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Men want sex, and the woman - love? Why people so like to tell

about sex? Hesitate, redden - but speak! About food for some reason say much less, though that and another - physiological requirement.

it could be written off Earlier though for the fact that forbidden fruit is sweetest, and now - on what?! Anything to - a forbidden fruit, if books, both magazines, and movies! And on heritage of the past when in the USSR sex was not, you will not write off any more: in - the first when was, and in - the second, those who were born after the USSR, too about sex say much, with taste and it is various.

Ya I see three possible reasons. The first: in concept of sex it is put much more, than there in fact is available. The second: the dog who barks, as we know, does not bite. It is not excluded, as with sex so: the one who successfully is engaged in it extends to this subject very little, and here those who have with it problems... And the third: the population was helped by kind Freud, explained that aspiration to sexual pleasure - a driving force of all on light. As about it not to speak if it - the most important in life?

Let`s understand one after another. So, it is very probable that sex people call too a lot of things. In other words, men want sex, and the woman - love, and are engaged at the same time same. Strictly speaking, sex per se - all - navsy physiological requirement, and not from those which are vital. That is in general sex, of course, is absolutely necessary for survival of mankind, and here for each separately taken person - no at all. There live on light monks and old maids of any floor - and do not die! And the children who did not enter age of carnal joys somehow manage to continue to live, and the people who already were above this age live... No, all of them, matter of course, eventually die - but not from - for lack of sex!

here when the person forgets

A about it, the status of sex determined by the nature, big troubles begin. The woman believes that if the man spent with her night, he, certainly, loves it. And if loves - means for certain dreams to marry it. It turns out that for many people sex, love and a family - practically synonyms. Well, a family, maybe, also quite another thing, but sex - that and love are obliged to be inseparably linked! Well explain to me for God`s sake why?! We do not consider that if we with someone together ate, so this someone to us is not indifferent.

However all aforesaid - is exclusive

about those relations in which sex is the first reason of their emergence. In these cases divorce happens after a wedding soon enough, and it is called mysterious expression “the love passed“.

But and absolutely other communication in a bed - that which occurs only as continuation and development of interest in any manifestation of the loved one exists. Really, in a bed it is somehow shown too - me interesting, how exactly? Not without reason in Russian (yes, as far as I know, and in other languages too) there are two absolutely various expressions - to have sex and to make love. From this point of view together to walk, eat, talk - too to make love. And to such couples and change is not terrible if it is about occupations by sex with someone another, and age fading of sexual requirements and opportunities at all. So it at all not about sex.

By the way, in this case the sex of the loved one of special value has no. And then formation of same-sex couples - is not obligatory about non-standard sexual orientation at all. Sexual orientation is initially about that what individuals of a floor cause physiological excitement.

Is passed to the second version - about the fact that those, who have with it problems talk about sex. Of course, at once washes away to object: and unless about sex do not stir such sexual “fighters“ which are proud of asterisks on number of the won bed victories? Do not feed with their bread - let`s brag of the next adventure and to discuss its details in comparison with previous. And you for an example remember well-known “Sex and the City“. Million series - about searches of sex in this most notorious big city. And any sex - that it seems constantly to eat, and the movie everything goes and all right! Something does not suit these lovely girls in that sex which they have, - differently about what to shoot the movie? For dramatic art - that the conflict is necessary - differently and to look is uninteresting... And here a question not in number of sex and it is even not obligatory in its quality. The speech actually goes about discrepancy real to the desirable, and it usually in everyday life and is called a problem. Or you know some problems which cannot be reduced to the called formula?

you Know the known idea: who is able to do, that does, and who is not able, that learns how it is necessary to do? Here and with sex also: all verbal demonstration performances on own sexual success or even just possible options of bed occupations take away a certain amount of energy, as well as any other action. And, so this energy will not be able to go to destination any more - to actually corporal pleasures. Why it would be so wasteful to spend forces if there was an opportunity to put them with big and more realistic effect?

U us remains the third version - about the great doctrine of Freud. You watch how it is interesting: great Freud`s doctrine is based on an assumption that the sexual requirement is biologically primary and the main. At the same time it is supposed that all other that the person does in those unfortunate hours when he is not busy with sex, - only the inadequate application of unclaimed sexual energy.

“The woman believes that if the man spent with it night, then he, certainly, loves it. Also dreams to marry.“

Any creativity - joy of unfortunate people in sex. But in modern science it is necessary to check not only a hypothesis, but also the return to it. You remember the well-known paradox of Einstein: if a certain statement is right, then also the return is right to it? And so then we should assume also the return: primary and the main just creative energy is. Who can attach it to destination - creates, who cannot - strenuously has sex. At the same time I understand any act of creation as creativity something new that in the nature did not exist hitherto and that gets independent live existence after creation. By the way, animals have sex too not all the year round, and is exclusive for conception - too some kind of creativity. To think up the new recipe of cake - creativity, to open a star - creativity, even to begin to sweep the street not just like that and as - nibud so - too creativity! I do not claim that this hypothesis is more right, I that it is equal from freydovy. So it would be quite good to be considered too.