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The only gift which me will be necessary to

Very soon my birthday. I already prepared a gift to mother - a china set of which she dreamed so long ago. And I do not consider as nonsense to give a gift to mother at my birthday, thanks to it I was born, it is our holiday!

I Try not to think of what will be presented to me. It is so painful, and suddenly will present me something unnecessary? It is necessary to represent that I am happy though it will be not so. I love practical gifts therefore relatives, knowing my weakness, often consult on me concerning a gift, ask what to present to me. How there will pass this birthday? How guests will react, having seen my gift to mother? I precisely am on the ball!

When at last treasured day came, guests began to gather at my place. The best friend presented a set of expensive cosmetics, the brother - the cell phone, the niece handed diligently drawn portrait. I could not watch more at gifts, something went not so...

Mother was late already for half an hour. I know, it is not a lot of, but not for my mother. It - punctuality top if she was late, so something happened. An hour more, and I cannot find any peace. There pass two more hours, but mother did not appear.

Guests disperse, already long after midnight. I could not fall asleep that night, tried to phone to mother, but is ineffectual.

Since morning I began to ring round hospitals, but did not find it. Was afraid to ring a morgue, did not believe that it can be there...

In a week occurred the miracle which so was not enough for us - mother appeared! With it everything is normal, however, it lost memory. It was brought absolutely by strangers, having identified on signs which were heard on radio.

Now I precisely know that the best gift is that mother will be near that is with it everything is all right. Always be near the relatives, help them at a difficult moment. This the best that you can present to them in this life.

P. S. History this real. Earlier I was dependent from material, but after that incident my heaven and earth was moved, I do not appreciate expensive gifts if they are presented without soul. It is pleasant to me to realize that I am surrounded by people who are ready to help at a difficult moment, on any weekday. My relatives nearby - the only gift which is necessary to me.