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You whom want - the boy or the girl?

the Traditional question at the choice of a sex of an animal and at sale of kittens. It is unambiguously possible to tell that it also as if to ask the same question to future parents. Everyone will have an account opinion in this respect, everyone will give the mass of various arguments.

we Will try to deal with positive and negative sides at contents in the house of a cat or cat.

the Cat

In comparison with a cat, undoubtedly, larger and stately animal. More broad chest, paws is more powerful and higher, weight on of 1 - 2 kg is more, than at a cat (Russians blue, at other breeds can have a distinction more). It is considered that the father of kittens most strongly gives breed signs in comparison with a cat. In this regard the family tree of an animal is traced in the area of cats intergrand champions or the nurseries created on the basis of any cat of the producer - the ancestor of the line.

of the Problem come when the cat grows and begins to ask the girl for natural needs. There are two options of succession of events. Some buyers even upon purchase say that they will not castrate, will not allow violation of the nature etc. From age 9 − 12 months the cat begins to mark the territory in order that the cat “found“ it on a smell. Tags regularly renew also on all apartment, without excluding also soft things which are the most difficult for washing. Deodorants or preparations like “Antigadin“ will not help - the nature you will not deceive.

In addition the cat begins to call

a cat. Shouts become more active at night. Duration is from 5 to 10 days, frequency of times in two weeks. I.e. he will be silent short time. Thus, in order that your cat felt normally, he needs a cat two times a month.

Where to take a cat on knitting? It is a problem as the diplomaed cat in a rank the inter of the champion or intergrand the champion knits on two cats a week too, and all good cats of club and its vicinities will match them. In order that to you cats began to come, it is necessary to climb classes up to the acceptable level. And after 3 - x the first places on which you will win the prize-winning socket you will gradually pass this tiresome participation in numerous exhibitions into the following class. Two last classes are the first places at exhibitions in foreign countries. There is a sense to draw the conclusions in advance and to solve it before purchase of an animal.

Alternative - castration. About pluses and minuses of it it is already written. It is in addition possible to tell that castration does not corrupt character of a cat. It remains the same unsurpassed hunter outdoors, and even becomes more tender than the house. The main thing not to pass the moment of approach of puberty. If the cat manages “to feel the man“, then castration can cause animosity and vindictiveness.


to the castrated cats needs With age special food for castrated against obesity. They eat it with very big displeasure and to pass to this forage very difficult. Otherwise there are almost always problems with kidneys that considerably shortens animal life.

At mature age at a cat zashchyochny sacks harden, the muzzle creeps away in breadth that strongly spoils appearance of an animal. On character of cats sometimes distinguishes a little spiteful and angry character. At the Russian blue cats this quality is shown much less often.

the Cat

On character the cat is more tender than

, this softer creation. But, on the other hand, an animal very independent, and as R. Kipling wrote, got used “to walk in itself“. It is shown sometimes that when the cat in the childhood is often wanted to be taken in hand against her will, it causes counteraction reaction - the cat will never be given in hands. To come to hands, it will pomurlykat and polastitsya only when she wants.

Other problem is that it is necessary to tinker with kittens. On medical and psychological indications surely before sterilization it is necessary to tie two times. Many consider that better three times. Kotyatki - it is very cheerful, but is troublesome. In two months when they grow, it will be separately necessary to cook food for kittens, to watch over health, a quantity of money is required. And the last, it is necessary to sell, present them or where - nibud to put. All this does not bring notable benefit except efforts.

In many cases even the Russian blue cats in the period of the beginning of puberty can have attempts to write on the objects lying on a floor, slippers, bags, plastic bags. It is not a mark of the territory, it is rather because that the cat does not understand what happens to it and in this regard looks for ways to draw to itself attention of a cat or, as a last resort, ours.

the Choice for you. Everything stated, of course, has subjective character from 15 - ti summer communication with the Russian blue cats.