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Get up directly

“... Do not stoop! Do not stoop! What were you bent as the old man? Do not shuffle the feet!“ - say, ask, parents, teachers, doctors demand...

What is a bearing?

the Beautiful bearing, a light step favourably distinguish the person. The slender person of small growth seems above. The dragged legs and the bent back can spoil impression of a beautiful face. And vice versa: the light step and a slim figure “will smooth“ shortcomings of the ugly person.

V. I. Dahl determined by

a good bearing as a combination of symmetry, a stateliness, beauty and gave a proverb:“ Without bearing a horse - a cow“.

scientists the term “bearing“ treat

A as “habitual position of a body of the person in rest and at the movement; it is formed since the earliest childhood in the course of growth, development and education. The correct posture does a figure of the person beautiful and promotes normal functioning of the motive device and all organism“.

the Necessity of development of a good bearing is caused by

not only esthetic requirements, but also medical.

the Bearing can be correct and wrong.

If the person holds the head freely, the case directly, shoulders at it are slightly lowered, taken away back at one level, the belt is tightened, knees are straightened, the breast acts a little forward, then it is possible to tell that this person has a correct posture.

the Bearing exerts

direct impact and on health of the person. It creates conditions for normal situation and activity of internals.

the Bearing reflects also internal state of the person - his mood and health. When we are healthy, vigorous, we also are externally brought up: we straighten shoulders, pryamy we keep.

In formation of a bearing the large role is played by a backbone. It can be compared to a mast which in vertical position is held by numerous extensions. In a body of the person the role of extensions is carried out by the short and long muscles going from a backbone to edges, shovels, a basin, a skull...

Therefore it is important

that muscles on both sides of a backbone were developed and strained evenly. The correct position of a body is also defined by extent of development and a tone of the muscles and sheaves surrounding a backbone.

Formation of a bearing at the person begins

from the first days of life. In process of development of movements in the child four natural (physiological) bends of a backbone are formed; cervical and lumbar - camber forward (if to look at a backbone sideways), chest and sacral - camber back.

physiological bends of a backbone are expressed to

At a correct posture moderately. They are formed to to 6 - 7 years. Bends protect internals and a brain from pushes and concussions, with their emergence the backbone gains ability to spring at the movements. In the same time the bearing begins to be defined and be fixed.

the Most frequent violation of a bearing at children`s and teenage age is the sluggish bearing of which are characteristic increase in cervical and chest bends of a backbone, slightly hung head lowered and shoulders shifted forward, the sunk-down thorax, shovels which are lagging behind a back and the hanging-down stomach; legs are sometimes slightly bent in knees.

Other often found postural defect at children and teenagers is a so-called flat back: bends of a backbone are reduced (almost direct back), also the basin tilt angle also respectively changes, shoulders are lowered down and slightly given forward. At this postural defect from - for weaknesses of muscles of a back there occurs the fast fatigue, it is difficult to hold a body in one situation and it is necessary to change it constantly.

Children and teenagers will often stoop, at the same time they increase chest curvature of a backbone, shoulders are strongly cramped forward.

of Violation of a bearing not only spoil appearance, but also can lead to a number of diseases. So, when the thorax hollow, is squeezed (that occurs at stoop, a round back, a sluggish bearing), breath is constrained, lungs are insufficiently ventilated, their capacity is reduced. And when postural defects prevent good breath, it has an adverse effect on a condition of all organism. At deep breath blood circulation amplifies, and it creates conditions for a full-fledged muscle work.

Knows to

also that many children and teenagers with a hollow breast are inclined to bronchitis, pneumonias, tuberculosis...

are weakened by

At people with a malposture of a muscle of a stomach and badly carry out the function, i.e. they badly hold a stomach and intestines in the necessary situation that leads to digestion violation.


Obstetricians - gynecologists emphasize special importance of a good bearing for girls, noting that the malposture breaks development of internals, and it is dangerous to future mother.

Postural defects are reflected by

also in a condition of nervous system. There are an isolation, irritability, a capriciousness, concern, tearfulness. The child or the teenager with a malposture feels awkward, hesitates to take part in games of peers.

even the interrelation between hearing impairment on one ear and a malposture Exists. The person, wishing it is better to hear, all the time bows or turns to speaking. It becomes a habit and causes violation of a bearing.

the Professional advice - to school students

the one who thinks that the beautiful, correct posture is given to the person by nature is not right

. It needs to be brought up since the childhood. At children`s age the backbone is very flexible and pliable. If day by day to sit or go, having bent, to hold one shoulder above another, the backbone will be bent - and it is possible to remain forever crooked and round-shouldered. At children and teenagers large muscles of a back are still insufficiently developed. If not to strengthen them physical exercises, then same weak they will remain also at advanced age. Weak muscles will not be able to hold a backbone in direct situation, the back will become round - and the person will be hunched.

direct dependence between a good bearing and the correct motive operating mode Exists. Physical exercises promote the best supply of muscles with oxygen and nutrients, and it is an indispensable condition of their good development.

Special value for formation of a correct posture exercises which straighten a backbone have

, expand a thorax, pull together shovels and strengthen muscles of a back, stomach.

exercises on balance - walking with various objects on the head are Very useful to


you will be able to develop at yourself the correct, beautiful posture if you listen to our councils.

Morning of each school student has to begin

with charging, the morning exercises give a cheerfulness charge for all day. Include in your complex of morning exercises the following exercises for education of a correct posture. They help to strengthen muscles of a back and straighten a backbone.

But one charging for education of a correct posture have not enough, it is necessary to watch the gait still. Signs of the correct walking are: foot is put directly, at first the heel touches the earth, fingers at the same time should not be pulled up but only slightly to raise. It is necessary to go the average step (not small and not big) corresponding to growth. The step has to be easy, elastic and quite fast. When walking the hip rises a little while the supporting leg changes, and falls when at the following step the heel touches the earth. Knees are completely straightened, are even a little bent, hands are a little bent in elbows.

When walking the head should be held directly, not to bend shoulders and knees. Here you will be helped by a schoolbag (or a backpack). Its weight is evenly distributed on all body and is almost not felt.

A pay attention now as there are school students with portfolios. The portfolio loaded with books delays a hand so that his owner is forced to be bent. And maybe it is less books in this portfolio, than in a satchel with which so easily there is other school student. If all of you carry a bag, shift it from one hand in another more often. If you go to school with a sports bag on a long belt, then, going in the morning on lessons, carry her on one shoulder, and coming back home - on another.

the Most part of day you carry out

behind a school desk at school, and at home - behind a desktop. And though you were learned to sit correctly, we will remind once again:

  • you sit at a school desk or a table directly, having slightly bent forward, low do not hang the head;
  • do not rest a breast against the table edge or school desks, between the table edge and a breast has to pass a hand freely;
  • needs to sit not on a chair edge, and to completely occupy a seat;
  • you watch uniform load of both half of a basin;
  • of a forearm are had to symmetrically and freely, without tension to lie on a table;
  • do not lower one shoulder below another;
  • have to be bent by
  • of a leg in knees under a right or obtuse angle, stand on a floor or a footboard all foot.

to check whether correctly you sit, deliver a hand have to touch by an elbow on a school desk, tips of the extended fingers an eye corner.

If, sitting at a table, you were tired, change a pose: slightly bend forward or lean back on a chair back.

Remove exhaustion of a fizkultminutka at lessons. If you are engaged at home, arrange through each 35 - 40 minutes small breaks. Leave from - for a table and at an open window leaf during 2 - 3 minutes make several pandiculations, trunk inclinations forward, back and in the parties.

What else will help to keep and correct a bearing?

can Keep the correct working pose only when the table and a chair are picked up according to your growth. Height of a table can be checked so: sit down at a table, press the hand bent at right angle to a side. Height of a table has to be on of 2 - 3 cm above the bent hand.

it is correct to p to pick up a table and a chair it is possible by means of the special table.

Growth of the school student (in cm) Height of edge of a table-top over a floor (in cm) chair seat Height over a floor (in cm)
of 100 - 115 46 26
of 115 - 130 52 30
of 130 - 145 58 34
of 145 - 160 64 38
of 160 - 175 70 42
Over 175 76 46

One more rule. In a standing position it is necessary to distribute evenly weight of a trunk on both legs. A habit to stand, transferring weight of a body to the same leg, can lead to a backbone curvature. At the answer at a board stand directly, leaning on both legs. Do not hang low the head and shoulders.

the bed and a pose are of Great importance during a dream. A habit to sleep in a soft bed, on a high pillow moreover having curled “up“ on one side, having drawn in legs to a stomach, often happens the backbone curvature reason. It is recommended to sleep on the equal, not caving in mattress, a small semifixed pillow. Try to get used to fall asleep on a back.

good, various nutrition which promotes normal development of muscles and a skeleton is very important

For the growing organism.


to Development of violations of a bearing are promoted by such diseases as rickets, obesity, infectious diseases.

Violation of a bearing is often combined by

with flat-footedness since. that and other problem is caused by weakness of muscles.

Flat-footedness most often arises from - for easing, overfatigue or an overload of muscles of foot or a shin. Development of flat-footedness is promoted by long standing, weakness of muscles, discrepancy between big body weight (for example, obesity) and physical development.

Important value has footwear. The footwear without heel, without heel and on an unbending sole, and also not on a leg prevents walking and creates conditions for flattening of the arch of foot. At flat-footedness basic function of legs worsens, the provision of a basin and a backbone changes, and it, in turn, conducts to postural defects and the general physical development detains. Flat-footedness often causes severe pains in legs and limits mobility of the child. The depreciation (springing) ability of the arch is lost. As a result of it internals are exposed to sharp pushes at the movements (walking, run, etc.) increased fatigue, a general malaise and headaches appear.

If the doctor appoints by

treatment, for example, will direct to special corrective gymnastics, it is impossible to evade from such occupations. For each case there are the system, the set of exercises. For example, at a lateral curvature of a backbone in any party appoint the exercises developing a muscular corset; at stoop it is necessary to do the exercises strengthening muscles of a back and a back surface of a neck, etc.

Is very important to carry out these exercises precisely, to observe medical recommendations. Otherwise it is possible to start violation of a bearing, then it is necessary to resort to more difficult methods of treatment.

So, the correct posture is beauty and symmetry, the sign of good health and high activity of the person.

to prevent violations of a bearing, it is necessary to observe all hygienic requirements to a day regimen and food, to go in for physical culture and sport, to select educational furniture for growth...

of Exercise for education of a correct posture

  1. Get up closely to a wall (a nape, shoulders, buttocks and heels at the same time touch a wall). Put hands on a belt, sit down on tiptoe, parting knees separately. During squat the nape, shovels, buttocks continue to touch a wall.
  2. Get up closely to a wall (as well as in the first exercise), hands on a belt. Raise the leg bent in a knee above, hang the head, trying to touch by a knee forehead.
  3. Lay down on a back, hands on a belt, socks are extended. Tighten the leg bent in a knee to a stomach. Do not raise the head from a floor.
  4. Lay down on a stomach, put hands for the head. Several times cave in in a waist, looking directly before themselves.
  5. Lay down on a stomach, put the bent hands under a chin. Serially lift back the right, left leg. Knees have to be straight lines.
  6. Kneel, put hands on a belt. Cave in back, return to a starting position.

the Set of exercises of the sports minutes (SM)

of FM for removal of exhaustion from a humeral belt and hands

  1. the Starting position (nominative) - standing or sitting, hands on a belt, 1 - the right hand forward, left up, 2 - to change position of hands. To repeat 3 - 4 times, then is weakened to lower down and to shake by brushes, to incline the head forward. Speed is average.
  2. - costing
  3. of Nominative or sitting, back brushes on a belt, 1 - 2 - to cramp elbows forward, to incline the head forward, 3 - 4 - elbows back, to cave in. To repeat of 6 - 8 times, then hands down and to shake it is weakened. Speed is slow.
  4. of Nominative - sitting, hands up, 1 - to squeeze brushes in a fist, 2 - to unclench brushes. To repeat of 6 - 8 times, then hands is weakened to lower down and to shake by brushes. Speed is average.

of FM for removal of exhaustion from a trunk

  1. of Nominative - a leg rack separately, hands for the head, 1 - sharply to turn a basin to the right, 2 - sharply to turn a basin to the left. During turns a humeral belt to leave motionless. To repeat of 6 - 8 times. Speed average.
  2. of Nominative - a leg rack separately, hands for the head, 1 - 5 - roundabouts a basin in one party, 7 - 8 - hands down are also weakened to be shaken by brushes. The same in other party. To repeat of 4 - 6 times. Speed average.
  3. of Nominative - a leg rack separately, 1 - 2 - an inclination forward, the right hand slides along a leg down, left, being bent, along a body a vverx, 3 - 4 - nominative, 5 - 8 - the same in other party. To repeat of 6 - 8 times. Speed average.