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of Emotion - the weapon which women actively use in negotiations. Especially if they do not like the proposal of the partner.

of the Man try to appeal in negotiations only to logic. And the women suppressing emotions during a business meeting not to seem weak, are not right.“ Emotions and weakness - different things. Only the strongest people are able to afford emotions in negotiations, - says business - the trainer of Pinta Lab Radmilo Lucic. He recommends to ladies “to dance an emotional tango“ around logically verified scenario of negotiations. The more “movements“ the partner will master, the it will be easier for her with the most difficult partner.

Business - the trainer Mark Kukushkin (Best - Training company) remembers how his old acquaintance, vice-the president of one bank, once for fun asked whether that can train employees to struggle with debtors. In reply Kukushkin advised to put more women on this direction. Tactics worked. The conductress of department of accounts payable went to negotiations with the large customer, a top - managers of which occupied deaf defense, repeating that there is no money. The previous negotiator from bank acted according to traditional man`s logic: to drive into a corner and to impose with threats. But the woman unexpectedly started talking about how she sympathizes with a situation because most it was pleasant to monitor dynamic pre-crisis development of the company and to think that its bank is involved in this growth, to remember in what what year the credit was given.“ She actually used the appeal to “experience of joint life with the partner“ as though they watched a family photo album“, - Kukushkin explains. Intensity fell down. The representative of bank took a keen interest to the current situation in the company. It became clear that the company everything is does not die, just selectively pays on debts. As a result of negotiations “rating“ of this bank rose in estimation of the debtor, and the debt was partially extinguished on the terms of bank, other part of a debt is re-structured.

It is frequent as Radmilo Lucic notes, women include emotions while they do not like logic which the partner in negotiations tries to impose. Women, unlike men, are not afraid to admit that something is not known or are not understood. It helps when the partner in negotiations, masking some painful point, pours terminology and technical details. “I do not understand“ female forces to pull out from - under a peel of unclear words a problem essence.

Natalya Slivka, the director the plant on production of baby food of HiPP located in Kaliningrad, is never afraid to seem weak. Somehow time during negotiations arose dispute of two contractors on “who is guilty“. Discussion threatened to develop into a showdown. Slivka understood that urgently it is necessary to extinguish the created aggression. Its half-joking phrase “Spare my ears, they did not get used to similar statements!“ relieved the tension, having raised smiles on stern faces. Natalya used a pause to remind that at a table there is a woman:“ Please, help me to understand, at last, a question essence“. Manifestation of weakness helped debaters to feel someone`s assistants, and dispute as a result turned into constructive dialogue.

On trainings on negotiating recommend to look for the weak place at the opponent. The director of strategy and development of the SAS Russia / the CIS company Natalia Dubnyak found such weak point at the vis-a-vis incidentally. She conducted negotiations with representatives of the Russian office of the well-known American company. At the global level two companies became official partners in a year before, it was necessary to finish speaking about joint programs in Russia. Negotiations went the whole day, the atmosphere was intense. The spirit on cooperation was not: both firms only - only began to deliver the information technologies to the large companies and were very cautious with competitors. Natalya insisted on a break, having invited partners in the favourite restaurant. Conversation came about rest, she began to tell about admitted at them to the companies of tradition to make unusual and bright trips - ascension to Kilimanjaro, a jump from a bungee in Nepal, a campaign to Machu Picchu... Fortunately, with itself there was a laptop with photos and video. Views of partners became warmer. It became clear that one of Americans dreamed of such travel, another was fond of the photo and estimated pictures. Next morning negotiators met as good friends and in a half a day developed business - the plan of cooperation. Businessmen lead extremely intense life, and therefore appreciate new positive and original ways to have a rest and “be recharged“. The personal story about unusual travel or a useful experience can cause genuine interest which will develop into more confidential relations.

But the main weapon of women in negotiations, of course, remains female charm and a smile. The area manager of labor protection and industrial safety of glass plant “Hey Dzhi of Xi Flet Glass Klien“ Elena Titenok was invited to negotiations which came to a standstill: two weeks her company could not settle financial side of the contract with the independent auditor of security systems on production. On the way to negotiation Titenok painfully tried to think up additional arguments that the contractor agreed to her conditions. Without having thought up anything, she entered an office and saw familiar faces - she together worked earlier with some of people. Also began to extemporize how it is happy them to see, about factory news. The contract was signed on the same day.

A Alina Bisembayeva who headed the Gift Solyushnz company (advances the gift BOOM multicard) in February, 2009 when crisis already was in the heat, says that she only thanks to an emotional spirit could agree about cooperation with 30 brands. It was difficult to conclude the first contracts: Alina had no figures to which she could appeal one forecasts. “I understood that I will be able to kill scepticism of those who on other side of a table, only if I infect them with the belief“, - Bisembayeva says. Now the card is accepted in 300 shops, restaurants, beauty shops and the companies specializing in entertainments.