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Others criticism: it is necessary panic of

our nachmed never especially preserved tender feelings of collective. She was born, grew up and took place as the expert during the era so far from office good manners as light seen by us is far from the star which gave birth to him. Therefore at the morning medical conferences called by some joker for “five-minutes“ we received at full scale.

On reports of doctors on duty on the expired days left minutes fifteen, on “blamestorming session“ - from twenty to forty minutes. As will carry. Having received a vigorous charge of constructive criticism, we went on workplaces inspired. The inspiration at all was shown differently. Someone, puffing and reddening, called in witnesses of colleagues, the Lord and furniture and threatened to leave immediately. Other dejectedly went to the elevator to go down to the cellar and to light “unfair charges“. The big part fluttered out from a conference - the hall indifferently and got to daily work without excess reflection.

During later office period of my life I worked in collective where the psychology of working relationship was an icon, and political correctness - sacred relics to which our immediate superior, the citizen of the United States of America worshipped. On the statuses which are carried out on Monday morning and in the evening on Friday he never allowed to raise to himself the voice, the criticism did not affect him characterologic and external features of employees, it concerned exclusively business aspects. And after a wish of productive working week or pleasant days off, we went on workplaces or on houses inspired...

But! Someone, puffing and reddening, called in witnesses of colleagues, the Lord and furniture and threatened to leave immediately. Other dejectedly went to a ladder to go down on a porch and to light “unfair charges“. The big part fluttered out from negotiation indifferently and got to daily work or rest without excess reflection.

Why we so differently react to criticism? Because the criticism happens different? By no means. On what goat drive up to other of us what correct phrases create - Ivan Vasilyevich will become hysterical, flushing, and Vasily Ivanovich and in a mustache will not blow. Probably, business all - in ourselves, but not in those who criticize. Simply - naprosto we from different “divisions“.

“Outdoor advertizing“


U - huge self-respect. Put on atop as a white coat in slush. Perhaps, in the childhood they were abused for minus near the five or, on the contrary, flattered for the most routine progress. The grandmother sang the praises the granddaughter for the fact that it descended behind bread. Mother to a faint admired drawing by March 8 where on thin legs, touching clouds with disproportionately big head, holding in hand - a stick a tulip, worthy brushes Gave, the monster inscribed for reliability of verification slantwise soared: “Beloved mummy!“ They got used to be the first, without looking at anything. Or, without looking at anything, to consider itself as those. And to hear from space constants to it confirmations. The slightest contradiction or even doubt from the outside - and they will become hysterical, despite a presentation form to them this fact.

Before correcting an error in the report, the contract, the table, the text or, it is simple - naprosto, to wash up windows, they will be enough colleagues for a button, calling in witnesses of the faultlessness, to shift the blame on the one who did not send in time, in due time did not come, just rustled over the head, and also on bad detergents and low-quality rags. They - are always right. If they are not right - watch the previous offer.

For them fair remarks and constructive criticism even if before saying sacramental do not exist: “It is necessary to correct, remake because...“ you list all their advantages and present a bouquet of violets. They leave excellent “flyers“ who on each interview report that they on the former place of work did not value their creative potential according to the merits. They cannot explain that estimate not the potential, but result. For which receiving sometimes it is necessary to take off a white coat and to put on the worker kombez, not fearing criticism “spots“.

“Double agents“

Perhaps, in the childhood they excessively were fond of Dostoyevsky. And the question “whether a creature I shivering or have the right?“ suppressed in their consciousness light images of musketeers, the captain Blood and the count Monte - Cristo. They realize justice of the remarks made them. But all the same suffer. The infinite internal monologue prevents them to concentrate on correction of mistakes.“ Yes, of course, Maryivanna is right, and I could make this work better. I really was mistaken, but eventually it is not fatal. It is easy to correct it, and there was no need to rub the nose at all of me... And I am good, a ram! Not only that, really, made a mistake, so also did not manage to adduce worthy arguments in the protection, and stood and bleated“.

It considers

, corrects, making other mistake. Because stirs an infinite internal monologue. “Double agents“ endlessly read literature, it seems:“ How to perceive criticism “, “ twenty six rules of the correct presentation of information “and“ office climate. Forecasts of the best meteopsychologists“. Concentrate they on direct duties - the price it would not be. For now they for years work at one place without visible promotions and with a scanty increase to a salary at best once a year.

“Internal intelligence“

of These was praised when they deserved that, and abused if was for what. They have no self-assessment distortions: they perfectly are guided in prime cost, do not take absolutely literally. They are familiar with the fact that from mistakes nobody is insured. When they did not cope, always give themselves in it the report. The opinion from outside is not so important for them. Going to any “blamestorming session“ foreknow what they “will receive“ for and for what will be noted. The form of a presentation of criticism for them has no basic value though they are people, but not cars. Just they are able to separate the main thing from minor, and behind emotions to see rational. Do not conceal offenses, do not prepare flashing rebuffs “on the future“. Just work. Mainly - over. They already have everything that it is necessary for them inside. For such any criticism - is constructive. Having separated grains from a ryegrass, they will not spend time for a crunching of the last. And from “grains“ will always bake to themselves “roll“ of small or great success. They quickly enough move ahead on service, and bonuses pay to them without tiresome conversations and numerous schedules - percent - recalculations of participation in an administration office. Types from “internal intelligence“ possess quality, irreplaceable for any head: self-criticism. Thanks to which they also take over time the workplaces allowing them to throw thunders and lightnings of this or that degree of a correctness to “naruzhnik“ and “double agents“.

However, in pure form any of the described types, as a rule, does not meet. Not therefore whether so poorly ideal heads capable to criticize, without offending? Though personally I still prefer criticism in the spirit of a nachmed to the boring, sustained and delicate bubnezh of the American top. Because in the middle of emotionally painted idioms of the first always extremely concrete mistakes clearly understood and very accurate instructions on the future were given. And here inside on all head of correct generalizations “about anything“ the American the small “double agent“ who did not grow to “internal intelligence“ constantly jumped out of a white coat of “naruzhnik“.