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It is proved by science? Genes against a freedom of choice of

appear the next news From time to time about what, appears, we “are programmed“ on this or that kind of activity. The specialty, optimum for the person, can allegedly be learned, having carried out the genetic analysis.

to Rejoice to it or to be upset? On the one hand, it would relieve of “a milyon of torments“ of future entrants, and with another... Let`s remember that in many anti-Utopias predefiniteness of a role of the person and his function in society became a basis of the conflict of the personality with society which tried to impose it the will, let and under cover of data of science.

However, I think, mass media hurried to trumpet again about sensation which is absent.

In - the first because the genome is studied still too badly to draw conclusions concerning something. Only separate genes, perhaps, responsible for these or those signs are found. Notice, the real scientists almost never rush sharp, categorical statements (unless only in the heat of dispute with scientific opponents). And precisely any of them will not begin to claim personally what genes and how exactly “influence career guidance“. At least because those processes which happen in a brain mechanisms of higher nervous activity are very difficult, badly studied and are a complex of the inherited and acquired factors which are weaved into an inconceivable pattern of our identity.

scientific “bombs“ most often are

Of this sort in actual fact soap bubbles. Many were afraid of start-up of the Large Hadron Collider because in mass media the hysteria connected with very improbable possibility of education in the course of work the TANK “and“ a black hole“ the sufficient size to threaten life on Earth and even in our site of the Galaxy was warmed up.

Of course, it is not necessary to claim that heredity does not influence tendencies of the person in any way, his abilities and potential prospects of development - it would be as silly how to deny existence of heredity. In a family of professional musicians the chance to be born to the child with good hearing, and at artists - with talent for drawing is more.

But if to speak about dynasties of professionals, then their existence is not based only on genes. Here it is possible to speak about the certain “habit“ peculiar to a family. Just the way on the laid track often is easier and safer; besides there are no excess illusions concerning in what it is necessary to be engaged (it especially noticeable when studying dynasties of doctors).

If to speak about “leadership“ (you how many the books devoted to education in themselves combativity are issued in Russia and worldwide would know!) it will become clear that led masses usually leaders “from God“, the oratorical talent often inheriting, charm and charisma at parents. But there were also self - made men (the people who made themselves) who made considerable efforts for it.

Therefore at the choice of specialty to you still should weigh many pros and cons. To objectively estimate the abilities. Listening to opinion of people around, nevertheless not to allow them to bring down itself from a way. And to remember that the freedom of choice is both burden, and gift. And there is no place to get to from it. So far scientists did not think up how to answer our questions for us.

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