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Help... to school

When the speech comes about interaction of school and parents, all for some reason consider that the school is urged to help us: to teach our child to the diploma, to bring up him the worthy person, to teach him to work, develop it physically. And very few people from parents think of the fact that it is necessary to help the school. And even not because our schools - the poor (though it and so). But because even the best school and the best teacher just will not manage to make everything.

Helping school, parents have an opportunity in practice, but not in words, to show to the child that his life, his study and his interests to them are really important, at school the child spends a half of all the time. It is also good example for imitation. And as show researches of psychologists, children whose parents actively help school, like to study more, study better, possess the raised self-assessment and self-esteem, they like school more. And the speech goes not about the help money here at all. The child has to see real affairs, but not a payoff. Helping school, you will also be able closer to get acquainted with teachers and representatives of school administration that, undoubtedly, it is useful as your child passes from a class into a class.

I should not refer to employment. Of course, not each parent will have time for the everyday or weekly help, but several times within academic year to help school absolutely really. And if to increase this help by number of pupils in a class?

  1. Participate in school actions. The teacher will only be grateful to you if you help to organize excursion in the museum, sports competitions between schools, a visit of theater or a school party. Also you will be able to look for pupils during such actions. Or, at least, if you cannot reach to school, it is possible to bake cakes for a party, to sew a suit for a school performance, to write the scenario of a holiday, to make several important calls from office.
  2. Find application for the talents. You consider yourself as the good organizer, you are able to bake cakes, well you draw, professionally you dance? All these abilities will find the application at school. Draw posters, organize concerts of amateur performance and competitions of hand-made articles. You like to tinker with house flowers? Then why in a class of your child an empty window sill? If you consider yourself as the outstanding designer, help to decorate then a class for New year or to make a thematic selection of posters. You also will not notice how it will be pleasant to you! You will look younger soul, having remembered the own school childhood!
  3. All superfluous bear
  4. in school. The office where you work, writes off outdated computers? Learn whether it is impossible to present them or to cheap sell to school of your child. Releases advertizing handles, pencils and other production? They can be an excellent prize at various school competitions. Periodically throws out unnecessary paper, folders, organizers? After repair you had excess can of paint? The cool teacher with pleasure will find for all this application.
  5. Tell
  6. about the work. Teachers usually welcome when parents tell a class about the career, especially if their profession coincides with the studied subject. Doctors, nutritionists, athletes can read lecture about a healthy lifestyle and useful habits. You have the Website? Your story about its creation will be invaluable at informatics lessons. To speak in any case, practically any profession can serve as a valuable lesson and an example. But even if you are not sure of yourself at all or, for example, you are a housewife, find among the acquaintances the person, the expert in the area who will be able to hold a meeting with children - it can be even the writer or the actor. You work in the interesting place? Agree with the boss and organize excursion on your enterprise. Only take care of that the chief received then the letter of thanks from school: it not only will help you to rise in his estimation, but also will rouse it to the new help to school of your child.
  7. Show an initiative and the imagination. It is not obligatory to wait until you are asked to help. Think up to yourself occupation. Try to make for the teacher the reference book with addresses and phones of all class or make a web - the website devoted to a class or school where the child studies.

Help school! Your child with gratitude and respect will estimate that to you this huge part of his life is important. Yes you also will not notice how it will be pleasant to you! You will look younger soul, having plunged into this atmosphere and having remembered the own school childhood!