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What prostatitis of

begins with Disease process at prostatitis begins with an inflammation of output channels of atsinus. From their walls the epithelium (covering a layer of cages) slushchivatsya and collects in kanalchik together with slime. Besides, microlitas - tiny stones are formed: they mix up with slime and we slushchivayushitsya by an epithelium, and the traffic jams corking output channels as a result are formed. Gradually traffic jams turn into microabscesses (suppurations), the drainage of segments stops, and they cease to work one by one.

However, before obstruction of output channels usually there passes a lot of time - sometimes months, sometimes years. Process little by little goes, and the patient notices nothing as the prostate still makes a secret. And here when there are microabscesses, symptoms begin to be shown.

the First of them - easy difficulty of an urination. The inflamed prostate increases in volume and squeezes an urethra. Gradually inflammatory process leads to a bladder neck sclerosis, and in hard cases the mochetochnik is completely blocked.

the Second symptom - sexual frustration. The erection mechanism is broken, the orgasm is weakened. The result is well-known.

Other characteristic symptoms of prostatitis:

  1. a burning sensation in a crotch and an urethra;
  2. unpleasant feelings at a defekation;
  3. the speeded-up and imperative desires to an urination;
  4. the complicated and faltering urination;
  5. the lasting urethral allocations at a defekation;
  6. existence in urine of floating threads;
  7. long night erections;
  8. the accelerated ejaculation;
  9. the erased orgasm;
  10. the increased general fatigue;
  11. mental depression, expectation of further complications, disturbing state;
  12. decrease in a potentiality.

Is emphasized: optional these symptoms are observed all at once. The clinical picture of a disease is very changeable - both at different patients, and at the same patient in time.

Such is an external progress of the case. And now about the reasons. Of course, the inflammation unexpectedly in one fabric will not arise. As a rule, it is caused by pathogenic microbes. From there was also a wrong idea of “causative agents of prostatitis“ to this day professed by many doctors. Meanwhile as it is already told, this illness has no specific activators. Certainly, if the person has any chronic infectious inflammatory disease like tonsillitis, cholecystitis, antritis etc. it is very probable that the activator with current of blood will be brought in a prostate (it has very powerful blood supply, differently it could not work “in the specialty“) and there will continue the harmful activity. But, as show the latest researches, only the second stage of process aggravating already caused changes. What? And caused by what?

should address a naturopathy (“nature treatment“) Here - the modern medical concept which acquired in recent years great popularity. The naturopathy is a combination of the latest developments of science to experience of national, alternative and even esoteric medicine. And so: naturopaths are convinced (and practice confirms their opinion) that the main reason for a set of organic frustration - stagnation of blood in capillaries.

the situation is represented to

In relation to a prostate so: from - for inactive a way of life, an unhealthy diet, breath by mean city air, any excesses and other low-useful things connected with a modern civilization, the capillary blood-groove in a prostate is broken and amplifies perekisny oxidation of lipids. And the last (if not to go into details) facilitates to microbes settling and development of atsinus and other pieces of iron. Certainly, capillary stagnation causes also typical “constructional“ violations - hypostasis, an ekssudation and other. One of the important phenomena accompanying prostatitis - urethral refluxes, i.e. the return current of urine at an urination owing to growth of pressure in a mochetochnik and expansion of the channels connecting it to the next educations. A usual consequence of refluxes - penetration of an infection into capillaries of an urethra and even in circular veins of a penis. A result - attacks of the so-called urethral fever sometimes turning into more serious inflammatory complications.

Thus, at prostatitis the main role is played by capillary stagnation. Microbes work already at its background. And what microbes?


on - scientific, infectious process at prostatitis most often is caused by polymicrobic associations. It means that all bacterial, virus and even fungal crowd wandering on an organism and will of a blood-groove brought in a prostate (and not taken out from there owing to capillary stagnation), begins to rob there in love and a consent, doing by who what is able. Recently, we will repeat, the first violin in this hooligan “orchestra“ in increasing frequency is played by hlamidiya. But even they are impossible on this basis to consider as “causative agents of prostatitis“ because their “profession“ - clamidiosis, including trachoma. In a prostate they, as well as other microbes, act, strictly speaking, not on specialization, and just because to them the body whose fabrics “are cultivated“ and “fertilized“ by capillary stagnation turned up: why not to settle and not to grow roots there? But there are no specific relations between tissues of a prostate and hlamidiya.

Who is included into risk groups in relation to prostatitis? Professor E. Karnoldi allocates the following:

  1. the people leading an inactive life;
  2. representatives of “sedentary“ professions;
  3. suffering from chronic locks;
  4. the transferred infections of urinogenital system;
  5. people with the disorder sexual relations in a family;
  6. of the man, changing mistresses as gloves;
  7. fans of alcohol.

of Patients such formulations in the diagnosis as “prostatitis at a stage of a prostatoz“ and “abacterial prostatitis“ sometimes frighten. It just what there was a speech above about. If at the patient found prostatoz, it means that to worry to him there is nothing yet, and it is necessary to put in order the way of life only: developments of stagnation in capillaries are revealed, but the inflammation did not develop yet. Abacterial prostatitis - a stage when inflammatory process already began, but there was no infection yet.

Distinctive feature of prostatitis - practical lack of a sharp form. Hardly prostatitis arose, it at once chronic. Cases of an absolute recovery (spontaneous or as a result of treatment) after the first sharp stage single. The course of disease is very slow, and symptomatology usually smoothed. Displays of prostatitis subdivide into three main syndromes (a complex of symptoms): painful, dizurichesky and sexual.

of Pain at prostatitis, as a rule, irradiating, i.e. giving, in a sacrum, a crotch and, especially, a scrotum. The prostate does not “hurt“ in strict sense of the word, but from it there are nervous ways to all bodies of a small pelvis - that is why pains quite often give to a waist. On intensity they are various - from hardly noticeable aching to sharply expressed, interrupting a sleep. Pains can amplify or weaken at sexual abstinence or, on the contrary, excessive sexual activity, after a discharge, at an ejaculation. It should be noted that pains in a sacrum optional testify to prostatitis - they can be connected, for example, with osteochondrosis.


(frustration of an urination), as a rule, consists in frequent desires and feeling of incomplete depletion of a bladder. The last is really emptied not completely - the mochetochnik is squeezed by the prostate which increased in volume, and its gleam is reduced. Increase and difficulty of an urination are expressed at an early stage of prostatitis, and then weaken a little as the organism develops adaptable mechanisms. But in process of development of an illness the dizuriya accrues again.

At last, sexual frustration. Often it is necessary to hear that prostatitis causes impotence, but it is characteristic of the started illness. And first develops - and that not always - a dispotention, i.e. decrease in a potentiality with its high-quality violations. The last can be various: at one erection worsens, at others, on the contrary, frequent night erections are observed, the accelerated ejaculation (connected with reduction of a threshold of excitement of the orgastichesky center of nervous system) and the so-called erased orgasm (obtusion of sharpness of orgastichesky feelings) are quite often observed. Also pains at an ejaculation are often noted and after an orgasm therefore the patient evades from sex life. As far as it is correct, we will tell later. At the started prostatitis the general oppression of sexual function which is coming to the end with impotence is observed.

Unlike a dizuriya, extent of sexual frustration at prostatitis strongly depends on the sexual constitution - saying properly, from that, the strong man or weak. At strong the sexual pro-static syndrome develops later and is less expressed, than at weak, and can not develop in everything - especially if the patient does not know that it has a prostatitis. We consider extremely important, for the patient the nobility in what state there is its health. We warn only against excessive suspiciousness and falling into despondency. Fact of common knowledge: if the patient with prostatitis is convinced that it has to have a dispotention, and tremblingly waits for it approach, it will come rather.

By the way, at early stages of prostatitis a sexual syndrome - and dizuricheskiya too (!) - can be inspired. The person lived to himself quietly and did not know about anything, then made him the diagnosis, he remembered everything that heard or read about this illness, got a fright and began to look for persistently at himself the corresponding symptoms - and here, please, they obediently appeared! Though it is quite possible that disease process is on that phase when it, it seems, rather early to arise.

over time not finished the cure or started prostatitis can cause a number of complications some of which are very serious.