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Wisdom tooth of

All know that a wisdom tooth - problem tooth which often gives the most various complications and causes a set of troubles. Whether is though some opportunity to prevent the accident caused by growth of a wisdom tooth and what to do if all this already happened? Such questions are asked to themselves by all who suffer with a wisdom tooth.

What is a wisdom tooth when and as it is cut through

the Wisdom tooth is a second tooth (the third, the last among big a molar or the painter) which is cut through after 18 years also often causes the most various complications, they and are called - the complicated wisdom tooth prorezyvaniye.

Feature of a wisdom tooth is that it is located by the last among, so, is propped up by the next tooth only on the one hand that gives it the chance freely to deviate aside. This tooth in general should make the way in life hardly, in - the first because in the place of its prorezyvaniye there was no milk tooth (so, the place was not prepared), and in - the second, - by the time of its prorezyvaniye bones of a jaw were already created and to punch them much more difficult. All this promotes that tooth often “leaves aside“ and is cut through incorrectly.

In certain cases teeth are cut through by

sooner or later term. The delay of a teething is called a retention, and the tooth which “got stuck“ in a jaw - retinirovanny. At a prorezyvaniye the wisdom tooth sometimes deviates aside, such wrong arrangement is called an allotopia. Sometimes about such tooth the cysts causing an inflammation of surrounding fabrics and pain are formed.

It is frequent at a wisdom tooth prorezyvaniye to it just there is not enough place in a tooth alignment and it causes various complications of its prorezyvaniye.

of Complication at a wisdom tooth prorezyvaniye

the Wrong prorezyvaniye of a wisdom tooth often is followed by inflammatory diseases of okolozubny fabrics as when traumatizing soft fabrics the infection which always “lives“ in an oral cavity can always get to them. In the beginning there is an inflammation of a gum (gingivit), then such inflammation can pass and on deeper fabrics surrounding tooth, then there is a periodontal disease, and at damage of the ligament holding tooth in a hole - periodontitis. A sign of the inflammatory phenomena in this area is reddening and swelling of gums around a wisdom tooth, an unpleasant smell from a mouth, at defeat of a periodontium - severe pain.

If the retinirovanny wisdom tooth is the reason of development of an inflammation, then it is usually deleted, previously having treated an inflammation.

Already cut through, but incorrectly located wisdom teeth can also lead

to development of an inflammation as at the same time it is in certain cases difficult to carry out daily hygiene of an oral cavity and the dental plaque arising at the same time often is an infection source. In such cases the wisdom tooth is also extracted.

at a prorezyvaniye of a wisdom tooth the inflammation of a trigeminal nerve can Sometimes begin

, then there is severe pain on the course of branches of this nerve.

Diagnostics of the wrong prorezyvaniye of a wisdom tooth

Diagnostics is based on careful survey of the patient and data of radiological research which allow to specify completely an arrangement of tooth, its roots, solid fabrics (a jaw bone) surrounding tooth and extent of its immersion in a cell (the place in a jaw intended for this tooth). All this allows to resolve an issue of need of removal of tooth.

of the Indication for removal of a wisdom tooth

the Indication for removal is existence of the inflammatory phenomena around a wisdom tooth. But if the right direction of growth has a grudge or grows with small shift towards the next, propping-up it tooth, then tooth is usually kept, having treated an inflammation. Sometimes, if the next big molar is defective and disturbs a prorezyvaniye of a normal wisdom tooth, it is deleted.

At neuritis of a trigeminal nerve the wisdom tooth is usually also extracted.

Operation on removal of a retenirovanny wisdom tooth

If the issue of need of removal of a wisdom tooth is resolved by

, then operation of removal of retinirovanny tooth is performed. For this purpose under local anesthesia separate a mucous membrane together with a periosteum, delete part of a bone which is over a wisdom tooth, and then extract a wisdom tooth (if it cannot be removed entirely, then delete in parts). After that the mucous membrane and a periosteum are restored by means of seams, and the hole (the place where there was extracted tooth) is tamponirut special tampons.

the blood clot has to be formed by

of Complication which can arise after removal of a wisdom tooth

After removal of a wisdom tooth in a hole. If it is absent, then the so-called “dry hole“ which can become the reason of emergence of an acute pain in several days after removal of tooth is formed. For removal of this pain caused by a nerve injury locally impose tampons with an anesthetic.

Sometimes the field of removal of a wisdom tooth arises a sleep of a lip, language and a chin which do not pass within several days. It occurs from - for traumatizing the nervous terminations of sensitive nerves. Such violation sometimes will difficult respond to treatment and remains for long time.

you Remember

: if the wisdom tooth begins to be cut through incorrectly, then what before it to remove with, that it is simpler and causes various complications less.