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Ilankina of game (part 2)

Part 1 can be read here.

of Times a camomile, two the camomile

Came it is time to train the daughter in the calculating diploma. The animated cartoon “Tryam was an incitement! Hello!“ The daughter of minutes 5 ran on the house crying out: “Time camomile, two camomile...“ So game was also called. We cut out small rectangles from color paper (begin with three, and then supplement). We cut out figures from paper of other color. I stopped on two options: white cloudlets on the blue field and yellow florets on green.


It is pasted on figure rectangles on the first one, on the second two, on the third - three and so on. Now you sit down with the child, show him cards telling where one cloudlet (floret) where two. Then suggest the child most to find a card with a certain quantity of cloudlets or florets. Still bought ready figures on magnetics. We mold them on the refrigerator, speaking:“ One bear, two, three. Ilan, paste two bears“.

Logical chains

This game was thought up by our father. Were in a zoo. Ilanka, having seen a zebra: “And how it does?“ (that is: what sounds the zebra makes). The husband became thoughtful: “Probably, as horse“. About! Ilan: “If the horse tells “A yoke - go“, and the zebra speaks how a horse, what is told by a zebra?“

I Will tell

honestly the daughter, thought not at once, but thought. And with the husband incurred us: “And if the lion growls, and the tiger does as a lion how the tiger does? And if cake sweet, and cake as cake, then cake - what?“ And so on.

we complicate

Now: “And if cake sweet and cake sweet, then what they differ in?“ The daughter, having thought, competently declares:“ Cake small, and cake big“.

the Complicated logical cube

If children already mastered a logical cube, that time to start the following stage.

we Take

several figures of a different form from a construction set (we chose the cylinder, a triangle and a rectangle). We put figures in turn different sides on pieces of a cardboard (on one cardboard piece on each figure), we lead round and we cut out on a contour. It is possible to take not pieces of a cardboard, but a cardboard box.

Now the child has to not only pick up a suitable form for a figure, but also Define what side to turn it.


Geometrical figures


Needs a cardboard. We cut out 24 squares. On twelve we draw 4 triangles, 4 circles, 4 squares (on only 4 colors), and on twelve others - the same, but it is less size.

Is begun with the simplest, the child chooses from the heap which is spread out before it all circles (triangles, squares), naturally, it is previously necessary to acquaint the child with the name of figures. Then let the child will try to spread out everything to three small groups (besides classifying by a form). Then we pay attention to the size, small groups becomes already six (if it is difficult for the child, let at first will spread out to two only squares or only triangles). Then game is entered by color of figures.

the child will be able to find

from a small group a big blue square or a small red circle Soon.

Call of wanderings still can arrange to


A small travel on the apartment. I do not remember who this game thought up (it seems the husband), but Ilan it was pleasant, “right“ and “left“ it confuses concepts very seldom now. Game is very simple. You pace on the room, holding the child by shoulders before yourself. Directly, directly, on the left, directly, to the right. Also you take steps in the specified direction. At first together, then you speak to the child, and he walks, change roles. You accelerate speed later. Still option, you direct the movement, speak to the child where to go, and the end of a way it finds a surprise (candy, a chocolate small egg or something else).

the Treasure map

we want to try to make treasure maps Still later. That is we will draw the map of the apartment (park) and to designate on it the place where the treasure is hidden. It is the same idea of the husband. Somehow he came and reported that it hid a gift (I had a Birthday). Handed the card, and I moved off in searches of a treasure. Here it was cheerful! But the child should be prepared for it. At first, probably, to show how it is possible to draw the plan of the room, then to represent location of some subject on this plan, then to suggest the child most to find familiar objects on the plan. It is a pity that for this game we are still small.

Well everything, free time comes to an end. In conclusion - several words about cleaning. At us is it is game too, and quite fascinating. We allocated to the daughter a personal rag, a personal small basin and a brush on a stick (it carries out a vacuum cleaner role at our neatnik). The house at us big therefore I divide cleaning into several parts (in day of 1 - 3 room) as soon as bothered, we are brief.