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How to survive in the absence of the Sun?

Low, gray sky, slush... Winter for many - a hard time of year, but absolutely without the sun - just a pipe... How to survive? What to support itself by?

Here several recommendations tested on themselves which help “to hold a back“ and to avoid despondency.

For a body

Many know that on power we remind a rainbow. According to spirituality of Hinduism, seven power centers - charkas - are at each of us. Let`s remember where they are located and what color:

our personal Sun lives at us in a stomach (orange and yellow). When there is no star long, these centers are exhausted the first. And they in many respects regulate our emotions. Than it is possible to feed up our power which missed by the sun?

Solar products:

And when you eat all this, distract, please, from newspapers, magazines and shattering TV - news - eat in well lit space and imagine that your food - pieces so the Sun necessary for you.

we Include imagination

in the Morning, having got up, try to play: close eyes, imagine how your mental beam gets up, for a pillow from clouds, and over you the Sun shines. All of you at least once flew by plane - remember that from a certain height the sun is always - you can testify it!

Raise hands, scoop its light and carry out by this ball of fire along the head, a body, legs. Its beams get into your stomach, napityvy its heat and soft, curative solar energy. Try to hold the picture at least five - seven breaths - exhalations. Smile!

in the Evening, lying in a bed before falling asleep, imagine how your mental beam gets up, for a pillow from clouds, and over you the Moon shines. Its soft, womanly energy wishes you a quiet dream. This “night lamp“ will banish nightmares and will give you the chance to properly have a rest and gain strength. Light candles - live fire is a piece of the Sun in your house.

At work

If you spend at the computer much time, deliver yourself a bright, solar screen - a seyver and wall-paper for a desktop. And, between important tables and documents “dive“ a look into the solar picture, representing as you are filled with light and heat of exotic islands or a cheerful forest edge...

I in general... Buy an orange or yellow scarf and put on it more often in cloudy weather. Use illuminants to the maximum - in daylight of day try to live at the maximum lighting.

I Hope that these very simple steps though slightly - slightly will facilitate to you such - alas - long transition from summer by spring...