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Free time or additional classes?

Time fly quickly, will not manage to look back as your child will go to the first class. Lessons, schoolmates, new world around and new interests.

A what to do with free time? Here the opinion of parents will be shared.

First opinion. The child at school is tired, homework still to do what he to him circles and sections, let will run about. I lived (veins) without sections and nothing - the normal person grew up (grew).

Parents do not think that these circles and sections will allow the child to develop those skills and abilities which can be useful very much in life. And even if will not be useful, then will bring new friends, new impressions, will broaden horizons, eventually.

I it is not important, the child will go to a circle of drawing or to section of karate, it will develop, and it is good.

Agree, it is better to know that your son plays football, than to think that smokes round the corner schools (it, of course, already for children is more senior).

Second opinion. It is necessary to give the son (daughter) on additional classes. And the more them will be, the better. Videla I one boy, so his parents wrote down on karate, chess, dances and English at the same time.

Here precisely search. At least because there is no time for rest at all. And thereof progress at school quite often suffers. Slackness, circles under eyes, is not present time neither to sleep, nor to have a rest, nor to make friends. Only be in time from one section on another to run.

Third opinion. We would like that the child was engaged in addition. We will tell it that there is an opportunity to go to other classes which do not have relations to school. But we will grant to it an option. He can choose any, age-appropriate circle, and we will be glad to it. It will have an opportunity not to choose anything, and it will be its decision.

This type the most correct, in my opinion, as parents support the child.

Here several councils which, perhaps, will be useful to young parents. I will be very glad to it.

  1. to the son (daughter) about what circles exist, than there are engaged what he will learn on occupations. And to begin to tell it is possible also from preschool age. I have many acquaintances at whom children in a garden already go to classes of drawing or to dances.
  2. do not impose to
  3. the opinion. Mother always dreamed to dance therefore the son should be sent to a school of dancing. It is wrong. It can have other interests.
  4. If the child starts going to one occupations, then to others, then to the third, throwing previous, do not abuse it. He looks for. And expressions like “You know how many these courses stand“ will not help either you, or him. He does not know the price, but he inquisitive, everything is interesting to him. Do not stop development attempts.
  5. you Praise it when it only begins to be engaged in new business when makes progress, even when failures. He is all the same a good fellow.
  6. Be interested in
  7. in its affairs. He will come home and will tell: “Mothers, let me show what we on karate were taught to“. And you in reply: “Show to the father, I in it understand nothing“... Or it is even worse: “I am busy, leave“. In this case the child will feel deprived. Badly.

I the last. Perhaps, I wrote something incorrectly, do not judge strictly. These are my conclusions drawn on the basis of supervision over children and their parents.