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We and hormones: how they influence us?

What does the woman beautiful and easy, does not allow it to grow old? What allows the woman to be mother? These are hormones on which fluctuation of level our mood, appeal, desire and working capacity depend sometimes.

the Hormonal background of men has no sharp fluctuations. From here their commitment, reliability, constancy and maximalism.

At women all differently: every day a menstrual cycle production of hormones changes. From here ours inconstancy, frivolity and suddenness.

Probably, practically each of us couple of days in a month is “fury“. However differences of mood - not only “natural disaster“ which can be provided, knowing as cyclic fluctuations of a hormonal background are reflected in our way of life.

1 day

usually is considered in the First afternoon of a cycle

day of the beginning of menstrual bleeding. Against decrease in concentration of the main “women`s“ hormones (progesterone and estrogen) rejection an endometriya - a thick layer of a mucous uterus, the “feather-bed“ prepared by an organism on a case of possible pregnancy begins.

concentration of prostaglandins - intermediaries of pain, stimulators of sokratitelny ability of a uterus Increases. For an organism well - the uterus is reduced, throwing out old endometriya and squeezing the bleeding vessels. And for us - one frustration: pain and weight in the bottom of a stomach.

spazmalitik will help to Take off unpleasant effects: But - a shpa, Belastezin, the Papaverine, Buskopan. And here it is desirable not to take Aspirin as it can increase blood loss.

In ovaries the most “advanced“ follicle bearing an ovum begins to develop. Sometimes “advanced“ it appears more than one, and then after successful fertilization several kids can be born at once.


So wants to be

2 beautiful, but today hormones work against us. As a result of low production of estrogen activity of sweat and sebaceous glands amplifies. It is necessary to carry out in the afternoon in soul, to find more time for the person and to correct for a thicket a make-up.

Hair change the chemical structure and worse give in to laying. The chemical wave made during periods keeps less therefore do not plan visit of the hairdresser these days.

Sensitivity to pain still high. In order to avoid “thrills“ it is better to postpone visit to the stomatologist, an epilation and other not palatable manipulations for of 4 - 5 days.

possible painful feelings in the bottom of a stomach of of 30 - 50 g mulled wine from good red wine will help to Reduce stress also. However the bigger quantity of alcohol these days is contraindicated: it can extend periods and increase blood loss.


the phrase is Especially actual

3: “Purity - guarantee of health!“ In a uterus after rejection of mucous the wound surface is formed. And the uterus neck these days is most slightly opened and therefore is entrance gate for an infection.

It is desirable for p to refrain from sex. However if “it is impossible, but there is a strong wish“, then surely use barrier contraception. Remember that the condom will reduce probability of infections, and also will prevent pregnancy which is possible even these days.

4 day

“Critical days“ come to an end. The mood improves, and we feel inflow of forces and energy. However you should not overestimate yourself.

sports feats, repair work, the shift of furniture and other activity connected with big physical activities are contraindicated to

At this time. And here the morning exercises will help to reduce duration of periods and volume of blood loss.


Process of healing in a uterus comes to an end with

5. During normal periods usually the woman loses about 100 ml of blood. Such blood loss stimulates protective forces of an organism, makes active a metabolism, at the same time being the most common cause of iron deficiency anemia at women from 13 to 50 years.

Therefore useful will be to include in a diet ferriferous products - beef, a liver, seafood, buckwheat, pomegranates, apples, dried apricots. And also products rich with vitamin C: etc.

6 put meat, sheet greens, currant, a gooseberry, apples, a citrus, dogrose broth, juice

If you want to grow thin, improve a figure or to achieve sports victories, begin to do it today.

In the organism updated after periods the metabolism accelerates - so, excess calories burn down quicker, fat is split, protein for muscles is more actively synthesized, the general tone of an organism, force and endurance raises.



the “advanced“ follicle Increasing every day in ovaries forms more and more estrogen. At the same time the level of testosterone which in a female organism is responsible for the qualities which are usually attributed to men begins to grow: high performance, sharp mind, broad outlook, excellent memory and ability to concentration of attention.

Therefore this day is simply created by

for study and career development. Estrogen and testosterone together banish habitual drowsiness, put heart and freshness of thoughts it is better than the most expensive coffee. In days as if appears excess 25 - y hour - use!



It is time to make to itself beauty - the plan for the next week. Every day concentration in estrogen blood - the main hormone of beauty and feminity increases. So, skin, hair, nails and a body become the most susceptible to any cosmetic procedures and just shine health.

After the depilation which is carried out these days, skin remains smooth and gentle longer usual. And the reason for that - not the so newest formula of cream after depilation, and change of a hormonal background.

9, 10, 11

To an ovulation remains days several days. Usually days - go reckon dangerous in respect of conception of the child with 9. However if you dream of the girl`s birth, your time came!

the theory according to which spermatozoa with X - a chromosome (defining a female of the kid) longer than others are capable “to expect“ an ovum exit from an ovary in a genital tract of the woman Is. Therefore at you in a stock about 4 - 5 - and days. And in day of an ovulation and right after it an opportunity to conceive the boy increases.



To this day thoughts of work and everyday difficulties move away more and more, and about love, passions and tendernesses - literally absorb all your consciousness! The main hormones which are responsible for female sexuality and a libido take the leading positions.

At the woman excitability, sensitivity of erogenous zones increases, and even the special smell capable to attract man`s attention, like pheromones appears. Therefore some experts consider that application of means of perfumery these days can even weaken a little our appeal to the stronger sex.

13 day

In an organism collects the maximum quantity of estrogen. It serves as a signal for production of other hormone - lyuteiniziruyushchy which very quickly reaches the peak concentration and stops growth of a follicle.

Now it contains an ovum, mature, ready to an ovulation and fertilization.



under the influence of estrogen and lyuteiniziruyushchy hormone the wall of the ripened follicle bursts, and the ovum leaves in an abdominal cavity. At the same time in an abdominal cavity a small amount of blood streams.

Some women can even feel by

morbidity in the lower part of a stomach on the right or at the left (depending on in what ovary there was an ovulation).

Having got to an abdominal cavity, the ovum is at once taken a uterine tube and starts on a journey towards to “machismo“.

In day of an ovulation the woman has the highest libido and is capable to feel the brightest feelings from proximity with darling. Sexologists claim that if the woman regularly abstains from sex in days of an ovulation (being afraid of undesirable pregnancy) and does not test an orgasm, then its libido can decrease with firmness over time.

In order that to spermatozoa was easier to reach an ovum, there is a fluidifying of cervical slime (a mucous stopper which closes an entrance to a uterus, protecting from an infection). Therefore casual sex in day of an ovulation is fraught not only to ache with undesirable pregnancy, but also high risk STD.

this day the probability of conception of twins is high

. If during an ovulation at the woman are released at once several ova (to it usually there is a genetic predisposition), then at successful combination of circumstances all of them can be impregnated.


In an ovary on the place of the burst follicle begins to be formed by

15 a yellow body. This special education which - irrespective of, happened fertilization or not - will diligently prepare an organism for pregnancy during of 7 - 8 days.

the Yellow body begins to produce hormone progesterone - the main hormone of pregnancy. Its purpose - to turn the active and carefree girl into future mother who is carefully keeping the pregnancy.


Progesterone begins with

16 preparation of a mucous uterus (endometriya) to implantation of an ovum, every day concentration of this hormone increases.

In this phase of a cycle appetite amplifies, most quicker there is a weight set. Be especially careful with carbohydrates. As a result of difficult hormonal relationship the organism begins to demand more sweets and to lay them “in store“ in the form of fat.

17 day

under the influence of progesterone occurs decrease in a tone of smooth muscles. The vermicular movement (the wavy movement) of intestines is as a result slowed down. It can lead to an abdominal distension and locks.

Therefore try to enrich a diet with rough cellulose, fermented milk products.

18 day

On a case of possible hunger strike the organism in every way stocks up with nutrients for the future, also the fatty exchange as a result changes. There is an increase of cholesterol and harmful (atherogenous) fats. And their surplus not only spoils a figure, but also creates excess load of heart and vessels.

Therefore try to increase a share of vegetable fats in daily food in this phase of a cycle and to avoid gastronomic feats. Besides, it is useful to eat garlic and red fish, it promotes decrease in cholesterol.



In spite of the fact that the ovulation already occurred, throughout the second phase of a cycle in an organism rather high level of testosterone raising our libido still remains. Especially its development amplifies in the morning.

can use This

, having filled dawn hours with passion and tenderness.

20 day

By this day occurs blossoming of a yellow body. Concentration of progesterone in blood reaches peak value. An ovum, traveling around a uterine tube, approaches a uterus. By this moment it already is almost not capable to fertilization.

It is considered p that from this day days, rather safe for fertilization, begin.

21 days

Decrease concentration of lyuteiniziruyushchy hormone and the return development of a yellow body in an ovary begins. Gradually concentration of estrogen and progesterone decreases.

However the level of progesterone and all its effects will be rather expressed to

up to the beginning of the following cycle.

22 day

Occurs delay of a metabolism that is characteristic of all second phase of a menstrual cycle. Progesterone works as antidepressant: has the calming effect, removes stress, nervousness, weakens.

these days we become “impenetrable“ for reprimands of the chief, troubles and other stressful situations.



the Decreasing level of estrogen and the raised progesterone, possible problems with intestines, abuse of carbohydrates in these days, - all this finds reflection on a face, especially if there is a predisposition to an acne.

activity of sebaceous glands Increases, a time extends, processes of an orogoveniye in skin amplify. Therefore these days it is necessary to pay more attention to a diet and the correct face cleaning.

24 day

under the influence of progesterone changes in structure of connecting fabric happen: sheaves become more extensible, in joints hyper mobility appears. There can be nagging pains in a backbone and large joints.

the Greatest number of the injuries which are especially connected with sport, women receive these days. One awkward movement can lead to stretching or dislocation therefore be careful with yoga, gymnastics and other types of physical activity.

25 day

Scientists proved that these days the woman has a special smell which lets know to the man that ahead the compelled abstention period.

it is possible

, this fact is the reason of synchronization of cycles at several women, is long living together.

26, 27, 28 days

It is frequent the most difficult days for the woman and her relatives. As a result of fluctuation of level of hormones the woman becomes sensitive and vulnerable, at this time she needs sensitive support.

the level of prostaglandins increases In blood, the pain threshold decreases, nagrubat, there are painful mammary glands, the picture is supplemented by a headache, constant day drowsiness, feeling of alarm, apathy and irritability. Unless it is not enough to spoil mood?!

Experts consider that sex and chocolate can be wonderful medicine these days. However with sex the situation is more difficult, than with chocolate. Before periods the level of all hormones which awake in the woman passion decreases. According to doctors, in premenstrual days of a libido of the woman aspires to zero.

But at some women by the end of a cycle, on the contrary, the passion and desire wake up, sensitivity and sharpness of feelings increases. The explanation was found by psychologists. They consider that these days women are not frightened by thoughts of possible pregnancy why sexual imaginations become more courageous, and feelings - are brighter.

Of course, at each woman “hormonal hours“ go differently: at someone slightly hurry, shortening a cycle to 20 - 21 of day, at others slightly reduce speed - to of 30 - 32 days. 28 - dnevny the cycle is only the most widespread therefore it is impossible to make an exact and universal hormonal calendar. Each woman should adapt it under herself.

However the general regularities of fluctuation of a hormonal background and the related changes in an organism remain. Without knowing these features, we sometimes begin to fight against own hormones: we keep to the most strict diet when the organism tries to stock up in every way for the future, we forget about the person when it needs the most intensive care, or we scold ourselves for excessive coldness with darling when our sensuality is on “forced leave“.

Having made some changes to a habitual way of life, it is possible to force hormones to work with the doubled force, doing us more attractive, vigorous, cheerful and desired!