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The “dancing“ ear rings of

Once at the time of the American ruin charming Scarlett About “Hara, going to win Rhett Butler`s heart, armed not only a dress from a velvet portiere, but also diamond ear rings.“ The dancing ear rings always fix an eye of men and give to the woman a fervent look“, - she claimed. Staking on the attractive force of brilliant stones, Scarlett was not mistaken .

at the time of the Soviet communistic asceticism the women`s jewelry which does not have a concrete functional purpose was considered as narrow-mindedness, a worthless excess. And only the real Women remained sure: the earrings which are well picked up to the person and the general clothes style do the woman more attractive, refresh the person and even thresh.

Today the number of persons interested to pierce ears considerably increased due to piercing which fans are and among a man`s half there is mankind. By the way, piercing, fashionable among modern youth, has very ancient history. It comes from code language of the American Indians who have all - from a coloring of the person and small knots on clothes to a puncture of various parts of a body - carried symbolical sense.


As for traditional piercing of ears, at some people it is accepted to do it to children directly in maternity hospital, and it is the same compulsory procedure as trimming of an umbilical cord. In our country in one line to the cosmetologist there are also women of all age (including brought up on traditions of post-war asceticism), both schoolgirls, and absolutely babies whose mothers hurry to allocate them with all attributes of beauty almost from the cradle. from what age it is the best of all for p to pierce with

A ears, from the point of view of physicians? In youth everything begins to live better therefore the channel for an ear ring at the sixteen-year-old girl is formed quicker, than at the woman for forty. However at young women of fashion it quickly grows - literally in a night if not to carry an ear ring.

that the pleasure anticipated from treasured ear rings was not saddened by

A that there were no complications, listen to councils of professional cosmetologists.

Never give in to temptation to pierce ears in house conditions.

In - the first, piercing of auricles - it pass - the operation demanding sterility and special stock. In - the second, the puncture demands “a firm hand“ and a trained eye of the professional. If slightly - slightly to miss during piercing, the wrong channel can be created - the entrance on the one hand of a lobe will not correspond to an exit. Then the ear ring will be difficult to be passed. Even more difficult for the nonprofessional to make symmetric punctures on both ears. Then the put-on earrings will be not under an identical corner or at different height. Look narrowly more attentively at people around. whether

U of all of a hole in lobes accurate? How many them - stretched, big, even asymmetrical and periodically inflaming.

In the same way responsibly should approach

also a puncture of other parts of a body. For example, the “amateur“ puncture of an eyebrow is dangerous - near the outer edge of eyebrows there passes the nerve which can be touched. At a puncture of wings of a nose the main problem - development of an infection as fat and dirt exactly here accumulates. Lips is the area especially rich with blood vessels in which at hit there can be dangerous bleeding. The zone of a nipple contains a set of the sensitive nervous terminations which damage can cause further problems when feeding by a breast. At a puncture in a navel it is necessary to observe extra care and absolute sterility from - for proximity of an arrangement of abdominal organs.


: it is possible to puncture holes for jewelry only in specialized offices of beauty shops at the qualified cosmetologists. You were going to pierce ears? Surely wash the head. Even the small parts of dust and dirt settling on hair can become the reason of an inflammation of the place of a puncture.

I here you at the cosmetologist. Be not surprised if he rejects the earrings brought by you. Heavy, with stones, on screws are no good. Easy earrings, no more than 3 grams everyone, from gold or silver, with the lock which is not injuring a fresh wound are necessary, it is better in the form of a loop (handle) with a fastener under an ear lobe.


A metal to choose for earrings? Traditional gold is already not so popular. Silver and “white gold“, and also metals with various dusting are more actual. Choosing silver ear rings, it is necessary to be afraid of alloys with copper - they easily are oxidized and can cause an inflammation. So initially nevertheless it is better to be limited to traditional gold earrings, and to follow fashion then.

So, earrings are approved. Now on ears put the special thin stick moistened in brilliant green solution, tags - places of a puncture. Look in a mirror. If it was pleasant, tell about it. And on the course - one council.

earrings which hang not in the middle of a lobe Very beautifully look, and the middle are slightly higher and are closer to a face, a cheek.

Wants in a different way? Please. Matter of taste.

the Best way of piercing of ears - technology with use of “gun“. It is bloodless and almost painless method. Several nozzles for earrings of the different size and a form are provided in “gun“. By means of “gun“ also language, a nose, an eyebrow and lips are punctured. On a navel it is better to use a disposable needle.

the Puncture is made by

. Passed in ears for six days sterile surgical silk earlier, and then earrings. But it is possible and to put on them at once. In the first days it is impossible to move at all earrings because the dirt which accumulated on them can get to just educated canal.

It threatens

with introduction of an infection, an inflammation. Week four, and better few months do not take off an earring even for a minute. The beginning to live thin skin is so thin that it is easy to wound it.

the First week you do not wet ears.

Daily blot the place of a puncture on both sides with the wadded tampon moistened with boric alcohol (it is on sale in drugstores without recipe), at least three - four times a day. Each ear wipe every time with a new tampon. The reuse of cotton wool is strictly forbidden. That there was no burn from spirit solutions (boric alcohol can be replaced medical), blot a lobe literally a moment. Do not rub alcohol! Remember that the channel is most actively formed at night. Surely in the first day after a puncture of lobes change a pillowcase on a pillow. Also do it then more often. Try not to bathe within a month in open reservoirs, to wash the head, having thrown back back (as in a hairdressing salon), avoid whenever possible to use payphones, brush the hair so that hair did not touch lobes of ears. The right, it is absolutely simple. But channels will turn out accurate, and any earrings will beautifully look.

the Screw core (from any, by the way, metal) is allowed to be passed in lobes only in a year when the channel reliably cicatrizes differently a fresh hole easily to deform. For the same reason at the beginning you do not wear heavy, massive earrings.