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Often ill children. Myths and reality. Part 1

is familiar to Much such situation: the child is more sick, than is healthy as one “cold“ replaces another, and parents practically do not see the child healthy. And if the doctor asks: “Of what you complain?“, they answer:“ The child often is ill “.

the Myth 1

the Often Ill Children (OIC) are a diagnosis.

the Reality

of ChBD is not the diagnosis. It is group of children who are subject to the frequent acute respiratory diseases (ARD) as a result of tranzitorny (temporary), but korrigiruyemy deviations in immune system.

of ORZ - the most frequent diseases of a respiratory path. In most cases (97%) they are called by various viruses which there are more than 180 types. In rare instances bacteria become the reason of ORZ.

Often ill children till 1 year are considered as

if 4 and more cases of ORZ a year come to light; children from 1 to 3 years - 6 and more ORZ a year; children from 3 to 5 years - 5 and more ORZ a year; children are more senior than 5 years - 4 and more ORZ a year.

Quite often the child is ill

not only often, but also is long (duration of one ORZ of more of 10 - 14 days). It is long the ill children also can be referred to category ChBD.

the Myth 2

of Often ill child should isolate

from peers to avoid contact with an infection.


should not raise the child “under a cap“, not to allow it to communicate with other children - hardly this correct decision from the point of view of the psychologist.

At such child various psychological complexes can develop. First of all, this feeling of uncertainty in itself, impossibility from - for frequent diseases to communicate with age-mates, to play sports. It leads to disadaptation and violation of quality of life (the child becomes closed, irritable, avoids peers).

the Myth 3

the Child often is ill

as he contacts to other children and catches from them.


If the child often is ill

- it means that his immunity is weakened.

begin to be formed by

of Function of its immune system still vnutriutrobno therefore defective food of the pregnant woman, smoking, diseases during pregnancy, pre-natal infection of a fruit, are the factors leading to immunity easing and can lead to the fact that the child it will become frequent to be ill subsequently.

the Important factor of formation of immunity of the child is maternal milk therefore the children who are on breastfeeding seldom are ill ORZ and vice versa, early artificial feeding can lead to the fact that on the first year of life the child begins to have catarrhal diseases.

Background states (rickets, anemia, an intestinal dysbiosis, gipovitaminoz) which arise on the first year of life or at more advanced age, as a result of various adverse factors also weaken immunity.

the healthy balanced nutrition and the mode are of Great importance for normal functioning of immune system of the child. The child can often be ill if in his diet there are not enough vitamins or its food is monotonous. For example, in food there are a lot of carbohydrates, but it is not enough proteins and fats.

Presence at the child of the chronic centers of an infection promotes weakening of protective mechanisms too and can become the reason that the child often is ill. Chronic antritis, tonsillitis can be such centers of an infection, adenoidit.

the phytogenesis immunomodulators possessing the complex anti-inflammatory, antiviral and soft modulating action which can be used both for treatment, and for prevention of acute respiratory diseases at often ill children are of Great importance for children. Among them the special attention is deserved “by Tonzilgon of N“ which is allowed for use for children from chest age with the preventive and medical purpose. This preparation prepares from special collecting vegetable raw materials on modern technologies of cultivation, preparation, extraction and creation of dosage forms that increases its medical efficiency and safety of use.

When using “Tonzilgona of N“ a surface of almonds becomes smooth, lacunas are sanified, the composition of lymphoid fabric improves. The preparation promotes increase of endogenous production of interferon - the active connections possessing powerful antiviral action.

Such combined effects “Tonzilgon N“ allow to use a preparation during the sharp period at the expressed displays of a respiratory infection, especially with sharp tonsillitis, pharyngitis or adenoidity 5 - 6 time in day in an age dosage. A course of treatment - of 10 - 14 days. For prevention of ORZ at often ill children 3 times a day the course of 4 - 6 weeks.

our experience demonstrates that “Tonzilgon of N“ is an effective and safe remedy and prevention of ORZ at often ill children.

What else myths exist and what actually reality, you will be able to read in the following article.