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How to restore a figure and to grow thin after the delivery without harm for a lactation?

Ya, unfortunately, did not meet any mother who would not be concerned by a question how somewhat quicker to shape up after the delivery. One “pleases“, the breast became... Hm... Well, Pamela Anderson has a rest.

Here factors which influence the speed of restoration of a figure.

the Main thing - motivation!

It is known that activity of the person for 97% copes from subconsciousness and only for 3% is a conscious activity.

If to inspire in subconsciousness any installation, then it is possible to achieve improbable results in any activity, including, in change of parameters of the body!

Very often wishing to grow thin come to grief because set to themselves the hard-hitting purpose - to grow thin on 10, 20, 30 etc. of kilograms. Subconsciousness which is given such installation, categorically against to strain and lose hardly the got stocks.

can Deceive him if to set to itself very simple object: to grow thin for 1 kg! Easily? Act! When the hated kilogram leaves, set to yourself the new object: to grow thin for 1 kg! And so on until your figure begins you to be pleasant.


to give to subconsciousness installation, write the purpose on a sheet of paper and hang up it on the refrigerator. This inscription will be constantly an eyesore to you and will gradually take root into subconsciousness.

I still! Hang up a mirror near a dining table, and glance in it when you eat. Believe, you will eat much less!

Diet or healthy nutrition?

it is frequent mean restriction of food with the purpose to reduce calories by a diet. But actually the diet is a diet or if you want, culture of food (set of Regulations of Admission of food).

Here a diet for persons interested to grow thin (it is made on the basis of own experience and knowledge).

Limit to

I refrain from meal right after training. Wait at least 2 hours. The matter is that during training the mechanism of combustion of fat is started, and it proceeds within about 2 hours after classes. If to eat right after training, then efficiency of occupations decreases.

When can start occupations?

the Recovery period after which you will be able to begin to carry out exercises depends on weight of childbirth. Anyway it happens not earlier, than in a month after the delivery, and after difficult delivery or Cesarean section - also after medical examination of the gynecologist.

Be patient

, do not demand from the body impossible. Anyway, but you will need not one month completely to come to a former form.

One of the reasons for which earlier flat stomach does not come back at once to a former state consists that pair muscles of a stomach which are usually closed during pregnancy disperse in the parties. This phenomenon is called to diastases of direct muscles of a stomach. They begin to approach in several days after the delivery.

can Start standard exercises on strengthening of muscles after disappearance a diastase.

to define degree a diastase, it is possible to execute the test. Lay down on a back, bend legs in knees, put hands on a stomach (in a navel). Raise the head and shoulders that they came off a floor. If you grope an interval between muscles, so is diastases. This test can be carried out daily until muscles become most very intimate.

So, you are ready to start exercises. Pay, please, attention to the basic principles of trainings. I formulated them on the basis of own experience occupations by shaping. If you adhere to them, then will spend several times less time for achievement of result.

the Important principles of trainings

Further I will give several power exercises for muscles of a press and buttocks which are recognized by the most effective fitness coaches. But if you carry out them at pulse of 120 beats per minute, then they will also promote combustion of fat in problem places.

Exercise for the top muscles of a press

Lay down on a floor. Bend legs in knees so that the waist was pressed to a floor. Clasp with hands yourself for a neck. Do not squeeze and do not link fingers around a neck. Slowly lift the top part of a trunk. Stretch a chin to knees, straining a press, but not a neck. If muscles hurt and shiver, so do everything correctly. Monitor breath! Effort - an exhalation through a mouth, relaxation - a breath through a nose.

Exercise for the lower muscles of a press

Lay down on a floor, hands along a trunk, a leg direct. Smoothly raise legs under such corner to feel strong tension in the bottom of a stomach. Knees have to remain straight lines. Monitor breath! Effort - an exhalation through a mouth, relaxation - a breath through a nose.

Exercise for oblique muscles of a stomach

In order that the press looked harmoniously, it is necessary to pay attention to oblique muscles of a stomach on which also the condition of a waist depends.

Lay down on a floor. Bend knees so that the waist was pressed to a floor. Put brushes on shoulders. Press a chin to a breast and the smooth “twisting“ movement tear off shoulders from a floor. Amplitude in twisting is very small, and the lower half of a backbone should not rise from a floor. Slowly lower an upper back on a floor. Monitor breath! Effort - an exhalation through a mouth, relaxation - a breath through a nose.

Exercise for buttocks

Usually during pregnancy on buttocks is postponed by

a fat as a counterbalance to a pregnant stomach.

Lay down on a back, legs bend in knees at an angle 90 degrees, extend hands along a trunk. Strain legs and slowly lift a basin up - down.

If it is very simple

, try the same, but having extended and having raised one leg up by 45 degrees. Slowly lift a basin up - down, leaning on one leg, and the second - in air.