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Baby sling and bearing of mother

Most often on the Internet we meet articles devoted by a safety issue and health of the child who is carried in a baby sling. Not enough attention is paid to questions of health of mother who carries a baby sling. In this regard numerous delusions, such are widespread, for example, as “the baby sling spoils mother`s bearing“, “in a baby sling it is also heavy to carry the kid, as well as on hands“ etc., not to mention denial of the fact of improvement of mother carrying the child on itself.

the Situation becomes aggravated lack of information in the matter of category of people to whose opinion mothers listen.

Most often mothers who did not manage to learn to carry the kid in a baby sling correctly hold the wrong opinion, or the baby sling got unsuccessful, or was not for the aid to mother of a skilled prompter. And as convincingly words that she tried to carry at first sight will be heard, and the back hurt, and it was inconvenient, and spoiled a bearing!

I here, having called to the aid anatomy, physiology, physics and other important sciences, I hurry to dispel myths and to tell about not only safety as much as possible, but also usefulness of carrying for both participants of a slingokhozhdeniye.

A little anatomy

the Backbone of the person has four bends: cervical, chest, lumbar, sacral.

the Bearing is a habitual position of a body of the person in rest and at the movement, it is connected with a condition of anatomic bends of a backbone. The bearing is the unconscious, automatically adopted by the person provision. For example, if we stoop, then we do it always when we do not control ourselves, at the same time our back is rounded in chest department, and the basin moves forward.

, Why a back can become round or flat? The bearing is, in fact, a habit to adopt a certain provision if we often stoop, the condition of our vertebral bends changes over time, the anatomy adapts to our requirements. Any change of a structure of body causes violation of its work, besides, also the related other bodies can suffer. At the expressed violations of a bearing there is a violation of an innervation of internals and, therefore, there are their various diseases. That is why health in general depends on a condition of a backbone. And, of course, such violations lead to back pains, restrictions of movements.

Why the bearing spoils? From frequent wrong situation. For example, the person sits in front of the computer much. Also there is a hereditary predisposition. The bearing can deteriorate from - for a lack of physical activity, from - for carrying weights and the raised load of a backbone. At the same time muscles of one part of a back are in a strong tone, and another - pererastyanuta, and the backbone in the correct situation is held by muscles. At the same time normal position of a backbone changes, and the bearing becomes wrong.

Carrying on hands and a bearing

When the person lifts a heavy subject, involuntarily deviates to the opposite side, keeping balance. Of course, the bearing at the same time suffers. Our center of gravity is at the level of the second sacral vertebra, and the further the burden is from it, the it is heavier to bear it, and the stronger it is necessary to change the situation to find balance. The more densely the heavy subject is pressed to a body, the it is easier to carry him, besides, if loading is the share of the case of the person, but not of hands, then it is felt less, and is not so harmful to a back. That is why for carrying heavy load the backpack was thought up.

At the birth of the kid loading approximately in 3 kg suddenly falls upon a mother`s back and hands, the kid often should be taken on hands, to carry, swing. Of course, it is loading for a back and hands, often in the first days there is muscle pain, but over time they will get stronger, and pain will pass. But it does not mean that carrying on hands will cease to harm a mother`s backbone. Loading remains for the entire period of active carrying the kid on hands. For all it is various. There are children lungs, and it is not difficult to carry them, there are heavyweights since the birth, here it is necessary mother hardly. Some children absolutely “manual“, some are less attached to hands. Other kid, when teeth are cut, can practically live on hands at mother. But a lot of things depend also on a mother`s back - whether there is osteochondrosis, back muscles etc.

are how strong

Taking the child on hands, mother “looks for“ the center of gravity, changing position of a body, deviating, being curved. But mother has only 2 hands, and they have the small area, and it is impossible to press fully on all area of a body of the child it to itself, so, to transfer load of the case, having moved away her from hands and to bring closer the child to the center of gravity.

All these conditions are met by

when finding the child in a baby sling.

the Baby sling - sling, English, (a sling, the scrappy holder, the baby - a baby sling) is a fabric physiologic device for carrying the child on itself. In a baby sling the child holds physiologic position - same, as on hands at mother. Baby sling fabric on a surface of a body of the kid all practically densely presses it to mother. Loading is transferred to a body of mother, her hands are free. Therefore mother does not need to change strongly position of a backbone for achievement of balance, mother`s bearing when carrying in a baby sling is as close as possible to its usual, and it is much more correct, than when carrying the kid on hands, for example, in position of the child on a hip. In position of the child before itself (on a stomach at mother) the situation is similar.

it is easier for p to Carry the child in a baby sling - it is noted practically by all mothers using a baby sling and it is more useful to a back carrying. From the beginning of carrying in a baby sling of a muscle of a back train and gradually increasing weight of the child is not felt.

At once wants to specify one moment. Often I hear cautions about harm of carrying in a baby sling with justification “long so it is impossible to carry“. The matter is that the child does not live in a baby sling, and there is only that time which spent on hands at mother. And each hour needs to be done breaks in carrying. Besides, situation in the holder has to be correct, then it will be for both safe.

Types of a baby sling and load of a backbone

All baby slings can be divided into two groups:

  1. load of one shoulder is a baby sling with rings, a baby sling - a pocket
  2. with load of two shoulders - a baby sling - a scarf, May - Ling, fast - a baby sling, a backpack

Baby slings of the first group , undoubtedly, cause the bigger tension of muscles of one half of a back, load of a back is not symmetric, and in such baby sling the weight of the child will be felt more, and the fatigue will occur quicker. Shoulders on which carry a baby sling need to be alternated!

the Baby sling with rings and a baby sling - a pocket are suitable more for newborn children whose weight is not so big. They suit for carrying the house, on short periods when the kid asks for a baby sling, from it, and for the grown-up kids beginning to take the first steps. But the last scope - a matter of taste, baby slings from the second group will quite cope with it. I would not advise mother with a problem back long to carry the heavy child in a baby sling with rings, even alternating shoulders.

Baby slings of the second group


their Advantage before the first in load of two shoulders, its symmetric distribution is more useful for

for mother`s backbone. But even in this group there are leaders of safety.

the Baby sling - the scarf is a cloth 5 meters long and 60 cm wide, when winding a cloth of a baby sling cross behind the back of mother that allows to distribute evenly loading, this recross wins before a “ryukzachkovy“ design where straps attack everyone on the shoulder separately. Besides, the straps which are formed when winding turn out so wide what not to compare to other types of baby slings. It also is of great importance for distribution of loading, and for comfort of mother - the wide strip of fabric will not crash, press anywhere.

  • Classical woven (not lasting) - fabric it has a special double diagonal interlacing of fibers and lasts only on diagonal at the expense of what in the best way distributes the child`s weight on a back, mother`s shoulders. The baby sling ideally fits a body of the kid. The woven baby sling - a scarf - the most load-lifting of all types of baby slings, is the choice of mother having problems with a backbone. If you love long walks or active recreation, then unambiguously get it.
  • to
  • the Knitted (lasting) baby sling - the scarf is suitable for not heavy children, it maintains weight to of 8 - 10 kg, therefore is used for carrying the kid in the first weeks of life, and then - looking as the child puts on weight. It is especially good to use a baby sling with house rings, and to reserve a knitted scarf for walks down the street. It is noticed at a baby sling - a scarf “corset“ effect. The matter is that baby sling fabric fits a back and mother`s shoulders very tightly if mother carries the child in a baby sling correctly, does not curve a back (happens, mother - the debutant involuntarily deviates back at first, trying to support the kid on a stomach), then the back is densely recorded by fabric in equal situation. At the same time the effect reminding carrying a special medical corset is created. The baby sling releases hands to mother and gives the chance to straighten a back. But, of course, provided that mother remembers need of the correct position of a body. Here what is written about it by Tatyana Davidyuk, a slingokonsultant from Minsk, the member of “Association of slingokonsultant“, mother with a carrying experience in a baby sling more than 2,5 years, has scoliosis:“ Before emergence of a baby sling in me both hands, and shoulders came off literally, and each vertebra cried out from loading; with a baby sling (and it is concrete with the advent of a woven scarf) the back just sighed with relief“.

Mai - a baby sling, fast - a baby sling and a backpack

these types of baby slings win

at the expense of load of both shoulders before a baby sling with rings, but lose to a scarf. What wide would not be their straps, loading is in the best way distributed in a baby sling - a scarf.

May - baby slings and their hybrids straps are crossed by

U behind the back of mother, at backpacks - no, but are connected by a cross strap among themselves that facilitates carrying. At backpacks and fast - baby slings with a dense thick belt loading is redistributed in such a way that acts from shoulders and it is the share generally of mother`s hips. Respectively, for mummy with problems in cervical department of a backbone this benefit and essential in comparison with situation on hands. And here for the lady with a disease of coxofemoral joints just the opposite.

Baby slings of this group perfectly will be suitable

for averages on duration of walks, for carrying the kid of the house.

Position of the child in a baby sling

Load of a backbone of mother is various

at different provisions of the kid in a baby sling. It needs to be considered, choosing a way of carrying.

Position of the child on a stomach or on mother`s back - for a backbone optimum since in communication of loading are distributed evenly. The main thing to keep a correct posture, not to take the leave in the first case back, and in the second - forward.

Situation on a hip is less safe

for a back carrying, loading is distributed asymmetrically, apparently in drawing. Therefore carrying the child needs to be alternated on the right and at the left.

Separately about situation in a baby sling with rings - a cradle. In it the center of gravity of mother is displaced aside, at the same time loading goes on one shoulder. For long carrying heavy kids it is better to use this situation in knitted (or woven) a baby sling - a scarf.

the Main mistakes leading to back pains at carrying

  1. of the Low-quality baby sling
    Often in such baby sling is very difficult to be put the kid correctly, besides often it is necessary to correct a baby sling when carrying. For example, a baby sling with rings with a thick sinteponovy pillow and thick sides. The pillow weighing child from 5 kg everything strives to move down to mother on a neck, and it is very inconvenient and dangerous, sides do not allow to tighten baby sling fabric in rings. As a result the child is pressed leaky, deviates mother that is harmful both to the kid, and to a mother`s back, the center of gravity is displaced at the same time forward. The same can be and in a kangaroo - the child is not pressed to mother that is harmful to his back, and the bearer is forced to spoil a bearing. If scarf baby sling fabric low-quality, does not correspond to the child`s weight, then decrease in loading capacity of a baby sling and ability to distribute loading will lead to fatigue when carrying.
  2. the Wrong situation in a baby sling
    the Correct position of the child in a cradle is a cheek on a mother`s breast or under it when feeding. Vertically the kid has to settle down the head under mother`s chin, buttocks on a stomach, at the level or is slightly lower than a navel (here a lot of things depend on the child`s sizes, precisely it is difficult to tell). When feeding it is possible to lower the kid, but then it is necessary to return on due level. If the child is too low, then the center of gravity of mother is displaced forward. And if the kid is located highly - that on the contrary. In those and other cases of a muscle of a back are overstrained, it can lead to developing of pains.
    In vertical position on a stomach at high landing the child closes the top to mother part of the review, mother is forced to raise constantly the head, after such carrying the head and a neck can hurt.
    In a baby sling - a scarf in situation vertically on a stomach you watch that baby sling cloths on shoulders were evenly tense from the internal and outer side, otherwise the drawn fibers will press and crash into a body, causing neck, shoulders and head pains.

If nevertheless the back


In this case ached we see a doctor, only it will be able to define the true reason of discomfort, the slingokonsultant cannot undertake such responsibility. If the reason in incorrect carrying a baby sling, then you do not refuse it at once. At improvement of a state it is possible to try to eliminate errors, to use the help of a slingokonsultant or skilled mother in successful carrying. Perhaps, you will also independently cope, on the Internet is full information, the main thing to aim. Not any disease of a back is contraindication to carrying the child in a baby sling. Let`s remember - on hands even heavier and more harmfully. Here if the kid was forbidden to be carried on hands, another matter. We remember corset effect of a baby sling - a scarf, we remember that it is necessary to hold a bearing when walking.

If you carry the child in a baby sling correctly, correctly, but not as it is necessary, follow the rule “the kid does not live in a baby sling“, you have a qualitative baby sling, then the baby sling cannot be the cause of problems with a back. We do not forget also about possible change of a mineral exchange after the delivery, we consider softness of sheaves and sinews, all this influences a condition of a mother`s back. Carry the kid in a baby sling correctly and good luck!