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Useful legal resources

When there is a need for legal consultation (and the requirement such arises, unfortunately, not in the lightest days of our life), there are at least, four ways of possible information search.

First, the most difficult, - an independent shtudirovaniye of legislative literature. Laws our prostitutes are also crafty, therefore this way is thorny and unpredictable. However here you are completely independent.

the Second way, is simpler - search on the Internet or paper magazines of councils of the lawyer on the question interesting you. Here you will face the legislation too, but in already prepared look. If you find what is necessary.

the Third way, the most adequate, but demanding the known expenses - consultation at the lawyer.

At last, the fourth, Russian national way - to consult to the “knowing“ people (neighbors, acquaintances, colleagues, people in line to the notary and anyone if only knew ). Personal free experience - a thing very attractive.

K to what all this I? And to the fact that today`s review legal the Internet - resources on structure will coincide with the described structure of four ways of legal drudgeries. At first laws and comments, then councils of the lawyer, behind them - on-line consultations and, at last, national conferences. I think, it will be so logical. Anyway, you will have a choice. Let`s roll.

, in principle, is not present

of Free databases on the legislation in the Network. I speak, “in principle“, as at desire and the known persistence it is possible to find all. Watching how to look for. I will tell about what I managed to find. In - the first, there are, at least, two official paid databases which resources you can use absolutely free of charge, legally and in full. However, only in the evening. Here they:

Consultant Plus. Access to on - line of the version of system is provided on weekdays with 20 - 00 to 24 - 00 (Moscow time), on the days off - from 00 - 00 Saturdays to 24 - 00 Sundays. Entrance here. If you come earlier, the system will politely tell you how many now time and how many hours/minutes remained before opening.

Reviewer. Free access to base is open for the unregistered users daily with 19. 00 to 23. 00. Search is carried out by the word in the name, to the word in the text, to number of the document, date of acceptance, the status, a type of the document, the accepted body. In a word, very qualitative, full database which day visitors use for real money.

Krom of official paid bases, in the Network, certainly, also their free analogs exist. So at us it developed - here two of such bases:

But I did not tell it to you.

However, all there was a speech above about, are ogromadny storages of ALL current legislation which, as a rule, are necessary to the ordinary citizen, so to say, not often. Much more conveniently the compact and broken on subjects collections of the most necessary laws and normative documents.

One of the best such collections is located at: zakon. kuban. ru. The legislation of the Russian Federation is broken on subjects and by types to documents. Forms of documents, samples, forms are presented. By the way, there is an entertaining “School of a survival“ where you learn what to do if you were attacked by a dog, will master skills of hand-to-hand fight or exclusive “Features of firing from the gun on a fixed target in unlimited time“, sounds as the name of the movie. Well, it I so, to the word.

One more collection of laws is here: asvser. chat. ru. Classification by subjects (labor, family, housing, pension law etc.) .

the Processed and “humanized“ databases it is already the first step on the second way of collecting necessary legal information about which I spoke above, namely - search of councils and recommendations of lawyers, and also articles and reviews on a necessary subject. It is a lot of such information in the Network. In principle, almost each thematic website respecting itself contains a heading with the name like “Councils of the lawyer“. The tourist websites write about the tourist legislation, realtor - about housing, recruiting - about labor, consumer prepare the Law “About Consumer Protection“ etc. The review of such resources would turn out very extensive therefore I selected the most “general“, universal websites where there are articles and councils on different subjects from all variety. As a rule, it is the specialized legal websites. (By the way, yet did not forget, I will mention at once one universal resource which can be required at any time so on it just it is better to make a bookmark. It “the Big Legal Encyclopedia“).

the Very good website devoted to legal issues is called simply “The right I have“. There is a big section “Publications“ and also very interesting - “Techniques“ in which, in particular, it is possible to find such materials:

the Magazine of legal information on Yurtsentre contains articles on all branches of the right: civil law and process, arbitration, criminal law, taxes, international law and many other things.

On the website “Virtual Legal Consultation“ of which it will be a question below the quite good section “Materials“ containing the normative documents, articles, reviews and other materials sorted by branches of the right (civil, housing, family, well etc.) is .

the website “Freedom and Right“ which editor-in-chief Natalya Abradushkina (cheerful what surname) writes on the first page Well declared itself: to

In the section “Private Life“ there are several articles on the following subjects: Besides, on the website the small selection of references with comments and coordinates of the Moscow courts is.

Actually to find the necessary information in this lots of councils, recommendations, articles, reviews and so forth it is quite difficult. In - the first because each case is quite individual, and in - the second because legal information becomes outdated very quickly. In such situation an exit only one - to address in on-line legal consultation. Of course, such consultations will not replace real-life communication and to briefly formulate a problem in writing happens quite difficult, but in a situation when hands fall and do not know what to begin with, consultation in online - quite quite good option. As you understood, I pass to the most important and interesting part of the review - to free legal advice.

the best website in this category - already mentioned “Virtual Legal Consultation“. Answer here very quickly and in fact. The matter is that your question falls into hands not of one lawyer - the enthusiast, and the whole one hundred, and even it is more (I did not begin to consider). The reason is simple - on the website there is constantly updated rating of the lawyers registered in system. The more quantity of questions which the lawyer answered the higher him a rating and consequently, the he will receive more paid orders (on the website also this mechanism is realized). By the way, the same factor influences and on quality of answers - the potential client can always estimate the level of competence of the lawyer on his answers. In a word, all in a prize.


in principle, this website it would be possible and to be limited. However it is always useful to make secure and send the question to several more lawyers. If receive 2 - 3 answers, it is even better: it will be possible to compare. Therefore I will give some more references. Especially I will not comment - here on everything clearly, you ask, they answer.

the Inyurkollegiya - answers by e-mail (it is especially convenient if you do not want to advertize the problem).

the Guarantor - Park. Answers to questions. It is possible for a fee, it is possible free of charge. If it is free, then the answer within two weeks and only on the subjects announced by authors of the website. This copyright, licensing, divorce proceedings, the legislation on communication, the labor law, the taxation of natural persons, - only 15 subjects.

of Consultation on the website “Freedom and Right“.

the ADVO Project free consultations on the following subjects: contract and tax law, consumer protection, customs right, legislation on bankruptcy. Other subjects - on a contractual basis.

Electronic legal consultation. (efficiency of answers is doubtful).

Free councils of the practicing lawyer. (the young enthusiast - the single)

Here, in principle, and all - you send questions to these seven addresses and you wait. For certain somebody will answer. But if it does not help, then it is necessary - to submit one exit the problem for national discussion in conference. Our compassionate people will help, to the country we live in one - references to these conferences are given below:

At last if seems to all information collected in this review to you a little, then here references to catalogs of legal resources:

of Good luck!