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We choose higher education institution on character of

Why we choose this or that higher education institution? Of course, there is a number of objective criteria: specialties, teachers, rating. But also we feel also almost inaudible properties of universities on which those differ from each other. And sometimes these properties are more significant, than figures and the facts.

the Myth about university

the University atmosphere connects by

students and with Alma - a mater, and with each other, perhaps, it is more, than examination and visit of lectures. Since the childhood the child learns about different “adult“ establishments on an emotional background: according to stories of parents or from books in which the interior and the general spirit let never also plays a major role, but without it nothing would take place. And graduates with diplomas remember first of all feeling of as student, themselves at university.

World famous universities sonorous names already create the whole picture in our perception: it is necessary to feel “on taste“ all these words - Sorbonne, Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale. And how many associations with phrases it seems the Athenian university or the Frankfurt school...


By the way, it is interesting that and even many children`s books the atmosphere of higher education institution or school almost never appears in fairy tales. Is in them, of course, mentions as heroes studied, but no more than that. The matter is that the fairy tale in itself is a peculiar lesson (or even pass - higher education institution) therefore it does not start up other educational institutions in itself. The exception is, perhaps, books about Harry Potter. Yes, Joanne Rowling created the surprising book which, apparently, can fascinate any by charm of Hogwarts - magic option of classical English school. Though to be fair we will note, as in others, more adults, works are mentions of educational institutions, semi-fantastic too. Once Rabelais remembers or magic school at Ursula le the Head Department of the Penitentiary.

What else unites young people in universities and institutes? Of course, communication, creation of community with the fellow students and adherents. Not casually in the student`s environment revolutions prepared and the most daring ideas were created. Today secret meetings become more rare part of leisure of the student, but the melancholy for them remains. And neither official actions, nor meetings of labor union, nor preparation of joint recitals can replace such communication. The real student`s society is created “from below“, only by students, sometimes - together with young teachers. One of the brightest, though tragic examples is shown in the movie “Society of Dead Poets“. There the young teacher changes life of conservative English school, begins to arrange meetings of the students who are carried away by poetry who read verses at night. Very precisely in this movie it is reflected that a charm of secret society - in its taynost when it is necessary to identify each other on casual signs and gestures. Sometimes such societies are created not only one course, but at once several generations of students, form the tradition of meetings and the subjects for talk. And often the friendship, the relations which begin in such communities with the termination of higher education institution do not come to the end.

of the Book-depository and new technologies

But if from a non-material component to return to objects household or, in any case, “interior“, then we will surely get to library. No, it is not just monastery of the students who are especially occupied with study. On library it is possible to judge higher education institution in general. Of course, there are objective indicators: books and magazines which in it are, degree of a computerization and convenience. Yes, if you are ready rationally, it is worth learning what subscriptions for editions on your specialty are, work with electronic resources is how conveniently realized, to look at library halls. But, approaching library creatively, you pay attention absolutely to another: on furniture and walls, on expressions of faces of students, the general rate of library, you find very out soon whether there are traditional library grandmothers there or their place is taken by lovely young ladies whether it is possible to take fiction whether there are old editions there. However actually libraries are not settled only by it. There are also libraries of innovative type, and at all optional this is connected with architectural features of their buildings.

First of all students pay attention to how there takes place work with resources of library. There is a certain charm in the old-fashioned library centers with their keepers, archives with kilometer regiments and heavy tables where it is possible to be engaged all day long. But such system becomes part of history. It is accelerated life, the student sometimes is not able to afford to stay in library for hours, and heads of training centers meet requirements of him. And in ancient buildings, and in new architectural constructions work with books is automated more and more, and nobody is surprised to it. And buildings of libraries in itself stop being a reminder on what long history at books.

For example, the library of the Brandenburg technical university rather the whole media center draws attention from far away. Inside, except book-depositories and reading rooms, the multimedia and computing centers, and also the center of information processing are located. And all this is hidden behind a facade from plexiglass which is decorated with letters and symbols from the most different alphabets. And color of letters, initially white, changes depending on a point of view and weather conditions.

In library of University of Duisburg - Essen the original concept not only outside (it is built in the form of the huge sphere), but also inside. Energy saving technologies, environmentally friendly materials: so built generally cars on electricity, but also buildings for students turn out now.

the University library in Warsaw surprises with a combination of high technologies and classical approach too. The huge glass building, on a roof - an observation deck and greenhouses, and inside - both small shopping center, and the children`s town, and half-dozens of cafe and shops. It seems, here it is possible to forget about study. Actually all just the opposite. It is possible to come to such place, to resolve all household issues - and already whole day not to distract from occupations. If it is necessary to be engaged in collaboration - it can be made nobody without distracting, but also without leaving limits of library, in one of squares on a roof or at small restaurant below.

of the Innovation in ancient castles

Can divide “characters“ of universities into two look - classical and innovative. It is considered that humanitarian and medical disciplines have more classical mood, and technical and architectural - is closer to innovative type. However if to look at modern universities, it turns out that it not absolutely so, and at times even directly on the contrary.

Actually just traditional classical higher education institutions the first feel need for creation of innovative approach if not to training then to its frame. Therefore in classical English and others European and, of course, at the American universities the most modern systems of work with students work. In the territory of many higher education institutions free wi - fi therefore everyone can get access to training materials which big, and at times and most part exists in electronic form works.

For the person who is brought up in other system, such approach to training first seems at first just perfection. The master of The London School of Economics and Political Science Nikolay Voronin in the blog told about impressions of the first days so:“ It is simply improbable - when it is possible to sit during an afternoon snack at a little table on a verandah on a roof of university, enjoying croissant and a glass of orange juice - and to run at the same time fingers on keys of the opened laptop in search of the necessary book from library catalog. To press the fetch key - and know that in 20 minutes, just when you will eat up croissant, the book will already wait for you on reception in the neighboring building“.

I it is not so important whether there is a speech about studying of modern media or traditional philosophy or political science. Schools with traditions are able to change together with time externally, at the same time keeping internal integrity. And, as we already mentioned above, try to obtain that students are bewitched even by their names.

at the same time new higher education institutions in the young countries, of course, differ in

from classical European universities even outside.

the School of arts, media and design in Singapore is made by

in the form of a letter C, at the same time all roof is covered with a grass, and walls (school, we will notice, three-storyed) almost completely glass. It is very simple to get on such roof as two square ends of a letter begin directly with the earth. Students are engaged inside, and have a rest - on roof lawns. In the same Singapore there is one more building belonging to College of arts LaSalle SIA Art College. It consists of six buildings, in everyone - on 5 floors, and they as if being heated up at each other are located, and buildings by high suspended bridges between the top floors are connected. The huge translucent glass block which is highlighted at night turns out and it is visible from far away.

However, it is important not only as the study space is organized, but also as there takes place its process.


In the majority of the European higher education institutions actively use all opportunities of the Internet. Students daily are in the morning verified with the schedule, in electronic form receive the program to each occupation, have access to electronic resources of library directly from the computers, coming into library, specify on an entrance what books according to the program are in access. And lecture occupations are organized often differently, than in traditional Russian system. The teacher shows the presentation, at students on tables listings of this presentation lie: there they do marks as the story unfolds of the lecturer, somewhere instead of leaflets laptops are already welcomed, then electronic mailing students receive the list of references and tasks for independent preparation.

all this

I occurs, we will notice, not only at new universities, but also in classical English universities.

Whatever, the university atmosphere remains still attractive to students. And its main line - belonging to the world of science and the present. Not for nothing at universities the most conservative theories were born and at the same time great revolutions and revolts began. Becoming students, we involuntarily absorb the atmosphere of educational institution - and in many respects it defines what we will be in ten or twenty years. It is necessary only to choose its character.