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Plastic surgeries. Experience and statistics of

Over the last 10 years the number of plastic surgeries in Russia grew by orders. Nobody conducts statistics, and even wives suppress the operation fact from the husbands, but it is enough to look around to catch a tendency. According to avaricious, but unique data of the recent research “Levada - the Center“, most of residents of Russia are positive to plastic surgery “rather“. But on the question “Whether You Did Yourself Plastic Surgeries?“ 69,4% of respondents declared that it is absolutely excluded, 5,9% “quite possibly, will perform operation in the future“, and only 0,2% answered “yes“.

What plastic surgeries most often do

in Russia and what they lead to

At any operation in any private or state clinic the statistical coupon where the diagnosis, a type of operation and its outcome is specified has to be filled in. The coupon developed in 30 - e years of the last century, describes outcomes a little simply - “recovery“, “death“ etc. These coupons come to the Ministry of Health. Perhaps at desire the ministry could also count the number of the remade noses and the increased breasts. But there is no statistics: at the Ministry of Health are dealt more important than the accounting of excess fat in the field of a basin.

of Forbes asked five Russian experts to call in the field of plastic surgery the most popular operations on the basis of the personal experience. By results of poll we made a small rating. Experts told that 99% of their clients - women therefore in our list - the operation popular among them. Men lay down under a knife of the plastic surgeon extremely seldom. And still they give an impetus to development of the industry: experts are sure that first of all women are pushed to plastic surgeries by the most usual aspiration to be pleasant to an opposite sex.

the Most popular operations

1. Plasticity of a nose

of Plastic of a nose, or rhinoplasty is an operation with the purpose of improvement of a shape of a nose, change of its sizes, corrections of congenital defects and trouble breathing.“ Rhinoplasty - the most difficult operation, - the plastic surgeon Sergey Levin considers. - The surgeon is more skilled, the more he does nose operations. I specialize in noses. The matter is that if it is unsuccessful to make, it is visible. And if then many times to remake, skin dies off, as at Michael Jackson“.

Who does

: women from 20 to 40 years. “Nose operations are done by generally young girls, - the surgeon - the cosmetologist Victoria Alekseeva comments. - If the woman lived 40 years with the nose, hardly she will remake it“.“ The nose at the person is a weak place, - professor Leonid Pavlyuchenko says. - In of 14 - 18 years, when the nose is formed, the person can have a cosmetic defect and, as a result, - a psychological complex. And by 18 years to us the patient with a request comes to correct a form“.

Rehabilitation period : in a week the nose takes the correct form. Puffiness and shadows under the eyes can remain from two weeks to one month. Most of patients come to work in 10 days after operation.“ When we remove plaster, the patient has a small puffiness, bruises, but the final result is formed about half a year. Negative consequences should not be at all, but everything depends on the surgeon`s hands. At primary consultations it is necessary to make careful selection of patients taking into account an initial condition of fabrics, a shape of a nose. Statistically, 2 - 3% of patients come with the overestimated, inadequate wishes. Sometimes they show a desirable shape of a nose in the photo, and I understand that it is impossible. It is necessary to convince what so will not turn out, after operation of people the nose as on a photo, will ask to perform repeated operation will want all the same again“, - doctor Andrey Lelikov considers.

of the Problem: rejection of a new nose, desire again to remake.

Price: from 90 000 rubles

2. Correction of a breast

Increase in a breast happens at the expense of implants - depending on a shape of a breast and desirable result they are placed under a mammary gland or under a pectoral muscle. The section can settle down in an axillary hollow, on edge of an areola, under a mammary gland along its natural fold. For reduction of a breast the surgeon through cuts deletes surplus of fat, fabric of the gland, skin and moves a nipple and an areola to other situation, forming a new contour of a breast. During operation on lifting of a breast its height is restored and the contour improves.“ Any surgeon can make a breast, it is simple, - Sergey Levin is convinced. - In sense, without complications it is simple to make. And beautifully, of course, it is difficult“.

“An implant - a foreign matter, it as well as the person, changes with age, - doctor Levin tells. - Over the years the implant will look ugly therefore it is necessary to do it more or to change a form. It is impossible to record once beauty of a breast an implant“. Once the inserted implant can serve till 15 years.

Who does

: plasticity on increase in a breast is done today by women from 20 to 40 years (after 40 rather lifting of a breast and correction of a form is required).“ Earlier, about 15 years ago, established to patients small implants that it was not really noticeable that plasticity was carried out, - Andrey Lelikov says. - Now, on the contrary, most of women wish to have a big breast that it was visible, for prestige. However anyway it is impossible to forget about proportions of a body and an esthetics“.


“Today to the woman successfully to marry, it is necessary to attract the man including a bust, - professor Leonid Pavlyuchenko considers. - It forces women to do operations to be more attractive, sexual. There is also other group of patients - those who correct a breast after the delivery. Feeding is led to deformation of mammary glands. And the woman also after the delivery wants to be beautiful“.

Rehabilitation period: in a week after operation can come back to work. However the first days the breast will hurt because muscles stretch.

of Complication: at observance of exact instructions the risk of complications is minimum. But they are possible - hypodermic hematomas, an inflammation of soft fabrics, hems. As for gruesome stories about unsuccessful operations and unsuccessful attempts to correct something, experts say that it is the myth. “I will not hide, - Andrey Lelikov admits, - I and the remake something, but is extremely rare, it is rather a completion. Psychology of the person such is that on court failure is always taken out, and about udacha somehow are silent. Plastic surgery is a usual operation, it is just necessary to carry out it in the checked places and at the checked surgeons“.“ I never remake anything, and to me with it come extremely seldom, - Levin says. - At good surgeons always all turns out. Some failures are connected only with negligence of doctors. A lot of things depend also on taste of the surgeon - as he feels proportions. It can have all certificates, pass all of training, but it will not have this feeling. It cannot be taught as well as to business“.

Price: from 160 000 rubles

3. The face lifting

during face lifting the doctor cleans wrinkles, nosogubny folds, the drooped skin, the second and third chins and other signs of aging by removal of fatty cellulose, pulling up of muscles and redistribution of face skin and a neck with excision of its surplus.

Who does

: women after 40.

Rehabilitation period: “If the patient decided to make a face lifting, it is necessary to take vacation on three - four weeks, - doctor Andrey Lelikov says. - The more volume, tightening depth, the longer rehabilitation. I pay special attention to an arrangement of cuts - I try to hide all seams as much as possible. At correctly executed operation as a result it is possible to receive the excellent rejuvenating result“.

of Complication: the most frequent complications - a temporary hair loss around skin cuts in hairy part of the head, hypostases and bruises, pigmentation of skin. All this disappears within half a year after operation. “Many women ask to carry out a peeling now - the rejuvenating procedure without surgical intervention, - Georgy Sulamanidze tells. - I understand them, there is a wish to avoid unpleasant consequences. Besides, I know women who regret today that they too early made a circular face lifting: their mimicry over the years becomes unnatural, and the person - bloated, they want to perform repeated operation, but it will not help, often it is undesirable to carry out a face lifting“.“ Everything depends on equipment of the surgeon and features of the patient, - Victoria Alekseeva tells. - Difficult, for example, to make the European of the Mongoloid person. Besides, tendency to formation of hems has 5% of the population. Even if the surgeon made everything ideally, after operation of people can get a rough scar“.

Price: from 120 000 rubles.

4. Tightening a century

(from Greek blepharon - an eyelid) eliminates with

of Blefaroplastika the hung eyelids and bags under eyes due to removal of surpluses of skin or fatty deposits.

Who does

: women after 35 years.“ The circle of an eye is that part of the face which grows old the first, - professor Leonid Pavlyuchenko says. - Therefore after the 35th woman resort to a blefaroplastika“. Tightening is often done a century in parallel with a face lifting.

Rehabilitation period: of 5 - 10 days, bruises in the field of intervention can sometimes keep about two weeks.

of Complication: surgeons consider plasticity a century as quite simple and widespread operation without special complications.

Price: from 50 000 rubles.

5. The liposuction

the Liposuction is a method of correction of contours of a body by removal of surplus of fat in problem zones: on a stomach, lateral parts of a back, external and internal surfaces of hips, knees, sides, a neck, cheeks, the top parts of hands, buttocks, calves. There are many different techniques of “suction“ of fat, they are united by one: through a special tube which is located in hypodermic space surplus of fatty tissue is removed.

“A liposuction - the simplest operation. 20 years ago, when began, I only also did it. This operation is loved by all beginning surgeons, - Sergey Levin tells. - If you unsuccessfully carry out it, all the same under clothes it is not visible“. However today the liposuction promptly loses popularity. “There were more effective techniques: various currents, a mesotherapy, hardware massages plus special diets and intragastric barrels“, - Victoria Alekseeva says.

Who does

: women from 25 to 45 years.“ Popularity of a liposuction says that people are lazy, - Leonid Pavlyuchenko considers, - they do not play sports, overeat. But there is also other category of patients - they are disciplined, watch themselves, properly eat, play sports, but they owing to individual physiology have excess deposits of fat in certain places (knees, riding breeches, podpodborodochny area). They are helped by a liposuction too“.

Rehabilitation period: usually through three - four days after operation patients can be restored to normal life. Important within a month to carry compression linen and to observe instructions of the surgeon. Changes of a contour of a body will become noticeable in two weeks. The final result will be visible only in half a year.

of Complication: the percent of complications is minimum. At some patients hypostasis of soft fabrics in the field of operation (in 1,4% of cases), pains is possible at the movement, hypodermic hematomas (1,6%), painful sensitivity in the field of operation (2,6%) which remain to two - three weeks.“ The risk of complications, of course, exists, - Andrey Lelikov says. - The more the liposuction surface, the is higher risk of complications. It from outside seems - one puncture, and all. And inside under skin the huge injured surface. There can be, for example, a thrombembolia (obstruction of a blood vessel the blood clot which came off the place of the education and got to a blood-groove. - Forbes)“.

Price: from 50 000 rubles.

6. Lifting of a stomach


- operation at which muscles make an incision from a hip to a hip approximately on the line where hair on a pubis begin to grow. Through a cut the surgeon cleans surplus of skin, fatty and muscular tissue. Operation is done under the general anesthesia, length of a section depends on quantity deleted skin and fat.

Who does

: women from 25 to 50, most often after sharp weight loss or childbirth when there are extensions or extensive postoperative hems.“ Lifting of a stomach - very convenient replacement to fitness, - doctor Lelikov considers. - Operation is difficult, but quite widespread: is removed so-called kozhno - a fatty apron, the stomach becomes flat, and the seam hides under underwear“. One patients do only an abdominoplastika, others combine it with a liposuction.“ Everything depends on qualification of the surgeon, - Levin tells. - I, for example, usually combine correction of a stomach and a liposuction. The surgeon has to be an artist, have congenital esthetic taste“.

Rehabilitation period: after operation the patient is couple of days in hospital. In the first day to it prick anesthetic, within the first two days do a drainage that under skin fabric liquid and blood did not accumulate. A month more the patient should carry compression linen and to avoid physical activities. On it inconveniences, as a rule, come to an end.

of Complication: “Hematomas, inflammations and suppurations, - Andrey Lelikov tells, - arise more often, if the patient incorrectly behaves after operation: does not carry special linen, does not observe rest. Eventually seams become hardly noticeable. In general, hardly noticeable seams - the business card of the good plastic surgeon“.

Price: from 90 000 rubles.