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Whether products for beautiful teeth of

are Known by you that many products familiar to us are capable to influence a condition of our teeth well? Is not present? Then get acquainted - products which help to prevent caries and to make our teeth stronger and white.

Useful properties of seeds of sesame are known for

to people for a long time. They contain a significant amount of calcium, have soft abrasive effect on teeth, relieving them of a raid. Seeds of sesame are perfectly combined with vegetables dishes. It is enough to season salad with a tablespoon of sesame and your diet will be replenished with 87 mg of calcium.

Firm grades of cheese are also rich with calcium moreover and phosphates which do tooth enamel more resistant. At the same time the amount of salt in cheeses is very limited that contributes to normalization of level of acidity in an oral cavity, and it, in turn, interferes with reproduction of microbes. Therefore accustom themselves to replace sweets with a small piece of cheese: it you protect the teeth from caries.

Caring for a condition of an oral cavity, it is necessary to remember also gums. And gums need enough vitamin C which stimulates synthesis of collagen in fabrics. The daily dose of vitamin C contains in fruits of a kiwi which are recommended to be added to porridges or to eat as a dessert. Only one large fruit a day - and you can not worry about vitamin C.

All know

about useful properties of various herbs and spices. In particular, parsley and mint contain a large amount of the radio substances capable it is not worse to refresh breath “Dirol“ and “Orbit“. Everything that it is necessary to make - to strew practically any ready dish a handful of small cut parsley or mint.

Any chewing gum the ordinary celery can give to

odds also. The way of its application is very simple: it is necessary to chew daily a stalk of this plant or to mix it with other suitable products (vegetables, greens, cottage cheese. During a chewing the celery massarut gums and brushes teeth, and the saliva which is emitted in the course of chewing supports in a mouth necessary kislotno - alkaline balance.

If earlier you did not love horse-radish, then now you should make friends with it. Biologically active agents which are contained in horse-radish and impacting it sharp relish on the spot kill bacteria in an oral cavity. Use horse-radish as an additive to salad gas stations or make means for rinsing of a mouth (½ h a spoon of grated horse-radish on a glass of warm water).

Onions, as well as horse-radish, are rich with natural phytoncides and therefore is excellent antibacterial means for an oral cavity plus protects and treats cold. Daily use a little fresh onions with salads or other products, and delete an unpleasant smell from a mouth by means of other “antikariyesny“ means - parsley.

the simplest means for preservation of teeth - ordinary water. In - the first, it is necessary to drink it in enough (at least 6 glasses a day), in - the second, it it is necessary to rinse a mouth after each meal.

to Avoid dehydration and to keep teeth healthy green tea which is rich with catechins - the strongest antioxidants will help. Several cups of unsweetened green tea during the day are enough for cleaning of an oral cavity of bacteria.