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Gift from the Angel of

Once upon a time there was a boy Seryozha. He was already big because this year went to school and diligently studied in the first grade. Seryozha lived together with mother and the grandmother. It had no father, and he very much mourned about it. Now Seryozha was on winter vacation, mother worked, and he spent the most part of time with the grandmother.

New year Came, the grandmother had many cares. Going behind purchases, she often took Seryozhu with itself, and staying with him houses, told about the forthcoming holidays: New year and Christmas, about what unusual stories happen in their magic nights. Seryozha, examining toys and jewelry on the elegant fir-tree standing in the hall with a great interest listened to these stories.

- mother will come Soon, it is time to set the table, - the grandmother told, - about New year there were 6 hours.

- I will not sleep at night and I will see how Father Frost will put to me under a fir-tree a gift, - Seryozha declared to the grandmother, helping to display on a table of a napkin and a plateau.

When the melody of a doorbell played, Seryozha ran to meet mother. Mother and the grandmother put on festive dresses, and Seryozha dressed up in the musketeer`s suit. Mother included a garland. From the flashed multi-colored bulbs the fir-tree became even more beautiful: on spheres, small lamps, little squirrels and angels nacreous spangles played. Mother congratulated all with coming New year, and the family started a festive dinner. After cake, candies and tangerine mother with the grandmother in turn asked Seryozhu to find on a fir-tree that, other toy, and it with pleasure found hiding behind branches, a beads and tinsel of glass animals and birdies. After this game of Seryozha told the poem on winter learned by this holiday for what received from mother and the grandmother as a gift an engine with three hook-on cars which went on plastic rails. Having played enough with an engine, Seryozha began to watch the favourite animated film about Thumbelina, but soon fell asleep, sitting on a sofa. Mother undressed and transferred it to a bed.

in the Morning Seryozha ran to a fir-tree. Under it the red sack with marvelous sweets in bright candy wrappers, with walnuts, krasnoboky apple and tangerines lay. Seryozha inexpressibly was delighted to a gift. It is the whole day poured out sack contents, choosing a delicacy, again put sweets back. By the evening the sack became empty more, than half.

- the Granny, and soon Christmas will be? - Seryozha addressed the grandmother.

- Soon, granddaughters, in six days, - that answered.

This night Seryozhe dreamed

the Angel about whom the grandmother told.

- Well that, Seryozha whether you made a Christmas wish? - he asked. - Tell any, and I will execute.

- I want that for Christmas you brought in a bag not of candy, and the father.

- it is good

, let will be your way: father, so father.

, What was farther, having woken up in the morning, Seryozha did not remember, but Angela could not forget the promise.

He told

about it to the grandmother, and that is to his mother. And it is necessary to tell that mother Seryozhi got acquainted long ago with the man with whom they decided to get married recently. She invited the acquaintance on a visit to Christmas to reduce it with Seryozhy.

Before a holiday the grandmother with Seryozhy went to the market.

- Let`s bribe brand new jewelry on a fir-tree, - the grandmother Seryozhe offered, passing by toy store.

So far the grandmother talked to the seller, Seryozha suited to the located department of children`s toys nearby. One of buyers was very similar to the Angel whom Seryozha dreamed, only without wings. Having seen Seryozhu, the man approached him and smiled:

- Help

, the friend to choose a gift. What would you take - the automatic machine or the machine?

- Wons that car with flashers, - Seryozha pointed to the militia car.

- Thanks for the help! - the man told, stretching to Seryozhe candy.

- Thanks! And you from the Angel?

- And that, considerably? - the man laughed and, having turned to the seller, made the order.


suited the grandmother At this time and, having taken Seryozhu by hand, brought him to the street.

- You where took a candy? - she asked.

- the Uncle gave.

- How many times I said to you that you would take nothing from strangers?

is a kind uncle, it from the Angel.

At home the grandmother advised Seryozhe to lie and have a sleep in the afternoon, time it wants to wait for approach of Christmas. Seryozha, remembering as he overslept a New Year`s Eve, agreed, but could not fall asleep long and when woke up, on the street it was dark. The grandmother and mother strove at the laid table.

- the Granny and how the Angel will inform of such heavy bag? - Seryozha asked putting on.

- that on wings is even easier to go down From the sky - - the grandmother answered, making a bed.

- As if did not drop, - Seryozha began to worry.

When till midnight remained five minutes, the grandmother approached a window:

- Seryozha, look what beautiful fireworks on the street!


Behind a window heard cottons and multi-colored bouquets of fires flew up. From a wonderful show they were distracted by a sound of bells on the TV and the priest`s congratulation on Christmas holiday. Seryozha looked at a fir-tree. Near it there was a big silk red bag tied by a yellow bow. The boy rushed to a bag, quickly exempted it from a tie. There that person from the Angel sat. It got out of a bag, holding in hand the machine with flashers.

is to you, - stretching a gift to the boy, the man told.

- the Father! - Seryozha cried, falling him arms.