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Conversation with the doctor
Oh as teeth hurt! You Know

that such happiness? Happiness - when teeth do not hurt. Everyone who though once felt a toothache will agree with it. If you want that your kid never passed through it, think of it already today.

Formation of teeth at the child begins

already in mother`s womb. At the beginning of pregnancy there is a mineralization of crowns of milk teeth, and from the seventh - the eighth month the mineral salts participating in formation of the first second teeth are laid. The early toxicoses which are especially followed by frequent and plentiful vomiting together with which of a maternal organism necessary salts are removed do milk teeth of the child weak, susceptible to caries. Other reason of development of tooth diseases is connected with artificial feeding. Though add all to modern substitutes of breast milk necessary, at the babies nursed teeth stronger and healthy. Probably, it is connected with the fact that the mineral substances which are a part of maternal milk are acquired easier. At “bottle-fed babies“ the wrong bite develops more often, there are violations in formation of a jaw.

teeth of the child of the first year of life are influenced also by the general state of his health. Dyspepsia and frequent ponosa are very dangerous: with them mineral salts therefore necks of milk teeth are badly mineralized are removed from an organism of the kid, and enamel becomes soft.

of Research is shown that diseases of teeth are widespread mainly among kids with food allergy. It is necessary to exclude from a diet of the little allergic person many products, including what mineral salts, necessary for formation of teeth, contain.

Protect teeth from the youth

What brush is better than



If was considered earlier that kids have to brush teeth a dry brush from a natural bristle and without paste, now doctors hold the opposite opinion. It is not recommended to use toothbrushes from a natural bristle to either children, or adults: under the influence of water hairs begin to decay and pathogenic microbes which can cause an inflammation of gums settle in them. Therefore get for children of a brush with a soft artificial bristle.

As for toothpastes, those from them that are developed especially for children and teenagers, are absolutely harmless. If your baby also swallows a small lump, nothing terrible happens. Only use qualitative pastes of the well-known foreign and domestic-owned firms:“ Blendamet “, “ Shouted - In“, “Kolgeyt“, “Berry“, “Cheburashka“, “Orange“, “A tic - so“, “Nursery“.

of Rinsing for an oral cavity to children till 6 years to anything - they easily can swallow nice to the taste liquid.

Parents surely have to check

how children brush teeth. It is possible to do it by means of the special chewable tablets painting a raid on teeth in red color. By the way, behind toothbrushing fathers and mothers should look and when the child begins to turn into the teenager. During puberty gums can bleed, and the teenager is afraid to touch teeth once again. Explain to him that it is all the same necessary to brush teeth and that only regular hygiene of an oral cavity (plus massage of gums) will help it to cope with bleeding and will prevent much more serious things - periodontosis and gingivit.

the Doctor - it is kind!

you do not drive the child to the adult stomatologist - children`s stomatologists will quicker find a common language with the little patient.

the First time of the kid can show

to the dentist in maternity hospital - it will check correctness of development of jaws and a condition of mucous membranes. Plan the following visit to the stomatologist in 4 - 5 months when the first teeth appear. The doctor will estimate a condition of enamel and will look whether the bridle under language is shortened. By a year when the top and lower cutters usually appear, the kid should be shown to the doctor, especially again if teeth opaque and dim, are pruinose. At this stage problems with teeth still can be solved, correcting food. Further show the child to the stomatologist two times a year: in the fall and in the spring. If the child often and long is ill, there is a sense to visit the doctor of 4 - 5 times a year.

That the kid was not afraid of the dentist, acquaint him with it, ask to communicate, conduct “tour“ on an office.

the Terrifying story about caries

Children`s teeth traps a set of troubles. One of them - circular caries. It covers a neck of a milk tooth on a circle and very quickly destroys a crown. Deeply parents who consider that milk teeth you should not treat are mistaken: if caries affects a pulp, also the molar rudiment will suffer. The destroyed dairy teeth - the center of constant infections, and their premature loss threatens with the wrong development of a jaw and diseases zheludochno - an intestinal path. Temporary dairy teeth of cares as it is visible, demand constants.

For treatment of milk teeth special materials - with low toxicity and lechebno - preventive effect exist. Adult svetootverzhdayushchy seals - to the child “too hard“. Since three years it is possible to apply anesthesia. Injections of soft anesthetics do by disposable syringes with thin as a hair, needles. Such prick will not cause to the kid of pain, and treatment will take place without uniform teardrop.

Sad and, alas, much familiar picture: the child cannot stop shout, holding a cheek, and mother stand the father near and can help nothing … Perhaps, because it was necessary to help in time?