child in many respects depends on health of skin, on that, how qualitatively and fully it is capable to carry out the functions. Therefore it is so important to help the skin to keep all these major functions.

As it to make

? It is necessary to provide the correct daily care of skin of the kid. It both simply, and difficult at the same time.

It is simple - as the modern cosmetic, pharmaceutical and perfumery industry lets out a set of the goods urged to facilitate to mother process of care of the child. And it is difficult as it is necessary to choose that conditioning agent which as much as possible will suit your kid, will not cause in it allergic reaction and will carry out most fully the mission - to look after skin of the baby.

Dermatologists and pediatricians proved that children need the special means possessing preventive action (food, moistening, clarification and protection) and answering to features of a structure and functioning of children`s skin. It is necessary to choose the means meeting the following requirements from all variety:
  • a product has to be created especially for children;
  • the used raw materials have to be the highest quality, it has to be allowed for use for small children;
  • by
  • by production of conditioning agents modern technologies have to be used;
  • all products have to pass completely safety tests and special clinical tests.

the Majority of conditioning agents exist for a long time, but there are also rather new products. Now, for example, it is already difficult to present “cosmetics bag“ of the kid without wet towel wipes. They appeared only in 70 - e of the last century, but at once won popularity at parents. At first they strongly differed from modern resembled usual paper more: were insufficiently soft and quickly dried. The Russian mothers began to use wet towel wipes only in the second half 90 - x, but convenience of this cosmetic was estimated at once.

Of what they are made by
? The material “spanleys“ forms a basis for the majority of high-quality children`s napkins. It is soft and nice on the touch matter thanks to which napkins possess such magnificent absorbing clearing properties.

Now at our market presented, at least, ten various brands. Are credible wet towel wipes which let out the companies - producers of diapers (Pampers, Libero, bella baby Happy), and the producers of children`s cosmetics (Sanosan, Johnson “s baby, the World of the childhood, “Fidget“, Cleanic and many others)

of Substance which are a part of children`s napkins of the leading brands pass careful dermatological control.

Each producer offers

the napkins having the features (for example, existence in structure of various components). So, for example, wet towel wipes of the ® bella baby Delfi brand; are napkins of three types which part various moistening components are. Special gentle nonwoven fabric allows to use them from the first days of life. The wet towel wipes impregnated with a milk or masliyets protect skin of kids from unsuccessful influence of environment. The compounding of vegetable additives is specially developed for children. It is important that aromatic substances which can cause an allergy, and alcohol which overdries an integument are not a part of napkins. After their application on skin of the kid there is neither left smell, nor a sticky raid.

Wet towel wipes of bella baby Happy ® with allantoiny and vitamin E effectively clear and delicately moisten the child`s skin, protecting it from a peresushivaniye.

are hypoallergenic

of the Napkin of bella baby Happy Sensitive, they are recommended for care of children with very sensitive skin. The aloes enriched with extract, but not containing soaps, fragrances and alcohol, they carefully moisten gentle skin of the child.

Wet towel wipes of bella baby Happy Milk & Honey contain milk proteins, and also honey extract. Proteins of milk clear and humidify, and extract of honey calms reddenings and irritations on gentle skin.

of the Napkin of bella baby Happy Silk & Cotton with natural proteins of silk clear and humidify, and extract of cotton protects, calms and softens. Convenient packing allows to use napkins in any situation.

Usually clearing napkins apply

to processing of skin in the field of diapers during their change, especially at night. However it is possible to use napkins and after visit of a pot. On walk, on a visit, in policlinic of a napkin are irreplaceable. Them it is possible to process buttocks and hands, cheeks and a mouth - anything. But even the best wet towel wipes should not replace water procedures completely.