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You give to men flowers of

you Should not think that flowers as a gift and furthermore pottery is a privilege only of a fine half of mankind. It absolutely not so. Many men not less tremblingly, than women, treat the to “green favourites“. And the “solid“ pottery plant as a gift to the chief - the man or the partner in business is almost already classics.

the Striking example of the plants possessing “man`s“ power - bonsais. It practically the works of art created by skillful hands of the master from live natural material. This symbolical island of tranquility and reflections among rough boiling of modern life can admire almost infinitely, every time opening in it something new. So philosophical gift will be estimated by both the beloved, and the business partner. Bonsais are so self-sufficient that not only do not need additional packing and “embellishment“, but also reject even thought of it. It should be taken into account that bonsais on the basis of a ficus are most adapted for room conditions. Bonsais of listopadny trees and especially just magnificent coniferous bonsais demand especially careful leaving and absolutely specific conditions of keeping that is available not to everyone.

One more representative of “male“ colors is an anturium. Its fine red flowers very much remind the heart punched by “Cupid`s arrow“ and leaves have the form of hearts. The anturium in language of flowers means “bravery, passion and eccentricity“. Such flower will be very symbolical gift to the beloved. In this case bright gift packing will be not so superfluous. Besides this flower is rather simple in leaving and can blossom not once yet.

the Excellent gift with sense. This plant - a symbol of prosperity and wellbeing. Especially this plant will please business and practical men. For a gift it is worth picking up a tree or a tree (it already for your opportunities) with accurately created stvoliky and krone. It is worth giving preference to types (and them at krassul enough) with a round form of leaves. The beautiful stylish pot and an additional decor (for example, several small coins hanging on branches on thin delays) will not prevent at all.

Very much even also the nolina - a fancy room tree with the basis of a trunk thickened in the form of a bulb and a magnificent mane of long narrow remneobrazny leaves as a real man looks. Nolina can be as absolutely small, perfectly finding room on a window sill, and a solid huge tree. This plant can become a fine gift especially as the nolina well adapts to dry air of rooms and does not demand special leaving.

are Quite often given to men by so-called “palm trees“. Usually it is different kinds of dragon trees or a yucca. Palm trees they are called for characteristic shape - the “palm“ stalk topped with a dense shock of long dense leathery leaves with various coloring. Unlike the real palm trees, dragon trees and yuccas are quite unpretentious in leaving. The harmonious combination of a strict trunk and a cap of juicy painted leaves very much is pleasant to a man`s half of mankind, as does them by so popular gift.

the Cheerful and bright gift for the beloved. This tree, very similar to “tomato“. And it is unsurprising: they are very close relatives. Solyanum with his juicy red balsas will bring a little heat in February evening. By the way, solyanum secretly call “a love tree“. A nice pot, perhaps a little decorative tape, the insert - a heart - and a smile upon the face of darling is provided to you.

It is possible, someone from men will be delighted by a huge echinocactus or the blossoming orchid ontsidium, but these are already options on the fan.