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Talents and their descendants of

At beautiful parents, as a rule, the beauty the daughter and the handsome the son. Why then on children of geniuses the nature has a rest? What justification a time - geneticists give to a miss?

From where that undertook

Appears, outstanding abilities are defined not one genome, and thousands. Children cannot inherit all “bouquet“ of genes. More likely, separate “flowers“. But there is already a lot of it! Especially if the child decides to go “in the footsteps of the father“.“ Inheritance“ talents most successfully goes in the sphere of policy and economy - we will remember at least dynasties Blekov and Pascals. Here with writing it is more difficult. A classical tandem - Dumas (the father and the son).

awarded with the Nobel Prize in the field of literature and owners of the Pulitserovsky award had

Lish1 of % in parents of journalists or writers.

With artists and mathematicians the situation is practically also. Musical dynasties meet more often. And here in cinema and theater children often shine on an equal basis with fathers and mothers. Examples set: father and son Todorovskiye, Arkady and Konstantin Raikin, Judith Garland and her daughter Lisa Minelli, dynasties of Fund, Berrimorov, Griffith...

Circus dynasties - too not a rarity: Durova, Zapashnye... And children of sports stars have not a rest unless they sometimes change a parental sport. The son of the repeated champion on high jumps Sergey Bubka Sergey - younger reached heights in big tennis. The daughter of the boxer Muhammad Ali did not blunder and became the world champion in boxing.

Sebastian`s Effect

Another thing is that parental genes seldom “play“ in itself. It is necessary to create conditions that children could realize the potential put in them. According to physiologists of New - York university, development of the personality for 60% depends on natural abilities, and for 40% - on an environment and education. Therefore nothing surprising that the children who grew up in circus become circus actors. At “theatrical“ and “cine“ from the cradle there is a specific circle of contacts which influences then attitude of the person, defines, than it is interesting to it to be engaged.

However, the situation has a reverse side. In families where the parent - the recognized talent and size, the offspring, though very gifted, is sometimes doomed to remain in the shadow. According to Nikolay Rubtsov, professors, Dr.Sci.Biol., mediocre children in a talented family are most often flaws in education.

When the ingenious parent is keen on work, and the family is keen on his talent, on the child there is neither left time, nor forces.

Therefore heights are often reached by children of geniuses “unrecognized“. They with the trebled force are put in children, realize “the“ gift in the child. At such approach it is possible to develop even small abilities. History of a family of musicians Bakhov is instructive in this plan. The father of family Johann Sebastian Bach had neither money, nor a title of the genius during lifetime and became famous only hundred years later after death. But persistently was engaged with children, and one of his sons was considered great already during lifetime.

the Desire Tram

But only one abilities and the correct education is not enough

! Eight-year-old Chinese the boy Brand Yu name “the Chinese Mozart“. In two years it independently picked up a song “Mary had a lamb“, now aurally can play more than 500 classical melodies. When scientists began to study life, saw near it mother who till the son`s birth, during pregnancy, surrounded it with music - it sounded everywhere. The boy has absolute ear for music, but even it does not guarantee the extraordinary musical future. What then? There has to be “a desire gene“, scientists consider. It is the talent engine.

So far this gene is not found

, but researchers are sure that it is responsible for what to the person suddenly will become necessary to learn with what speed apple falls to the ground?

Oleg Glotov, the Dr.Sci.Biol., considers:“ The set of genes defines not all. Now the hypothesis on which “the secret of life“ is hidden not so much in a genetic code, how many in the difficult cellular car using and serving this code is more popular. So, it is not enough to transfer genes - it is necessary to try to transfer also this “manager“. Perhaps, this car is also “the desire gene“. In the person there has to be a motor, and unless not desires and pleasures in many respects operate people?“ .

Nobel husbands or “correct“ wives?


at the beginning of 80 - x years of the 20th century created bank of sperm of outstanding men - winners of Nobel Prizes. 200 Americans were engaged in incubation, the birth and education of wonderful children. In 25 years scientists summed up the results. Alas - only 1 of 200 children had the high IQ level - 180. Other participants showed average abilities. It is considered that this experiment proves: it is difficult to inherit genius. But there is also other opinion: perhaps, the intelligence is more inherited not from the father, and from mother.