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How to return the gone voice?

Laryngitis are the inflammation of a throat arising most often at a sharp respiratory viral infection, flu and other infectious diseases and also as a result of a voice overstrain. Often loss of a voice happens in a cold season. All the time of people normally talked, and in half an hour can publish only hoarse whisper and muffled bubbling. The voice was gone and no symptoms of cold are observed. What to do - it is unclear.

This illness is called laryngitis - an inflammation of a mucous membrane of a throat which passes in the absence of temperature, headaches, a fever, cough. Symptoms: change of a voice from easy hoarseness before total loss, cough, dryness, a sadneniye in a throat. Sometimes small temperature increase, headache.

As a rule, similar trouble pursues those who by the nature of the activity are forced to speak much and long: professional lecturers, teachers, actors, as well as participants of mass festivities and fans to shout on meetings. From an overstrain of vocal chords the voice at first sits down, and then vanishes at all.

Traditional methods of treatment: the house mode, silence warming a compress on a neck, expectorant mixture. To avoid too cold, hot and spicy food.

recipes of traditional medicine which will help to restore the sat-down voice Are.

Treatment of loss of a voice folk, nonconventional remedies: