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Infertility. Whether you are inclined to infertility?

in each family come Sooner or later the moment when on the agenda there is a question - to have the child or not. Pregnancy - not only normal physiological process, but also very personal, emotionally significant event. This time of happy expectation and preparation for happy motherhood and paternity.

here future mother and the father were thoroughly prepared by

I for conception of the child, passed all tests, made all tests - and long-awaited pregnancy does not come. So why? Some joking answer that it is necessary “to cease to try“, those girls who at this stage of life do not plan pregnancy at all become pregnant for some reason in most cases. Paradox, isn`t that so? But there are also more objective reasons.

1. Reproductive period.

It is the age, most favorable for conception, for women (20 - 35 years) and for men (25 - 40 years).

2. Health of parents.

Preparing for the child`s birth, you have to put before yourself very delicate, but necessary question: whether you can become parents?

It is undoubted, very important factor is also the possibility of conception of the child, that is normal reproductive ability at both parents, both material independence, and stability of your family. If young parents rather seriously treat health of future child, then surely will pass medical examination. It is necessary to know that any diseases, first of all, mothers, exert impact on conception and pre-natal development of the child. And only a quarter of men and women are completely healthy, and the others have these or those diseases at which they should refuse the successor.

So, pregnancy is contraindicated to the women having the following diseases:

If one of spouses is registered in a psychoneurological clinic, then it is necessary to consult with the doctor whether this pathology for a fruit is safe, and whether there is a risk of its transfer by inheritance.

Even more often women began to plan the first pregnancy after 35 years. It should be noted that in this case there is a certain share of risk. First of all is very small probability to become pregnant. But if all fears behind, and you are pregnant, then the biggest risk is the child`s birth with a Down syndrome. The risk increases together with age: for 20 - summer mothers: 1 on 10000, for 35 - summer - 3 on 1000 and, at last, for 40 - summer this probability makes 1 on 100.

3. A Rhesus factor - the conflict.

the Rhesus factor - the factor is the anti-gene which is contained in erythrocytes of people. If it is present, then such people are called a Rhesus factor - positive (about 85% of all people). If it is absent, then it is a Rhesus factor - negative people (about 15%). If the woman has a Rhesus factor - positive blood, and the man has a Rhesus factor - negative, then it does not represent any reason for concern. But at pregnancy a Rhesus factor - negative mother a Rhesus factor - a positive fruit various complications, for example a hemolytic illness of newborns are possible. For the prevention of such complications enter an anti-Rhesus factor - scale - globulin.

4. Infections.

Be examined on HIV, hepatitis B and C, syphilis. Carry out diagnosis of such internal infectious diseases as:


it is necessary to Make it because the chronic, in due time not revealed infection is one of major factors of not incubation of pregnancy.

5. Violations of a hormonal background of the woman or man.

6. Physiological and pathological violation of a structure of external and internal genitals, their hyper - and a hypotrophy, or absence of any body at all.

7. Complications after the previous abortions or hormonal contraceptives.

the Main recommendations

For women:

For men:

Chances of success are always. More than 60% of couples can conceive the child within six months, 80% - within one year, 90% - within two years. Everything at you will turn out!