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As I chose a house sunbed of

the Suntanned beauty passes on snow-covered streets, and it seems to counter passersby that they met a magic piece of solar summer... Suntan - it is so beautiful and exotic! Besides, the advantage of ultraviolet rays for an organism is proved long ago by doctors. I decided to execute, at last, dream and to buy a house sunbed.

should Approach

such purchase with all thoroughness. I studied articles about sunbeds, consulted with sellers. So, one after another. House sunbeds can be subdivided on front and sunbeds for all body which, in turn, share on unilateral and bilateral.

Front is, in fact, an ultra-violet lamp on a shtativchik. You put to yourself on a desktop, you note time, and you sunbathe. It is possible to chip in together for such lamp all office, or to buy for all family. Several minutes under beams of a front sunbed in a week besides suntan give the revitalizing effect: the ultraviolet stimulates an organism, strengthens immunity. Search with suntan, as well as in a case with excessively long stay on the sun, threatens with problems with skin. The only problem of front sunbeds is that only that part of a body which is substituted under a lamp sunbathes.


However, it is known that the face and shoulders at us sunbathe more difficultly in total skin here from continuous external influences grows coarse. Rather cheap front sunbed - a necessary thing at my office, I thought and began to find out the prices. Certainly, in the Internet - shops: here the equipment is cheaper since there is no margin for a tenancy of shop.

the First by means of the searcher of Yandex. ru (section “goods“) was the Internet - shop. In the section “improving equipment“ I found a small sunbed for 121 dollars. One of the most inexpensive. The producer of Philips, it is made in Holland. Automatic shutdown by the timer not to perezagorat, even the counter - an instruction on two persons. It seems, all as is necessary. Even two couples of goggles in a set. Noted, went further.

were In the following shop the whole two similar sunbeds. Both, unfortunately, cost more than two hundred dollars. But all the same put a zakladochka.

On sporttorg. ru / - the same Philips HB 175 chosen by me, and is one and a half dollars cheaper! Almost already decided to order when it became clear that delivery costs 15 dollars here. In the sum - $135. And on sportmaster. ru / - delivery only ten dollars. So, $131.


In an hour more of searches that the price is not less and in general that I was tired. Agreed with the employees who are in advance prepared for such turn of events, made the order. Now we at office have a small sun lightening us mood.

Now - I choose to myself home a sunbed for all body. The unilateral sunbed is several tens big ultra-violet lamps fixed on a support. Advantages of such sunbed - it is rather cheap, and it is possible to sunbathe under it as on the beach under the sun. However, it is possible to twirl a support somehow: having put it vertically, you sunbathe standing.

the Bilateral sunbed is something like the case full of lamps. Lying in it, you sunbathe at once from all directions. Tremendous thing. At the best samples of classical sunbeds, i.e. at sunbeds of Ergoline firm, even glass on which sunbathing lies is made with dredging in a shape of a body that weight was distributed evenly and skin sunbathed exactly. And that “client“ did not bake, the special device pumps over air in a sunbed.

And still, very much they expensive to me, these classical sunbeds. I and unilateral will quite manage: result, in principle, one...

of the Most inexpensive of decent - Kettler sunbed, the California model for 699 dollars. In total at it. And the mechanical timer for lamps, and the sizes nearly a meter on two meters, and even some integrated aluminum reflector... Let`s look for.

On com. ru/same a sunbed is on sale for some reason for $799.

the Following shop, offers a desired sunbed for $629! Already much better!

Or here sportmaster. ru/0, too 629 dollars...

Summing up of

the results, has to admit that it once again spent a couple of hours almost for nothing. The majority from given out by the search engines “The Internet - Shops“ are just pictures with the offer to visit real shop. Total, for some reason at first the shop where a desired sunbed for $629 seemed me the best option. And here it became clear that in this cunning shop before making a purchase, it is necessary to pay sixty dollars for a certain card, in the sum - $689. The issue was resolved by itself.

Ordered this which for $629. To my inexpressible surprise, brought the next day.

the Suntanned girl from my dream really walks the snow-covered streets today. White snow around madly goes to my chocolate cheeks.