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The hairdress of the class “Chanel“

This ingenious Mademoiselle with male character and will power which became during lifetime the Legend (because repeatedly itself created myths about herself) the creativity which absorbed private life proved a real possibility of a solvency of the woman and her equality with the man.

Each opening since the childhood of the gloomy and timid girl with a fancy nickname Koko (“tsyplyonochek“ - Gabriel the father - the dealer) in design of women`s clothing (a shirt dress with the underestimated waist so called, a beach pajamas and a sports suit for women), footwear (white varnish shoes on heels with a pointed black toe), accessories (mix of costume jewelry and jewels), perfumery (“Spirits for the woman which smell as the woman“ - Chanel № 5), hairdresser`s art shook imagination of prudish Frenchwomen and English ladies, chaste Asians and freedom-loving Americans.

of the Iron Lady of Haute couture, approved the concept “pret-a-porte“ (“ready things“), not only housewives and ladies of high society whose chances to look womanly and irresistibly it balanced, but also the powers that be (Winston Churchill), reformers of art (Jean Cocteau, Pablo Picasso) admired. Coco Chanel the persistence, temper, a way of life and talent at the beginning of 20 - go centuries of a vznesl also put herself in one row with self-confident and successful men, and in some achievements having even surpassed them.

the Main follower of style from Chanel Karl Lagerfeld told

once:“ Fashion designers - men succeeded much more. But it, of course, has no relation to Chanel who forever will remain in the history of fashion not only because became the first woman - the designer who pressed men on a fashion Olympus but also because its models defined the person of the 20th century“.

of Secret of style of Coco Chanel

the Founder of a cubism in the fine arts, graphics and ceramics Pablo Picasso called Chanel “the most judicious woman on light“. Men were attracted in it not only by appearance, but also extraordinary personal qualities, strong character, unpredictable behavior. Coco was is irresistibly coquettish, is extremely sharp, straightforward, is even cynical. It seemed to people around the itself purposeful, self-assured, happy with and the progress“.

the Love of freedom and independence inherent since childhood in the poor orphan, allowed to liberate the woman during an era not only political, economic, but also spiritual changes. During change of social roles of the man and the woman, their valuable reference points and priorities the seamstress - the layman from the French province with feminist ideas set the object to release women - at first externally, and later and internally.

So, madam Chanel gave to the representative of a fine half of mankind a second wind, having removed from it a suffocating corset which, however, and hid figure shortcomings (that forced girls to keep the figure intensive sports activities, observance of a diet), the magnificent, preventing walking, long, killing beauty of female legs skirts, heavy headdresses, difficult hairdresses.

In general, the main principle of unique style of Chanel - elegant simplicity (The mademoiselle spoke:“ The there are less excesses, the better“) which she created literally a hand of the Heavenly Genius. Coco Chanel never drew sketches of the models, forming a dress by means of a needle with a thread and scissors (which always a mascot hung on her neck) of fabric on the living model.

Therefore the woman who only of the world of fashion immortalized the name in one hundred the most influential people 20 - go centuries (according to the Time magazine), repeated that its creations are given rise by life. And the best-known Gabriel on the planet confirmed a secret of the inspiration with each invention connected with personal tragedy.

For example, the only and irreplaceable dress for all occasions, unsurpassed on a practicality and convenience, stylishness and elegance, - a small black dress - was born and conquered the whole world after death of the biggest love of the strong woman. After several years of secret meetings Artur Keypl died in road accident.

the Last farewell to darling turned Coco to black color which beauty and mysterious grief of the couturier embodied in an ingenious and simple black dress. Journalists cynically commented on the next masterpiece of Madam:“ Chanel brought black color into fashion to dress in mourning for the beloved of all women of France because itself had no right officially to be in mourning, without being Artur`s wife“.

the situation with opening of the most courageous hairdress for women in the history of mankind - popular Is similar to

and today among icons there are fashions, style and beauty of a hairstyle “boy“. The short female hairstyle incidentally, but thanks to an ingenuity and determination of the impudent girl who hurried in theater was given rise on light.

during collecting on a premiere in “the Grandee - the Opera“ in Coco Chanel`s house lit up the geyser which singed hair of the celebutante of Paris of a sample of the beginning 20 - x . Without thinking twice, fragile “tsyplyonochek“ sharply sheared the head of hear damaged by a flame and... shocked capital bohemia. To lady Chanel all ladies with pride showed chic and gloss of the long hair.

the next morning many residents of the world capital of Fashion, and after them - and women of fashion of the globe replaced hairdresses with a hairstyle “and - la Chanel“, having decorated it with a bright bud. Though initially famous innovator did not set the purpose to tonsure all women of the planet though considered a short hairstyle as a hairdress, ideal for health of hair and active lifestyle of the girl.

the women Emancipated by dresses of a free cut and man`s severity and a hairstyle “boy“ from Chanel, listening to opinion of the great fashion-maker, spent the day in the movement, devoting it to physical work, sports activities, interests in driving cars and jumps that long hair and difficult hairdresses, multilayered skirts would prevent to do to them earlier. Therefore Mademoiselle dressed women in elegant wide trousers (Marlene Dietrich`s elite) in which the woman remained a goddess.

Though Gabriel preferred to

dresses and skirts, claiming that “the woman will never look good in trousers also as the man“. However the hairdress “boy“ (or short “bean“), from - behind which it was called by the bisexual and even reproached with lesbian bents, it with pleasure advertized. It is necessary to notice that male style in her creativity began to dominate from the first tests of dressmaking of the eminent brown-haired woman.

Coco Chanel`s

:“ I took the English courage and made it womanly, all life I did no other than transformed men`s wear to female jackets, hairdresses, ties and cuffs“. Really, male classical style in women`s clothing, a hairdress and behavior of ladies became the first and main opening of madam Chanel.

that an image of the courageous and independent woman - Coco Chanel`s merit is not present also a doubt share, unlike authorship of a short hairstyle.


and her hat, hairstyle “boy“ and... Chanel?

the Powerful contribution to development of hairdresser`s art of the Queen of fashion is dated

1913 when Coco Chanel opened the first boutique of women`s hats in Deauville. Graceful by the form, practical on material, laconic on tailoring, the unique hats from Chanel which instantly won interclass and international recognition cardinally changed an idea I will give of a hairdress and a headdress.

the Thin Frenchwoman in black offered

hats which magnificence consists in decor minimalism - modest tapes, almost imperceptible fabric flower, an interesting brooch instead of massive stones, bulky fruit, artificial bouquets, elaborate feathers on the head.

Therefore to a condition of hair Coco Chanel paid to

the smallest attention, having chosen for a standard of a female hairdress... a man`s hairstyle which it is banal it is convenient and again - it is simple in leaving. This evolution in hairdresser`s art took place in 1917.

However historians of fashion convince that at all not Chanel, but her main competitor at the beginning of career Paul Poiret presented to the world an original image of the shitty little girl - the madcap. This hairdresser in 1908 for the first time in the history of mankind most shortly cut several clients.

Though great Coco did not perceive creativity as a marathon therefore she appreciated advantage and quality in the invention. Chanel gave feminity and charm to a hairdress “boy“ which decorated, rejuvenated and recovered a woman`s face positive emotions. From aphorisms madam Chanel: “In 20 years the nature gives your person to you, in 30 - it is molded by life, but in 50 you have to deserve it...“

Should note

that each council in the field of fashion, style and beauty which the inimitable, unpredictable and witty Mademoiselle gave to women of the couturier practiced on herself, proving their efficiency.

Therefore in the twilight of life of the Queen of a podium where it at the age of 70 years after 15 - summer a sabbatical leave triumphally returned with progressive ideas (they came to Coco in a dream), wordsmiths aphoristically estimated Chanel`s contribution to development of world fashion, a vizazh and hairdresser`s art:“ It gave to ladies not only new style, but also the new person which embodied an era - “a muzzle of the rebellious orphan with grace an olenyonka“.

So, today it does not make sense to find out any more which of two reformers and legislators of beauty of the woman of the beginning 20 - go by right possesses centuries superiority in the invention of a female hairdress “boy“ which is actual also in 21 - m a century.

even if the well-known female hairdress “boy“ was invented also not by Coco Chanel, in any case the inimitable Mademoiselle spread it. No doubt...