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Unisex: myth or reality? Whether

the Truth that women become more and more similar to men: in appearance (clothes, a hairdress), as thinking, living position? What is a unisex: a temporary phenomenon from area of fashion and style or natural process of acquisition by the woman of male qualities?

the Unisex is a clothes style, objects of use and other attributes without the expressed belonging to any floor. The word is usually pronounced when it is about clothes which both men, and women can carry. It is formed by merge of the Latin uni prefix meaning “one“, and also “joint“ or “universal“ and the English root “sex“ that a floor means. Thus, the unisex is literally translated into Russian as “one“ or “a universal floor“.

the Term appeared in 60 - e years of the last century. This clothes style arose when in society traditional cast between the man and the woman changed. Style origin a unisex is usually connected with the punk movement. Then it was already widely adopted more.

in the middle of 90 - x there were special collections of clothes calculated on thin teenagers of both floors. Soon also the perfumery a unisex went on sale.

Spirits, as we know, happen man`s (so-called “wood“) and female (generally flower aromas). In perfumery a unisex the similar canon is not observed: for example, citrus aromas concern to them. The first spirits a unisex were let out by Calvin Klein firm in 1994, lemon aroma was their cornerstone, in a year it was followed by a Gieffeffe brand product which main component was a fresh citrus smell too.

Following this style, hairdressers began to do an identical hair to representatives of both floors too: shortly cut hair.

B than appeal of style a unisex consists? It is clear, that it bribes convenience and unpretentiousness. However the concept “unisex“ is not limited to appearance. External only reflects internal state of the person. Style a unisex promotes that the side between the man and the woman is erased. And changes happen not only in shape. Also the behavior is transformed.

Approximately in at one time with the word “unisex“ the concept “business woman“ appeared. Women, wishing to resemble externally the man, succeeded in it as far as they could by means of clothes, a hairdress, perfumery. Style business vumen serves as the evident description of its business qualities: it is not less purposeful, successful and active, than the man.

Statistically if in 1938 only one of five Americans approved the working woman, then in 1993 such men there were already 86%.

“Such concept as gender roles (types) is. The gender is a floor plus a role, plus as we externally look and whether we correspond to it behavioural. And time is erased a side between the man and the woman external, role functions also undergo changes. The girl - a shirt, jeans, gym shoes, the boy - a shirt, jeans, gym shoes. A difference only in genitals. More distinctions are not present. But as we go from external to internal, motions in mentality are inevitable. And it means that men become more feminna, and women more maskulinna“, - the candidate of psychological sciences, the teacher of psychology, a Gestalt - the therapist tells, an art - the therapist O. N. Belova.

Side by side with concept the unisex goes such definition as the metrosexual (from the English metropolitan - capital + sexual - a floor). The term designates the modern man who is paying close attention to the appearance having esthetic taste, visiting beauty shops, being in the fashion, using cosmetics. To imagine the metrosexual, it is enough to remember several enough known figures from the world of show - business.

Thus, not only the woman acquired the right to wear trousers, but also the man wanted to take well-cared appearance, to buy cosmetics, to go to beauty shop.

Perhaps, is valid we inadequately we oppose the man and the woman?

In psychology of gender distinctions the concept “gender stereotype“ - wrong judgment of existence big differences between floors exists. According to some experts, these stereotypes create excessively rigid framework between floors and prevent full realization of the personality. Actually sharp opposition of a maskulinnost and femininity is illegal as purely masculine or purely feminny types of the personality do not exist. In other words, in each person, irrespective of his sex, there is something man`s and something female. If to compare two different men, it is possible to find more distinctions, than between the man and the woman.

Psychologists conducted numerous researches and found out what qualities society attributes to representatives of strong and weak floors. It became clear that men are characterized as active, imperious, independent, courageous, unemotional, rough, progressive and wise. Women see dependent, weak, mild, timid, emotional, sensitive, gentle, pensive. However by drawing up an individual psychological self-portrait of 25% of women chose adjectives which are used for the description of typical men for the self-characteristic, and the same number of men described themselves as typical women.

even the point of view that the psychological difference between the man and the woman consists exclusively available at men of aggression Exists. In all the rest they are similar at each other in the behavior.

It is unconditional if the woman loses the female essence, it in many respects loses. On the other hand, there are no options, we cannot return to times of “Domestic tyranny“ again.

“When men for the first time allowed the woman to come to work, the woman from a passive role passed into active. And an active role - especially man`s prerogative. The woman left a corset, abandoned the passive role of man`s property, having undertaken partially functions of the man. He relaxed. And it was its mistake. The reverse side of this medal is not only loss of external feminity, but also gradual increase in a maskulinnost“, - O. N. Belova says.

But the most dangerous changes happen in a family. When the woman came to work, society allowed it divorce. Now in Russia about five stains are the share of 10 marriages. It means that most of children grows in an incomplete family. The boys who grew up in such environment have no opportunity to see the active man and therefore they grow up passive.

Can remember also images of men and women in modern advertizing. In television rollers besides the housewife and the keeper of the center the independent business woman appears. It not only is successful in business, but submits ices of the Arctic, the mountain, desert, itself steers plane. It is interesting that would tell about it years 50 - 60 back? And the man in advertizing stays at home, nursing the child, or to gloss washes a miracle - means all house?

“The woman of the future will occupy with

more and more active role, rejecting the man in passivity“, - O. N. Belova continues.

There`s nothing to be done, social roles of the man and woman in society considerably changed within the last century. The man can be the excellent cook or stay at home with children, the woman - the successful head and brilliantly to do own business, earning many times more husband. Respectively, internal shifts provoked external changes: shortly cut woman in gym shoes, jeans and vice versa, just come up from embraces of the cosmetologist and stylist, smelling sweet as modern spirits, locked and cut young man with cosmetics on a face. Perhaps they should not disturb if they are successful, happy with themselves and life? Times, as they say, change...

However if to speak about my personal opinion, then it would be desirable to give an example from own life.

Once to me such case in the bus happened. I went to institute, dressed in spacious flared jeans, a free plaid shirt, in sneakers and with a cap on the head. And near me there was a grandmother who carried on some dushespasitelny conversation with the grandson. And I incidentally heard the phrase “This nasty long-haired boy“, oboronenny in my party. I felt flattered. The second time in life me was confused with the representative of an opposite sex when I studied at the first year. I run, as always, up a ladder through a step, anything it I do not think of. Suddenly some girl asks me: “You where hurry, the boy?“ . It too, in general, was “cool“. For the third time when to me there was a similar history, I became thoughtful and just understood that the unisex as lifestyle is not for me. Personally the phrase of the great Russian doctor and scientist N. I. Pirogov is close to me: “The woman with man`s education and even in a men`s dress has to remain womanly and never neglect development of the best talents of the female nature“.