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Obligatory drink

Liqueurs - is better means to be warmed after skis. What they are done of and how to understand them?

my acquaintance to the Alpine drinkable tradition began

so. Kuzmich conducted us on a trace a fox. “Here, - he said, - foxes hid waiting for a hare. From there is a good review: all glade before you“. In the center of a glade - the trampled-down snow, there was a dump here, and further in the wood conducted only fox traces.

Liqueurs and their structure Kuzmich`s


Jeanne - Mari Baudot, it worked as the pathfinder in Megeve, driving tourists on a snow-covered Alpine track.


On the following glade of our route the low cherry enclosed with a barbed wire grew. As Jean - Mari explained, cherry is grown up by the owner of a mountain farm to do of it moonshine - “nyyol“ as call this drink in Savoy. And the barbed wire is urged to protect a tree from deer.“ Here the loved place of deer. Behind a ravine, among dead wood, they remove posterity. Feel safe“.

When we reached by

the thrown farm, Jean - Mari declared to us that time to drink tea, got a thermos and a flask. Told that now will treat us with the Alpine tea: “Not against?“ It opened a thermos, poured tea on plastic glasses, unscrewed a cover at a flask and a golden stream added its contents in tea.

Began to smell

a fragrant grushovka. At Kuzmich the protected tree grew in the wood too. We drank, untied from legs snowshoes - rackets and sprawled on snow.

“And that, Kuzmich whether there are wolves here?.“

Everyone who is going in the winter to mountains has to ask himself a question of the relation to alcohol. Careless handling of alcohol at the height of several kilometers is fraught with problems, but it is necessary to drink at all there as if.

the Genre of silent bar alcoholism known under the French name apres - ski (“after skis“), in mountains to you it is necessary to master as surely as “the nineteenth hole“ in golf - club or “the third toast - for those who in the sea“ in the seaman`s family. And to whatever diet you adhered, it is very probable that the average fortress of the drinks offered you after driving will appear not lower than forty degrees. However, do not worry. Shartrez, a yagermayster or fernt - a branka where - nibud in the Alps, a grozdova raki in Rhodope were created as drugs, and efficiency of their action is confirmed with long-term experience of meteorological observations.

Probably, the oldest recipe from the Alpine drinks has shartrez. The recipe is this, ciphered in the mysterious manuscript, in 1605 as if the French marshal Francois - Annibal d “transferred to an award of Cartesian monks Estre. The manuscript was accepted with gratitude and more than hundred years later is transferred to the monastery Grandee - Shartrez near Grenoble where regular druggists managed to make strong curative drink from 130 herbs, flowers and korenyev, and then to release several additional versions on the basis of an original formula. It is considered that made up to now and most known 55 - percentage green shartrez, Chartreuse Verte, is created in 1764, and less strong yellow, Chartreuse Jaune, in 1838 - the m the Lost recipe of the first of the “eliksirny liqueur“ which had the strength of 71% quite recently were revived by the successors of Cartesian tradition who put its limited circulation on the market. Now visit to historical cellars of the monastery Grandee - Shartrez can be planned at least for the sake of tasting.

However, bottles with shartrezy not the first that to you will be evident when you come into a gastronomic or wine bench of one of the Alpine stations of Savoy. The most important and widespread local sight - Gentiane, “grandfather`s dizhestivny liqueur“ (Digestif Cordial de Grand Pere) as it is written on a label. With pleasure - bitter, transparent 40 - percentage, with hardly visible yellowish shade the liquid poured in similarity of pharmaceutical beakers will get to your glass sooner or later if you are going to spend more than a week in Megeve or its vicinities. Most likely, not at once, but “grandfather`s liqueur“ will be pleasant to you, and you still want to buy a bubble for memory.

of Gentiane - the French name of a gentian, a beautiful Alpine plant which root impacts special bitterish relish to several known European liqueur tinctures, in particular the French Suze and the Italian Fernet Branca. At both standard 40 - percentage the content of alcohol and ambivalent application. Formally being registered as digestive, that is means for after-dinner stimulation of digestion (such is medicinal property of a gentian), these drinks with equal success serve also as aperitif for the Alpine tourists missing on terraces in a view of Mont Blanc and expecting roklt, the fondue, tartiflt.

Europe which is not spoiled by pharmaceutical advertizing surprisingly long believed

in medicinal properties of the liqueurs. The Czech Becherovka, the Hungarian Zwack Unicum, the German Jagermeister were for the first time made by physicians of the XIX century, and the tradition of their consumption goes back to monastic medicine of the Middle Ages. Whether it is worth being surprised that the improving session of apres - ski in any bar at a ski resort begins with them?

If almost each brand of bitter liqueur or the warming tincture in Western Europe is spread out by

on historical milestones and POS - materials is laid over, then Hugo`s drinks - Eastern Europe did not lose rather handicraft, artizanalny spirit yet. In Bulgaria, for example, except several more or less untwisted raki brands (the sustained Villa Vinifera Originale on honey and herbs reached even the Moscow boutiques), in each settlement will offer you, infused it is unknown on what moonshine. And in the mountains of the Caucasus, except a remarkable novelty of wine makers of the settlement by Senna (Phanagoria balm), the sports spirit and the Olympic moods are supported by old kind chacha.

the Genre of vigorous “grandfather`s digestive“ for the last to steam of centuries was polished and became covered by an advertizing luster. It, of course, disturbs the first impression. However while my acquaintance mezhevsky pathfinder Jean - Mari Baudot, known as Kuzmich, treats tourists with the Alpine tea and advises from whom it is better to buy by the evening “nyyol“, antiglobalists on its narrow track have nothing to do.