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Bases of mutual understanding of the pregnant woman and her mother of

Pregnancy are a small miracle which happens in life practically of each woman. This event influences not only future young mother, but also life and the relations in families of future grandmothers and grandfathers.

It is good when the young family actively interacts with relatives on both sides. In that case young people it is free or involuntarily acquire “rules of the game“.

it is frequent in families there are the “family stories“ which happens interestingly and it is useful to know. For example, it is useful for future mother to know whether her mother and the grandmother easily became pregnant and gave birth. Already for anybody not a secret that we can inherit not only certain diseases, but also features of a growing and behavior in various situations. Pregnancy not an exception.

Therefore if in your family there were any features of course of pregnancy and childbirth, then it is good their nobility. For example, in my family women rather easily give birth. I inherited this feature from the grandmother in the area of the father. My grandmother, the aunt and I, we almost do not feel pain and are inclined to prompt childbirth. I learned about it after the birth of the first child when absolutely incidentally about childbirth my aunt began to ask me... So we also found out that “in a grandmother`s sort“ practically all women easily gave birth. My aunt was well familiar with grandmother`s elder brothers and sisters (and my grandmother was youngest - the thirteenth!) also told that practically all her aunts gave birth easily too. Then one more family story about the birth of my father who was born directly on the street about maternity hospital became clear to me. My questions of why the grandmother did not go to maternity hospital in advance, she answered that she went at once as soon as badly felt... Also they lived near maternity hospital.

more and more researches about influence of the relations of the woman with the mother on the course of pregnancy and childbirth appear Recently. Such situation is quite natural since mother is a peculiar ideal for the little girl. The baby wants to be “as mother“ wants to behave also, to use cosmetics and to look after the father. And still the little daughter can want to marry the father because her father too the best.

small children and children are more senior than

in a family adopt the accepted behavior models. And it is good if at the child, not important, at the boy or girls, the loving parents and good relationship in a family. Then the kid from the earliest age will be able to study at the parents to how it is necessary to behave as it is necessary to build close relations with people around. Then, having become the adult, will always remain in the kind relations with the parents.

Mother and the relations with mother are very important

for the little girl also because at the mother the baby will learn to be “as mother“. Experience of the first years of life is very important for all subsequent human life. If mother is counterbalanced and quiet, then and her daughter, most likely, will be same. If the woman likes to be a mother, then and the kid will get positive experience from the childhood. If mother spends a lot of time with the children, plays with them, walks, reads books and even learns to clean up the house or to prepare, then in the future such adult should have no problems, than occupy the child.

Turns out that a lot of things in what we will become (steel) parents depend on our parents! But not everything is so sad! It appears, the child can imitate not only to parents, but also other relatives. For example, if mother all the time at work, and with the child sits the nurse or the grandmother, then the child can imitate (to identify himself) of the Main thing that the example for imitation was worthy.

We found out that parents put the main behavior models and education to the children.

Separately wants to stop on a situation when for any reasons at the woman the corresponding behavior model is not created, both pregnancy and the birth of the child do not cause any enthusiasm. The reasons of such situation there can be a set: parents wanted the son, and the daughter was born; mother did not find enough time for the daughter, and others.

of the Woman at which was not and have no close relations with the mothers experience difficulties with conception, pregnancy and the subsequent interaction with the kid much more often. Unfortunately, results of numerous researches serve as confirmation. But in life seldom there are desperate situations! To learn “to be mother“ never late. Experience of accommodation of pregnancy and motherhood can study at relatives and close girlfriends. It is possible to read the corresponding literature, the benefit, it now much. It is possible to go to courses on preparation for childbirth since small terms of pregnancy, but not since an exit to a maternity leave.


disproved the thesis Now that if mother had difficulties with feeding of the child a breast in due time, then and the daughter will not be able long to feed the child. Consultants for breastfeeding help to adjust a lactation in very difficult cases of premature birth, after operations of Cesarean section. Even family stories about pregnancies, childbirth and education of children it is possible and it is necessary to use. If in a sort women had many problems with pregnancy and childbirth, then sometimes happen to warn enough the obstetrician - the gynecologist who will pick up the corresponding treatment.