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As well as why to divide a nursery into zones? For a long time teachers and psychologists advise

to divide nurseries into various functional zones corresponding to occupations and needs of the child.

Usually children spend in the room much time: there they both play, and sleep, and are engaged in study and physical culture. If the room of your kid too small, let division even is conditional, such approach creates a maximum of conveniences, both for the child, and for you. Division into zones is very important as it helps to enrich habitat, at the same time raznoobraziv and having ordered activity of the child, and also having as much as possible grouped those components and objects which are responsible for development in one concrete sphere in each zone.

can Divide the room into zones the next ways:


So, we allocate the main useful zones (we will describe ideal option, and everyone will choose by opportunities of space of the room and the sizes of the purse):

  1. of Sleeping zone. it is necessary light minimum Here, and it has to be soft and muffled. It is possible to make in addition green illumination - this color weakens, promotes falling asleep. For walls, the furniture, bed linen will also approach various shades green, blue - the main thing that colors were quiet, unostentatious. Children are afraid of big space over the bed, they want to hide in “mink“ to feel safe during a dream. Therefore the bed can be covered with a canopy, to make a canopy or to close a veil. That it was not terrible, and on the contrary, interestingly, the ceiling is done in the form of the night sky with stars, month, clouds.
  2. Educational zone. In an educational zone both to concentrate, and to show necessary interest in occupations. Try not to do this place too boring in color and subject registration, otherwise the child will have at all no desire to pass there from a game or sports zone. For this purpose well the next colors will approach: yellow - stimulates cerebration, red - draws attention and awakens interest. In a combination these colors increase thirst of knowledge and induce to researches. But be not overzealous with them - use these shades as bright accents, and that at the child can be gone any assiduity. In order that this zone did not look as “strict school“, make it a small “scientific office“ of the child. Hang out different interesting cards, schemes, posters - what is necessary for storing, issue educational boards with the imagination, buy the globe, a usual microscope. In such place the child has to feel the real little scientist. In this zone surely there has to be a good illumination, and the educational place near a window that the child everything is is the best of all to have could receive as much as possible natural light and fresh air.
  3. Game zone. needs to involve all color palette, especially bright and saturated colors In game space - it will coincide with nature of activity of small children, to stimulate activity and to lighten mood. The game zone also demands plentiful lighting. Carpets or carpets will be suitable for a floor in this place, anti-static and nice on the touch as the child during game will creep and to sit on them much. Among toys at children surely have to be: big soft animals - they calm, give heat; it is a lot of different trifles - game with them develops small motility, teaches accuracy and assiduity, makes active systematic thinking and kombinatorsky abilities; designers and sborno - folding objects - they will develop logic and ingenuity. You should not forget that in game children master a huge number of life skills and abilities therefore try to fill their game environment with various objects anyway connected with adult activity. To girls surely make small kitchen with a plate, a little table, ware and napkins - the little woman has to learn to conduct economy. Give the chance to your daughter to care for the kid - the toy bed, a carriage, diapers, nipples and small bottles and actually dolls is for this purpose necessary. Do not forget to hang up a mirror - the girl will always play dresses and to do a hair. Deliver to boys various designers, the toys connected with construction, buy tool kits. It is possible to think up pass - vehicle fleet or garage: for this purpose the strong covering on which machines, and sufficient space for the movement can ride is necessary. Make in the game zone “nature corner“ - it will help to develop kindness, care and responsibility with your child. There it is possible to place pets: hamster, guinea pig, turtle, aquarium. It will be good to put some plants that the child could look after them independently. If for certain reasons you cannot bring the living being of the house, just hang up pictures with their image and photos there, find toys, very similar to real animals. There is a set of special sets:“ zoo“, “Amphibia“, “inhabitants of an aquarium“. Children have to know everything about the world of the nature, besides they always very much love animals and reach for them. Introduce in game space of the child what is connected with his favourite profession, learn whom he would like to become what sphere or work is interesting to it. The child always has to have a corner where he can show the creative abilities. For this purpose it is necessary to organize the place where he would draw, molded, cut out, glued - such small workshop with all necessary tools and materials.
  4. Sports corner. For the child it is very important to strong to go in for physical culture and sport to be healthy and to remove daily loading from occupations by study. The best option is a small sports complex with enough “exercise machines“ for exercises in all spheres. If the area of the room does not allow to organize a sports complex with a big variety of objects, then it is possible to be limited to a standard set: the Swedish wall with a horizontal bar, a swing, rings and a rope ladder. All this will quite be located on four square meters. The coverings developed for the sports purposes in which the special fundamentals and the top layer do a surface of a floor soft and absolutely safe best of all will be suitable for registration of a floor in a sport zone. For this place bright saturated colors are necessary: red, orange, it is bright - pink - they stimulate physical activity and improve work of muscles.
  5. “Mink“ or “lodge“. All small children very much like to play own lodge, a mink, a tent. Try to make in the nursery the small improvised lodge with small furniture, various objects of use and additional lighting inside. Similar places create feeling of safety at children and give them the chance to think out the necessary arrangement and to establish there own orders.