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Agree: for this purpose, who works without interruption for a lunch moreover and at a frost, and did not get used to do without “hot“, “soups in a glass“ - is unconditional, a way out. Once you fill in them with boiled water, literally in 3 - 5 minutes “lunch“ is ready.

Bags of quickly prepared dishes, undoubtedly, will be useful to the inexperienced hostess who has so far only fried eggs a crown dish. And instant mashed potatoes, noodles and other domestic and import garnishes quite will be suitable for the women who are late coming from work. Producers by all means try to draw attention of the buyer with various useful additives. Practically all junk foods are enriched with vitamins (for example, vitamin C which is used also as preservative) and mineral substances (in particular, phosphorus and a carbonate of calcium), in some of them usual salt is replaced with iodated.

the Range of “fast“ garnishes can please with

even the fastidious person: on counters several types of mashed potatoes, rice, buckwheat, noodles and even corn in various combinations to vegetables, mushrooms, cheese and greens. Their main components are previously processed by steam therefore prepare much quicker, than usually. Rice, besides, is packaged in special bags for cooking.

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of the “First“ dishes: soups, soluble in cups, in plastic glasses, trays, and numerous chicken, beef, pork, mushroom and vegetable cubes. Many hostesses found it and one more application: dissolve in water and cook pelmeni, potatoes and vermicelli, add, instead of salt and spices to vegetable stew, stewed potato with meat, the macaroni “on-naval“.

children almost always appear In advertizing of instant products. But it does not mean at all that in a food allowance of the child, especially the preschool child, it is possible to include “soups in a glass“ even if it already several years as it is transferred to “table d`hote“. Buying these or those goods counting on the kid, parents, first of all, have to study packing in search of the phrase “It is recommended (or It “is authorized“) for food of children“. Otherwise, it is possible to subject to a stress a weak stomach of the child.

of scientific research institute of Food of the Russian Academy of Medical Science categorically against introduction to a diet of kids of similar instant products. They contain salt, in the quantities much exceeding children`s norms the lemon acid which is not recommended to small children and also spices and seasonings (black pepper, a kukurm, extracts of onions and garlic) capable to irritate a mucous membrane of a stomach of the child who did not get used to spicy food. Besides, such products contain an antislezhivatel, vkusoaromatichesky additives, amplifiers of a smell and taste, the hydrogenated vegetable fats, extracts of various fats of an animal origin, and also antioxidants, emulsifiers, stabilizers and dyes. * Agree, you will not call them natural products. But they are not contraindicated to healthy adults.

Besides, and without any bags it is possible to prepare for the kid and it is tasty, and soon. For example, cream of wheat on milk cooks no more than five minutes. It is simple to clean two potatoes and to cut small while water - and in ten minutes at the child in a plate natural mashed potatoes begins to boil. Easy vegetable soup (a potato, half-carrots, a handful of grain and a piece of butter) will distract you from works for thirty minutes instead of five, but you will be sure that you did not “put“ to the kid a stomach. As a last resort (everyone in life happens), give to the baby banana: it needs to be washed only.

Can understand, of course, the “advertizing mothers“ exclaiming: “As quickly!“. But that to advertizing “fathers“ “So tasty!“, honestly, speaking, it is trusted hardly. All these cubes, bags and glasses - rather barchelor food. The man family will prefer soup more densely, and ponavaristy. And the loving wife such to it will also weld. And, if it also good mother, then a lot of time also is found for good nutrition of the invaluable peanut.

* About what is meant by these terms, read in December issue of the For Both Cheeks magazine.