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Let the child will fall in love to study in

Each of parents tries to give to the child the best education, understanding a role of qualitative knowledge in further human life. Now there are a lot of opportunities, new technologies, before our children the immense horizons are open! This other generation, we did not have it... However, giving the kid in super - school, reflect is it healthy to sustain the raised academic loads, daily trips to the remote, but very perspective school, additional classes. Whether all this will become test for nervous system of your child?

Two my children already graduated from school, two younger - just are going to become pupils. So I have an experience. I will try to sum up it.

When my oldest daughter was born

, I was very young, but is responsible and full of healthy enthusiasm. For the sake of the daughter I went to study as the teacher and literally tried all progressive techniques and receptions on the child. From the earliest age we learned by heart many poems, constantly read, played the developing games. I tried to develop memory of the girl, her attentiveness, to broaden horizons. We liked to do applications, to draw together. But the main thing as it seems to me, - it was pleasant to be engaged, study. In four years we began to visit pass - lyceum at a language gymnasium, to this gymnasium and came to the first class.

the Daughter was always engaged in

independently, loved school, reached for teachers. She graduated from school with a gold medal, perfectly knowing two languages. In parallel she graduated with honors from art school.

I Want to note

that at receipt in a gymnasium health of children was considered. My daughter was quiet, not painful, obedient, active. After the termination of HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION she made successful career, lives and works in the USA.

Thus, success of my daughter I see in its physical and mental health, results of early development and individual traits of her character.

With the son was differently. Unfortunately, its health left much to be desired. From the first days of life the neurologist had it on the account. PEP, a hyperactivity, scattered attention, the increased intra cranial pressure. We also did not think of early development since a lot of time was taken away by inspections, treatment, rehabilitation actions, sanatoria. I understood that it will be difficult for boy to be engaged. However followed the tastes of the husband, and from the first class the son began to study at school with a language bias. In vain! I did not work - was engaged practically only of Hours we sat over English, often to the detriment of the main objects (by the way, too complicated). I watched how at simple schools his peers study, and reproached myself, realizing that my son would master such program much easier. Its health reeled, intra cranial pressure increased. It became pale, nervous. And at school did not achieve brilliant results, naturally. As a result in the second class we passed into simple school. The boy knew the main objects not very well, he distracted at lessons. He did not love school, did not like to study. Study for it was connected with a headache, with poor progress, with impossibility to achieve desirable results.

Nevertheless, the son was considered as the erudite boy. His knowledge were little by little about everything as in the encyclopedia, but deeply nothing interested it. In the area the club for school students “Diogenes“, something it seems “That was created? Where? When?“ . My son became the best player of “Diogenes“. But studied very indifferently. Thank God that school behind.

Now my son finishes with

study in professional lyceum in which studied much better, than at school. Perhaps, matured. Perhaps health changed for the better. Perhaps other collective. Most likely, all this together. He masters working specialty. But not everything to be academicians! He - soul of the company, plays the guitar, sings, writes verses. He is a kind and sympathetic person - unless not this main thing?

I draw the Conclusion following. If the nervous system of the child is weak, you should not undermine it unreasonable loadings. They will lead only to the fact that the child will not like to study. Let goes to knowledge small, but right steps. Let sees the small victories.

my Friends! The main thing that I want to tell you, parents of future pupils: you love the children such what they are. You look at opportunities of the child it is realistic, leave ambitions. Our main task at a preschool stage - to impart love to study, thirst for knowledge. It will help the child to achieve the highest for him results.