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our conversation on hand-made articles by New Year. Now, when from - under baby food in the house in the afternoon with fire you will not find an empty jar, we will try to use other improvised material for needlework. To take, at least, polyethylene. It is possible to make wall Christmas decorations, napomiinayushchy stained-glass windows of it. They possess ability to gleam even for lack of direct lighting. Indelible color markers, preparation in the form of round drawing on a standard sheet, small paper plates, aluminum foil and an adhesive tape will be necessary for us for this work except a polyethylene film.

Such work quite on a shoulder to children is more senior than 7 years. It requires a certain patience. At first draw on paper some simple picture, like those that are shown in drawing. Then strengthen it an adhesive tape on a firm basis, and from above exactly spread and strengthen in the same way a piece of a polyethylene film of the bigger size. Even better “pro-pupils“ are suitable for projectors as they are not rumpled when drawing. Transfer drawing to a transparent basis and accurately paint it. At first color sites are painted over, and black lines are drawn then. Do not press strongly a marker not to damage a film. Drawing black lines demands special accuracy therefore it is better for adult to perform this work.

Now slightly crumple

, and then smooth a foil. Cover with it a plate bottom, and wrap the acting sites around edges. Accurately separate an adhesive tape by which polyethylene keeps, turn (!) drawing the painted party from yourself and in such look attach it on a plate over a foil. Track that drawing settled down on the center. Also wrap the acting polyethylene sites around edges of a plate and fix them by an adhesive tape. From a reverse side of a plate it is possible to strengthen an adhesive tape a loop from a tape in order that “stained-glass window“ could be suspended on a wall. On a reverse side of a product it is possible to write the name and date of production. It is ready!

If to cut out circles from “prozrachek“ for projectors, it is possible not to use plates at all, and to do the stained-glass windows passing light for windows. And it is possible to cut out and paint paper preparation, and then slightly to cover it from a reverse side to nurseries cosmetic (or vegetable) with oil to achieve transparency. To allow to dry on the newspaper, and then to suspend on a window. At the worst, at a window it is possible to strengthen just painted paper preparation.

our Following hand-made article. For work we will take the fused bulb, acrylic paints (white, red, black, pink and corporal color), a gold cord or a tape, glue (for glass), a black marker, a brush, the newspaper or a napkin. Children should do such toys only under direct supervision of adults. Of course, drawings on bulbs can be the most different.

So, at first in the middle of round part of a bulb draw an oval for a face of Father Frost with paint of corporal color. Paint over all other round part of a bulb white, a neck - red, and the top part with a carving - white. Let`s a toy dry. Draw with black paint eyes - points, and a red marker - a smile. Dip a pure brush in pink paint, remove excessive paint with the newspaper or a napkin. Accurately paint over cheeks pink. Once again walk white on a beard and a cap of Father Frost. Paste a loop from a gold cord or a tape to narrow part of a bulb. Father Frost can be hung up on a fir-tree!

It is quite possible

that you together with a family will go to winter vacation to rest house or to other city where you will live in hotel. The main lack of state housing in New Year - absence in it personally your fir-tree. To correct a situation, we will learn to make a “marching“ fir-tree of those materials which will be in any hotel room or in your suitcase, by means of the simplest accessories. So, 6 plastic coat hanger with a crossbeam New Year`s tinsel, an adhesive tape or an insulating tape will be necessary for us for trousers, a garland with electric bulbs (35 pieces).

At first take

2 coat hanger. Put one over others as on the picture so that hooks were directed down. Fasten them with an adhesive tape or an insulating tape in one place - from above. Do the same with two couples of a coat hanger. Further it is possible to charge to children. Pass the second couple of a coat hanger through an opening in the first coat hanger (in drawing - yellow), and the third couple - through an opening secondly a coat hanger (blue) of the first couple. It is simpler to make it, than to explain.

So, at you turned out something like a fir-tree. If by means of an adhesive tape to stiffen this design, it will be able to stand without support. It is necessary to twist a fir-tree with a garland with bulbs and to fix it by an adhesive tape, it is better in many places. To hide defects of a design and to give to a tree more festive look, it needs to be wound with tinsel properly.“ Marching“ the fir-tree is ready to a meeting of New Year!

Finally I want to suggest you to execute together with children one more small Christmas decoration for the house which can also serve as a quite good gift to grandfathers and grandmothers. It is about a frame for the photo in the form of a traditional Christmas wreath. It is interesting that as material for production of this frame absolutely useless pieces in economy from old puzzles will serve. To children of preschool age this hand-made article quite on forces.

to you pieces of puzzles, green paint (spray is better), glue, an elegant tape (or in advance tied bow), a narrow tape or a lace, a cardboard, scissors, a green cardboard, a pencil, two round subjects which will need to be led round (see the instruction further), red glue with spangles, the photo of the child will be necessary for

(3 by 4 cm are better). Prior to work it is necessary to cover puzzle pieces with green paint in advance and to leave them to dry. Then it is necessary to find a round subject which size would correspond to an opening through which the photo would be visible. One more round subject is required, centimeters is five wider than the first. Lead round a bigger subject on a green cardboard. Cut out a circle. Place a smaller subject in the middle of a circle, lead round, and cut out a round opening.

Paste over with the painted puzzle pieces the turned-out cardboard ring. Be convinced that the middle remains open for the photo which in it will be visible subsequently. Paste pieces in 2 layers that there was no emptiness left between them. For imitation of berries red glue with spangles put the small red end to green pieces of a puzzle. Leave to dry. Paste the photo from a reverse side of a circle. Be convinced that you placed the photo just opposite to an opening. Paste a bow. Attach a loop from a narrow tape or a cord in order that the hand-made article could be suspended.


Again that subject (the bigger size) which we led round the first. Apply it to a leaf of a cardboard and lead round. Cut out a circle and paste it to a reverse side of a hand-made article. It will give to a product durability. Do not forget to write a name of the child and date on the reverse, cardboard side of a frame for the photo. Wrap a hand-made article in beautiful paper and charge to the child to present it to the grandmother with the grandfather for New Year and Christmas! Happy holidays!