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Water of life

In a mother`s tummy warmly and comfortably. Here, under heart, there is everything to feed, give to drink and warm the tiny little man. And his life is protected from all dangers by a set of covers. Horion forms a placenta, allantois helps the kid to eat and breathe. Protects the baby from mechanical damages amnion, creating the cavity filled with liquid - amniotic waters. It is normal of them quantity by the end of pregnancy 0,5 - 1,5 liters. Unfortunately, it happens so that amnion “gets sick“ and then production of amniotic waters is broken - them is produced too many (abundance of water) or few (lack of water). Both that, and another is life-threatening and developments of the kid.

About abundance of water is told when the amount of amniotic liquid exceeds 2 liters. (In medical practice the case when at the woman about 20 liters were formed is described!) What is abundance of water dangerous by? In - the first, there is a threat of interruption of pregnancy and early childbirth. The uterus stretches too strongly, and fetal covers can simply not sustain such tension. Besides, stretched during the pregnancy complicated by abundance of water, the uterus loses a tone, so, patrimonial activity will be broken (or it will not be at all). Children at abundance of water are born weakened, with small body weight, they lag behind in development.

such concept as chronic abundance of water Exists. In this case each pregnancy is followed by an excess producing waters. There is a lot of reasons for developing of this pathology: diabetes, diseases of kidneys and it is warm - vascular system, a gestoza (late toxicoses), and also a Rhesus factor - the conflict of mother and a fruit. And still most often in chronic abundance of water viral infections are guilty: rubella, flu, toxoplasmosis. They prevent an amnion to produce due amount of amniotic waters. Getting through a placenta, viruses affect fetal covers including amnion.

of viral infections is resulted also by other pathology - lack of water. This complication meets less than abundance of water, but it is much more dangerous. At small amount of amniotic waters the death of a fruit is almost inevitable, and at their absence the germ literally grows to covers, and then there are uglinesses incompatible with life. In more mild cases the kid deprived of an opportunity freely to float, lags behind in development, has the small weight and thin dry skin. Childbirth at mother with lack of water begins, as a rule, before term.

can Suspect at itself abnormal amount of waters on the following signs. At abundance of water the woman constantly feels weight in a stomach, has hypostases and short wind. At lack of water each movement of a fruit causes sharp pain. However independently it is impossible to make itself the diagnosis categorically. If you have any reasons for concern (from - for chronic diseases or the postponed infections), without delaying tell about them to your doctor. At early stages the chance to cure struck amnion exists: for example, the viral infection can be destroyed by means of antibiotics. After treatment the producing waters will enter norm, pregnancy will take place without complications, and quite healthy little man will be born.