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Waist, hips... The main thing - character!

Dear women whether you know how it is correct to estimate the force and independence? No, a silomer and a purse will not be necessary. Just be bared and peer into the reflection in a mirror. What the figure is similar to?

Versions of answers: hourglasses, pear, cylinder.

of “Pear“ and “hourglasses“, I address you! Throw university, work and urgently you marry if you not there. If already - all the same throw. But not the husband, and an attempt on independence. Because the American anthropologist Elisabeth Keshdan found out recently that “more “cylindrical“ contours of a body are characteristic of independent and strong women“.

If by eye you do not believe

in the powerlessness and dependence, take tailor`s centimeter in hand, do control measurement and calculate ratios of “waist / hip“ (a circle of a waist we divide into a circle of hips). The turned-out figure is closer to unit, the stronger and more independently the woman. And vice versa. Let`s say a waist of 60 cm, hips of 90 cm, so the ratio is equal to about 0,7. Character is soft, appeasable. Waist of 90 cm, hips of 120 cm, ratio 0,75. Even more softly. A waist of 100 cm, hips of 100 cm - everything, merge water. Unit! Character is resistant, Nordic. It is strange what confuses nobody that most often similar proportions are observed at pregnant women.


A here for men the ratio of “waist / hip“ has to be equal to unit. Otherwise that... Not any Ken will think who here Barbie.

Proportional health

All right character! Scientists dumbfound us very nice data that “people with a slender waist and massive hips are more subject to risk of Alzheimer`s disease, than those at whom the waist is not so brightly expressed, and hips - are narrowish“. At university of the State of Washington terrible research was conducted, I quote a source:“ ... 2,5 thousand people who did not have initially Alzheimer`s disease symptoms took part. During research at 89 of them the illness developed. Careful inspection of participants of experiment showed that all of them had close physical characteristics, except one - a ratio of “waist / hip“. The diseased had rather slender waist and wide hips“. Unless to you it did not become terrible? What should be made with these people that at them “during research the illness developed“?

By the way those who are inclined to “high-rise“ obesity in a waist do not live

up to Alzheimer. They die earlier in senses and sober memory from warmly - vascular diseases. The Canadian scientists claim:“ ... the fat located on a stomach is more dangerous, than deposits on hips as exactly around a waist the harmful substances breaking development and digestion of insulin collect“. It is interesting what mysterious harmful substances are? And in what adipocytes on hips differ from those on a waist?

Man`s ideals, according to Elisabeth Keshdan:

the researches devoted to body proportions Apply for the ultimate truth? It is not sure. It is possible to carry out, of course, correlation between a hormonal background shirokobedry and some etiopatogenetichesky mechanisms of Alzheimer`s disease, and what the hypertensive illness affects, first of all, inactive nervous fat men with “a beer paunch“ is known davny - long ago. However in this case Alzheimer is a little dragged “in“ as it seems to me. If in details to analyse at least about one thousand clinical records, for certain there will be factors more essentially than a grasp of a waist and hips.

, it is possible to adjust (and such researches exist!) :

all this

I it will be fair in a varying degree.

Beauty - great force

you Learn verses and foreign languages, get up from office chair more often, do not worry from - for trifles - and there will be to you full mental and physical health till the old age. And a figure - business acquirable. There would be force of intention and the will to win. Even from the most adverse basic data it is possible to create the desirable. And, opposite - with ease to profukat given by nature. Though notorious Elisabeth Keshdan approves the return:“ The beautiful figure occurs at women with strong character less often“. Here allow not to agree. Only women with strong character have it and meets. The destiny of flabby - to nod on genetics and, sighing, to try to keep step with a candy.

All - by strong and independent the woman is done by contents of a cranium and will power, but not features of the constitution. They - intelligence and will - allow the woman to be weak when it is convenient, and dependent if it is favorable. And the good figure never before disturbed anybody in strength and will, and also search of the partner in life.


A about mysterious “harmful substances“ anyone to a heart attack will be brought. I do not trust Americans at all - they consider that butter is more dangerous than radioactive emissions, and the lovely anthropologist conducted researches in 33 - x east and only in 4 - x the western settlements. Groups are not subject to the comparative analysis. Perhaps, “the released woman of the East“ should become the cylinder to be successful. Perhaps there the woman with a slender waist is considered flabby. And ours business - the lady not too bad at all - and a horse if that, will stop, and in the conditions of crisis from the customer beats out payments, and a waist from her very much even with character. Because what will power should be had that not to devour all this.