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My sweet sonny Tigranchik I Will begin

with the fact that childbirth at me the second. Gave birth to the first sonny in 2003. Childbirth was heavy, difficult, pulled out the child nippers, thanks to the good doctor Sashchenko Andrey Ivanovich everything managed, and we were quickly written out.

of the Second child I was already rather afraid to give birth, but all - decided! We with the husband wanted the daughter. I became pregnant, and on the first ultrasonography we were told that we will have a boy. We were not upset at all: the boy so the boy whom God gives that and it is necessary to rejoice!

Pregnancy took place

well except that I got poisoned with fried eggs on 21 weeks of pregnancy and was in hospital of 7 days. Complications were not, then everything went like clockwork.

my first sonny Arturchik rejoiced that it will have a brother, and looked forward to it birth. All the time asked: “And what it there in a tummy does? What it plays there?“ It was very ridiculous.

of the Second sonny was decided to be called Tigranchik, he at us just in a year of the Tiger was born!

to Give birth I agreed with the same doctor Sashchenko Andrey Ivanovich in the 29th maternity hospital as he knew that I have a problem, the basin is a little narrowish and to give rise I will be able if the child does not exceed weight 3200 gr. The first sonny was born weighing 3600 gr. - for me krupnovat.

three times me did to

Before childbirth in 2 weeks ultrasonography - watched how many the sonny put on weight. The doctor calmed me and spoke:“ Itself you will give rise, it at you not krupnenkiya“.

Early in the morning bloody allocations began on January 17

, we called the doctor, he told that it is necessary to come with things. At survey Andrey Ivanovich told that opening of a neck on two and a half fingers so today will already be born. It was a little frightening.

were Made to me by all necessary procedures, took away in prenatal and put the device KTG. A little the tummy began to ache a bit, Andrey Ivanovich constantly came and asked: “The tummy hurts?“ So I lay hours to four, then a tummy began to grab, but is not strong, absolutely slightly.


I was allocated in patrimonial, the doctor punctured to me a bubble, and here began... Fights at full scale, just horror, what pain... I began to groan very loudly. Then the midwife Tatyana came and speaks: “Lena, do not shout, breathe!“ Also showed how. At first not really it turned out - at such pain there is only a wish to shout, but then I understood that I have to do it that the child had enough oxygen! When Andrey Ivanovich came, he spoke to me: “Suffer, Lena!“ “I answered that I suffer... When you begin to breathe, you not that distract from pain, but you are busy it seems with business, and you have no time to shout... The midwife spoke to me: “You only not tuzhsya“.

So I was tormented by

hour two, hands began to grow dumb, the midwife looked and told that a head low, you will give birth now. I was transferred from a couch on a chair, Andrey Ivanovich came, and attempts began here. I began to make an effort when the midwife spoke, the doctor told that supposedly try not to let out the air when you make an effort. Generally, for three attempts I gave birth to the little son!

Tears in the eyes with happiness, doctors tell me:“ Lena, you what, calm down, everything is good“. Put on a tummy of my sweet sonny Tigranchik! I thanked all crew at once, told all many thanks for the sonny! Separate gratitude to the doctor Sashchenko Andrey Ivanovich and midwife Tatyana: thanks to them childbirth took place well, I also did not know what so happens. The sonny was born 3100 gr. weight, 50 cm growth. The midwife told: “Look, to you it is similar!“ It appeared, and the truth - to me it is similar. I will decide the daughter, surely to them I will go.

After the delivery house in a mirror did not find a trailing paunch, the tummy left at once! So I very much am happy with everything! Give birth, women, and do not think. This such happiness!